Goldstein Research: inaugurating new routes for business growth through market research

Goldstein Research: inaugurating new routes for business growth through market research

Goldstein Research: inaugurating new routes for business growth through market research

Goldstein Research keeps brands ahead of the game in market research through the well-defined ideas and clear cut forecasts.

No matter how tiny or gigantic a business is, no matter the product or service, a company is bringing out has never been introduced earlier, or there are already a lot of competitors in the line, no matter it is a service centre or a teaching institution, a business needs marketing research before anything else. Be it the operational experience on field or studies reviewed by peers, market research has always had a prominent role to play in the marketing function. Market research companies support their client in gathering and interpreting information about individuals or organizations, with the insights like market size, competition, market need, consumer behaviour, and more that are leveraged to shape strategies and sales activities.

Goldstein Research is an award-winning, 360-degree market research company. The company is headquartered in Noida and is a boutique market analysis consultancy. It was founded in 2017 to bring out the best and detailed market reports and forecasts. Goldstein Research strives to enable people to foresee upcoming market challenges and develop a robust business model and strategies, which would add to profitability and market visibility as a brand.

In a discussion with The CEO Magazine, Shivam Gupta, CEO, and the founder at Goldstein Research spoke about his journey so far, his role at the company, the trends in market research and much more.

Here are edited excerpts.

Throw light on your company and its operation.

Goldstein Research is a leading provider of market research services and a series of other research and analysis services. Presently, we are in business research and consultancy for the past two years. In 2018, we restructured the company and started business consulting. Our team comprises 23 most talented individuals who are capable of handling any of the clients' requirements. It was started with an aim to support businesses to grow and adapt to the ever-increasing complexity of the global market.

What are your major offerings? And, how does the company support people with its products and services?

We offer comprehensive market analysis reports and expert advice to keep our clients ahead of the game in the market. We help companies to find out what is going on in the market, not just on the basis of the current market or historical scenario; we introduce the actual market to them and guide them to take decision accordingly. In the contemporary market, everything is going digital so things are getting clumsy; everything is getting that much niche so if you want to understand, you will have to read about it. In this situation, the companies who are primarily focused on their operation, they do not have that much time to research other things. We do this on their behalf; our market research helps them to evaluate the current market scenario. Basically, we help a business to grow across the globe. We offer the latest insights and forecasts for the reigning industry trends for their growth and profit. Some of our major services comprise:

  • Market Entry Advisory
  • Market Scanning and Monitoring
  • Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking
  • Forecasting and Growth Analysis
  • Market Research Report

Tell us about what your role at the company.

At the initial phase, I was the founder and executive director of the company. In the year 2018, I shifted my position and became founder and CEO. Present-day, I am handling all kinds of operation including sales, guidance, training new employees, etc.

What were you doing before this, and is this your first business?

There is an interesting story. When I was in college in the third year of B. Tech, I went for an interview for the profile of the research analyst. There, I gave all the answers correctly. Only because I did not have a degree, they said that we can't consider you. I said that I have the capability, and I will learn things. They said no! Suddenly, the senior HR came, and she started shouting on me that how you dare to come for an interview. You don't have a degree, why you are setting here, you wasted our time.

I believe that there is nothing in the world that a human cannot learn. So I get into the industry. Initially, I started my career as an analyst, I worked for 10 months. After working as an analyst, I started a firm called FootSoluz Corporation that was shoe manufacturing and outsourcing company. I tried to open a social enterprise; here, profit was distributed equally among each and every one. In the present time, cobblers are getting depleted, if you want to repair your shoes, you would not find a cobbler, and you will have to get a new one. Cobblers hold great skills; they can make a new pair of shoes at a very low cost. So I tried to gather them by making a community of cobblers. But the idea did not go well. Then, I turned head on and started this particular business.

How did you come up with your business idea?

Actually, it was not an idea but, it was a challenge for me to learn that thing. When I entered the industry as an entrepreneur, I learned so many things. What everyone is doing? Why I am different? I have to be the best by sustaining the particular things otherwise; I will like other companies, where I was working. Then an idea came into my mind that everyone was searching. The idea was to offer a qualitative report and qualitative research in an affordable range. Besides, I introduced a complete separate portal for MBA interns, trainees for academics to fulfill their data needs.

If you were to describe the state of the art right now, where does your company stands within the Indian Market Research Spectrum?

Presently in Indian Market Research Spectrum, most of the companies are not doing research; they are working like sales. They are using any particular product or service to generate revenue.  We are working in a unique way; we are focusing on the solution rather than revenue. That's the reason; we have gained multifarious clients, testimonials, as well as good revenue in just two years.

Brief us over the research methodologies of the company.

First of all, we follow the basics, and then we go through the advanced version. In the beginning, there is a process for primary research and secondary research; thereafter, we go with the complete database. Here, we segregate the data according to the industry, and then add on the data in every quarter and send it to clients and consumers.

Define your company's niche.

Our company is specialized in the industry report. We do complete industry analysis; this industry analysis includes the growth of a company, industry research, the impact of the business across the globe, and more.

What actually goes into Market Research?

Market Research is a small part of overall business research, which especially based on any particular business or multiple businesses. The key factors that affect market research include:

  • Government reforms
  • Private investment
  • Education

How has your experience in running the business been different from what you expected?

It was completely different. I entered in market research business because I was interested in research. But when I established this firm, I went to management. Also, I had to guide my team and train them. It was tough for me because I never thought to do so. But with time, I succeed in managing everything. It widens my scope in terms of business, and I learned a lot.

What's in store for the company in 2019? Any new plans to look forward to?

We are on the way to launch a new portal and coming up with 21 new solutions. Presently, we are involved in competitive intelligence and opportunity assessment report and planning to enter into product research, merger and acquisition research, competitive research, and customer intelligence.  Additionally, by the end of 2019, we will launch LinkedIn for market research; it will be a specific portal for market researchers.

In your point of view, what inventions can we expect in the Indian market research space?

In the coming days, there will be software based on AI; some companies are shifting technology towards AI and machine learning. Artificial Intelligence will reduce the cost of research and bring cost-effective research report.

Potent Leadership

Shivam Gupta

Founder and CEO

Shivam Gupta is the man behind the brand. He is the founder and CEO of the company. Under his excellent guidance, Goldstein is touching the sky of success. Shivam is a unique personality, full of enthusiasm, and he has a great desire to learn things. He does multitasking and goes in all ways to bring maximum benefit for clients. Shivam is armed with B. Tech degree and years of expertise in this field. Besides, Shivam is an outstanding speaker; during his college days, Shivam was the National speaker of National Entrepreneurship Networking.

Tanya Gupta

Research Director

Tanya Gupta is positioned as the Research Director in Goldstein. She holds great expertise in market research and is Skilled in Microsoft Office, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Market Research, and more. In Academic, Tanya did Master in Biotechnology from Amity University Noida. With her unique thinking approach and a perfect amalgamation of knowledge and skills, Tanya always comes up with an out-of-box idea. And, she always makes efforts to take the company toward higher latitude. 

Define market research in one line.

Market Research is something, which makes globalization possible.

Who is your inspiration?

My father is my inspiration. When nobody knows about the entrepreneur and serial entrepreneur, he starts a business, gains profit and starts another business.

Award & Milestone- Certification from the Indian Chamber of Commerce

Words of Wisdom- Just go for it, don't think.

Trademark- Grow into the future

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