EquityPandit: breaking the ice for technical research in the equity market

By Shrikant Pandey
EquityPandit: breaking the ice for technical research in the equity market

Unicorn of Indian Stock Market

EquityPandit: breaking the ice for technical research in the equity market

EquityPandit is the frontier settler amid India's leading Equity Research Companies, providing a comprehensive list of servicing in stock advisory.

Taking an investment decision and spending hard earned money is very crucial. Mostly, when it comes to the Stock Market, where fortunes are made or shattered every day. The stock market has the potential to make you earn cash fast enough but, it requires the perfect combination of patience to stay invested for the long term, have the risk-taking ability to face negative growth periods and identify the right growth businesses to invest in. And so forth, investment firms and investors constantly search for the "right" source for stock advisory. As an experienced investment research partner, EquityPandit Financial Services provides one of the most cost-effective and timely sources.  Its distinguished, objective and action-oriented research and advisory provide traders and investors with the immediate insights they need to take for profitable trading and investing through a personalized and affordable approach.

The foundation of EquityPandit was taken in 2005, and today it is India's leading Equity Research Company. It was among the first few Indian entities to bring equity research based on technical analysis to the Internet in India. Here, it does technical analysis of different stocks and predicts the future of those stocks and markets. The company specializes in the business of Analysis, Information, and Intelligence. It is one of the biggest players with a dominant position in both Institutional and Retail. It provides a robust capital market support system to help customers manage their equity investments across different markets in the world with a comprehensive array of Investment Research and Advisory Services.

The man behind EquityPandit's headway- Abhishek Parakh

Abhishek Parakh is the Founder, CEO and Managing Director of the company.  He is passionate about Technical Analysis, Marketing, and Technology; He works tirelessly towards blending the proficiency of AI and machine learning with technical analysis. He holds 15 years of expertise in Financial Services and Global Market Research. In academic, he did engineering in Information Technology and studied Advance Finance from Harvard Business School. He is a member of the National Council of Capital Market, representing the Investment Advisory Industry.

He took many national and international certifications in Finance and Technical analysis and has been honoured with numerous awards:

  • India's 500 fastest growing CEO Awards 2017 under SME category

  • 50 Most Influential Financial Services Marketing Professional award by CMO Asia

  • Named as 100 Top BFSI Leaders by ET Now and World BFSI Congress

Being the CEO and Managing Director was a tough task but, Abhishek Parakh leaves no stone unturned to fulfil his responsibilities. And, EquityPandit is growing well under his excellent guidance. In an exclusive interview with Puja Bhardwaj – Editor, The CEO Magazine, Abhishek shares about his professional journey and EquityPandit and his future plans for the company.

Here are edited excerpts.

What inspired you to pursue a career in this field? How did you come up with your business idea?

During my professional career in the IT and Process Automation in Gujarat, I used to see many people involved in the stock market, trading and investing. At that time, I was unaware of the stock market. Once, I invested with a small amount with my couple of friends, and to my surprise, it got doubled just in a month by luck. I got caught by greed, and it was the first expensive lesson I have learned. I thought to take a personal loan at 14-15% and then multiply it and pay off the loans. Though there was no professional advice available at that time, I traded the whole borrowed amount as per the suggestions of friends, relatives, my broking company, and some guidance given in open forums. In the next few months, I lost everything. The whole borrowed amount that was equal to the yearly CTC, I received in my job. That time, I had two options, either to regret about my entering into the market, about my failure and quit trading and investing forever or to learn and enter again. I have chosen the second option; I never wanted to fail without trying my level best. I read exhaustively for almost 1.5 years, tried each and every strategy, indicator, patterns, etc. I developed my own strategies and did actual trading.

Since then I stopped doing emotional trading, and my every trade was backed with strong logic and technique. As a result, I consistently managed to multiply my investments. And, here was the genesis of the idea of professional guidance to traders and investors that I was missing in my early days. I decided to write a blog Equitypandit.com with free guidance on stock market predictions and strategies with a small investment of Rs.1200 that was the cost of domain and hosting. Initially, the traffic was low, and it was gaining some traction but not to my expectation. Howbeit the number of followers and readers were increasing, and it gained huge traction in 2008 when the market saw a huge fall, and people started looking for expert advice. Many people lost huge money. Many of my blog readers managed to book profits and holding cash in hand by predicting the downfall. That was the time when traders understood the need for professional advice.

During my professional career, I met Darpan Shah, a genius in trading and investing and Subhash Dhayal, a technology expert, who co-founded the company along with me.  Together, we have faced all the ups and downs of the business and encouraged each other to challenge the norms making sure that we never forget our values and ethics. Since then we kept on growing and never looked back.

What are your major offerings? And, how does the company support people with its products and services?

We provide services from small traders to the big traders. We do have customized solutions as per the needs of clients. We calculate the risk taking capability of customers, and then accordingly we provide the services.

Our services include:

Basic:  Under Basic service, we provide an excellent Intraday Cash Market Calls. This service is basically for NSE & BSE Stock Cash Traders. Here a client receives 2-4 calls daily, where he has to trade in equal quantities.

F&O Special:  F&O Special provides an excellent F&O call in equity, and some time in Indexes like Nifty and Bank Nifty. Under the service, customers receive 1-2 highly accurate calls daily, where they have to trade in equal quantities. All the calls are mostly intraday, BTST or STBT.

BTST/STBT: EP-BTST/STBT Package is for retail traders who can trade regardless of their hectic schedule. This package is used by institutional investors and broking houses for the last 3 years with unbeatable returns.

Bank Nifty:  EquityPandit has developed a Bank Nifty Mathematical Model a few years back, which on an average has provided more than 100% annual returns to all our clients. This Mathematical model was developed by EquityPandit's R&D Team, after 3 years of consistent hard work and has given huge profits to the clients in the last 8 years without any hectic activity of trading.

Investor (Short Term Investments): EP-Investor is a flagship product of EquityPandit.com and large profit generating service. In this package, the team suggests customers the large-caps and midcap stocks which multiply their wealth in the small time frame.

Multibagger: Multi bagger is a long term investment service; it contains potential multibagger stocks. EP-Multi baggers package follows the investment techniques used by these analysts and the stocks they invest in.

If you were to describe the state-of-the-art right now, where does your company stands within the Indian Market Research Spectrum?

After the market crash in 2008, many such companies came into existence but we were a pioneer in the industry. We brought this idea of professional advice based on technical analysis over the internet for retail traders. We are proud to say that the idea that was generated and executed by us became an industry in itself and the regulation was bought in by SEBI to regulate this whole industry of Investment Advisors.

We stand at the top place for customer satisfaction and among the top few companies in terms of revenue.

Brief us over the research methodologies of the company.

EquityPandit has its in-house team of Technical and Fundamental Analysts. The team consists of a few of the most experienced Researchers and mathematicians.

Our recommendations go through two checks.

  • First is Fundamentals check so that we make sure that any recommendation we provide should be fundamentally sound with a high level of corporate governance.

  • Second is Technical check as timing is the most important factor in the stock market. If timing is not correct, then the fundamentally strongest stock may give you losses in the short term. So we check the technical to find out the exact support and resistance so that we enter and exit at the correct time.

Our R&D Team has developed many mathematical models, and those are been back tested in the market for the last 13 years giving good results. Analysts use the results of these mathematical models and much-sophisticated software to support their analysis.

Portray your company's niche.

EquityPandit is the Leading Equity Research Company in India and in fact the only company that specializes and deals in Equity Market Research. As of now, EquityPandit does not render services in any other segment like commodity or currency.

Who are your clients? How does your company maintain trust among clients?

Present-day, we have clients in 32 countries worldwide; 90% of our clients are retail traders and investors. Corporate clients include brokerage houses and few companies looking for research.

We make sure that the services are as per the needs of clients. Initially and definitely, building trust is no piece of cake. But when a customer into an agreement, it starts with basic services, trust is built. Then he goes for higher packages.

Provide a brief overview of your team and area of expansion. How do you motivate your employees?

EquityPandit is a team of 150 best professionals in different segments including research, sales, HR, IT. The team includes expert Stock Market analysts and mathematicians, who hold over 5-10 years of expertise in technical, fundamental analysis.

We never consider our team as an employee; we are the only company where there are 150 founders of the company. Here, whether the office boy or the director, everyone gets the same facility and respect.  When an individual comes to say that there is something wrong, it makes me happy that everyone is thinking about the brand and it boosts brand growth.

Our office is located in prime locations of Surat and Indore.

How has your experience in running the business been different from what you expected?

My journey was completely different from what I expected. It was a completely a roller coaster ride. I faced many challenges that were not at all expected. Things were tougher but we always managed to achieve the numbers estimated by us.  Our goal was always to make sure that we maintain positive cash flows, every time.

Define technical research in one line.

Technical research is an organized process of collecting and analyzing information about a target market or the companies and predicting the future of the industry and a particular company.

Who is your inspiration?

My first inspiration is my parents who taught me to handle every situation with different perspective both emotionally and practically and to remain calm in extreme situations of distress. I am also inspired by Elon Musk, Richard Branson and George Soros, from whom I have learned to take the plunge, accept challenges and not worry much about the risks.

Brief us over the milestones earned by the firm.

Our firm has grown at around 100% per annum since inception. The company was bootstrapped, and now it has turned into a multi-million dollar company and today, it is the leading Equity Research Company in India. Besides it

  • EquityPandit has been the first company to launch 24 hours free helpdesk for traders and investors across the country – Ask the Analyst.

  • EquityPandit has been the first company to provide real-time advice across the globe using its Live App.

  • EquityPandit has bagged several awards like the Best MSME Award 2017, Professional Financial Services of the Year 2018 and Leading Equity Research Company in India by the renowned news channel.

  • Feedspot has ranked EquityPandit as 36 most famous Investment advice website on the planet with almost 3 million page views.

How has been your journey? Tell us a little bit about some of the turning points in your journey, which were the adventurer and innovative moments.

The journey has been quite challenging and exciting. There were many things to learn. When you enter into the business, you are highly excited to become an entrepreneur. Initially, you get caught up by the glamour of the word "Entrepreneur" as you are full of hope, joy, pride, and possibilities of tomorrow. But suddenly you realize the darker side of being in the business as you don't know what is ahead of you. It's full of challenges at every stage. Everyone looks at success but, the hard work behind this is enormous. I have been working for 16-18 hours a day, and now it has become a routine for me. I do not get time to spend with kids and family but, they have always been supporting my goals and vision. I was lucky enough to find a few excellent and capable people around me, working with me. Their hard work, support, and concern for the company have built the brand you see today. Overall, my journey is full of learning and experiences that cannot be described in few words.

In your points of view, what inventions can we expect in the Indian market research space and will influence the growth of the market?

There will be great technological disruption in the market research space. Whether it is the research, support, sales, marketing or other operations, everything would be replaced partially or fully by technology. We would soon see virtual machines like chatbots and support bots handling a bigger portion of the support tasks. Artificial Intelligence and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) are already under experimentations and in the testing phase, and we have been using many applications of this. Many hedge funds have started using AI in the research space. This will disrupt the financial market.

Do tell us about your business plans for the next fiscal year. How do you plan to compete effectively?

We are working for support automation via support bots and fast track support system so that customers' issues can be resolved immediately. We are working on mathematical models, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Artificial Intelligence for Research Automation. Additionally, we are planning to venture into international markets by 2020 like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

What advice would you give to others looking to get ahead in business?

Ethics, values, hard work and dedication, these four elements supersedes everything. Finance is the field where a high level of integrity is required. One may earn short term profits but to sustain longer and to create a big brand, ethical practices are required. If a company follows the core values and ethics in the business, sooner or later, the brand would flourish.

What is your trademark?

Firstly, taking up the challenges with calmness! For me, the bigger challenge is bigger fun and a larger experience. Secondly, I cannot forget my core values in exchange for anything on this planet. And, I never let people around me forget this as well.

The Guiding Visionaries Darpan Shah (COO & Director-Research)

Darpan Shah is COO and director-research in EquityPandit; he is one of the brightest brains in equity research. Darpan has over two decades of experience in Indian and Global Market Research. He provides the best positional recommendations across the industry. He has been awarded as the Best Technical Analyst in Gujarat by Morgan Stanley. He and his team have developed few well-tested Mathematical Models to trade in stock markets with high accuracy.

Subhash Dhayal (CTO & Director)

Subhash Dhayal is positioned as CIO and director of the company. He is a key contributor in formulating the organization's technological and digital goals. Under his dynamic leadership, EquityPandit has been able to manage its electronic information exceptionally well. He is an IT graduate, and a passionate professional; he has already proved his mettle in the information technology sector before promoting EquityPandit.

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