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Creating Dynamic Collaborations And Providing Innovative Investment Banking Solutions for Indian Corporations and Entrepreneurs
Ritu Jain - Founder, CEO & MD - Eos Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

Ritu Jain - Founder, CEO & MD - Eos Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

Eos Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian boutique investment bank headquartered in New Delhi with a primary objective to provide meritocratic capital to Indian corporates and entrepreneurs, acting as a one-stop solution provider for businesses’ capital needs.

The firm provides a full range of corporate finance services, including Private Equity syndication, Debt syndication, M&A/ Strategic Alliance advisory, and Restructuring advisory, with a focus on creating value for clients in Infrastructure (Roads, Power, Energy, Logistics, Ports, and Urban Infrastructure), Real Estate (Affordable Housing), Consumers (Food, Food Processing & Agribusiness, Consumer Goods & Services, Retail, Specialty Healthcare, and Education), and Technology.

Moreover, Eos provides Strategic & Financial advisory as well as Invest-in-India services through their Consulting platform. The company’s experience in capital markets and strong institutional investor relationships prove to be an asset to clients, helping them meet their financing and growth objectives.

Ritu Jain, The Guiding Force Behind Eos Capital Advisors

As the founder, CEO, and Managing Director of Eos, Ritu Jain has been instrumental in launching and developing the firm’s investment banking and consulting activities.

In her over 22 years of experience in the industry, Ritu has worked on both the debt and equity sides of transactions and has been involved in M&A transactions. She has been fortunate to work across various sectors of the economy, including renewable energy, roads, waste-to-energy, and others.

Post completion of her MBA from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, Ritu gained valuable experience working with multinational firms such as American Express Bank, Barclays Limited, and Morgan Stanley.

However, she was determined to pursue her dream of creating something of her own. Inspired by her father’s words, “If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough,” Ritu took the courageous step of leaving her corporate job and ventured into entrepreneurship in 2011.

“As they say, every big journey starts with one step. So, one day, I decided to quit my well-paying job and started my boutique Investment Bank,” shares Ritu.

Driven by a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to succeed, Ritu embarked on the journey of establishing Eos Capital Advisors.

Her dedication and commitment to her work have been recognised through various awards, including ‘The Most Promising Business Women Leader Award’ in 2021 and ‘The Most Promising Leader Award’ in 2022, both conferred by the Economic Times.

Passion, People, And Problem-Solving

“Collaborative and democratic” are the words to better describe Ritu’s leadership style. According to her, collaboration can solve most problems in the information age.

Emphasizing the importance of understanding one’s strengths and passions, she shares, “Passion is what keeps individuals motivated and fulfilled in life.”

Additionally, her caring attitude towards people has been a contributing factor to Ritu’s success. She values people and believes that genuine care and concern for others can create real energy and drive.

An Innovative And Analytical Approach To Investment Banking: Eos’s Core Philosophy

Eos Capital Advisors’ core philosophy is centred around forming partnerships with progressive companies and intelligent investors to create a dynamic collaboration that fuels innovation and generates new wealth for all involved parties.

Smart Thinking: The company values a team of individuals who possess tenacity, strategic thinking, and boldness. They challenge old assumptions with new ideas, and their collective efforts create an unstoppable synergy, beginning with smart thinking.

Diligent Thinking: Eos Capital Advisors offers a unique value proposition to its clients, bringing extensive investment banking transaction experience, a wealth of practical experience, and a strong operating perspective.

Analytical Thinking: Data-driven insights, rooted in domain expertise and rigorous analysis, can drive affirmative action that generates sustainable change and wealth.

The company sets high standards of analytical rigour for each deliverable offered to its clients. Their research expertise allows them to add extra value, giving clients the confidence to act on their advice.

Forward Thinking: The firm’s forward-thinking mission is to preserve and maximise clients’ wealth through highly personalised, strategic, independent investment advice.

Eos Capital Advisors’ worth is not based on its size or prestige but on its depth of experience, responsiveness, and unwavering commitment to the future.

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Services Offered By Eos Capital Advisors

Eos Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd possesses the expertise to offer comprehensive advice to its clients on debt and structured finance, from initial strategy to deal execution. The firm’s debt solutions cover a wide range of services that include:

Corporate Finance: Arranging fresh debt for incremental capex as well as enhancements in working capital requirements

Project Finance: Syndicating project debt - Greenfield/Brownfield (vanilla/structured) to optimise the Return on Equity (RoE)

External Finance: Arranging foreign currency loans in the form of External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs) from a range of international lenders, ECAs, DFIs, etc.

Debt Refinance: Refinancing corporate/project debt at more attractive terms

Securitisation/Receivables Discounting: Creating liquidity and improving RoE on projects where commercial operations have commenced.

Tailored Capital Solutions And Effective Restructuring Strategies

At Eos Capital Advisors, the team leverages their transaction advisory experience, financial acumen, and sector insights to advise clients on optimal capital structures and showcase the potential of a business to service its debt.

In addition, the firm devises effective restructuring and turnaround strategies tailored to companies in financial distress by utilising their country-wide partner network.

This approach enables them to structure deals that meet their client’s requirements with manageable risk levels. Eos’s strong investor/creditor relationships, particularly with banks and financial institutions, provide clients with the necessary funding at competitive terms.

Eos Capital Advisors also specialises in developing customised structured finance vehicles that best match their client’s requirements, giving them a competitive edge.

With unique process management experience and expertise, the firm efficiently manages private equity syndication, including brainstorming with the management on appropriate positioning, managing multiple investors with varied offers, coordinating with service providers for the diligence process, and advising stakeholders on negotiations.

Eos’s deep understanding of the chosen sectors allows them to position their clients optimally, delivering immense value to their clients in the short- and long term.

Their rich experience working with entrepreneurs across different stages of their organisations’ evolution, and handling transactions of various complexities, make them reliable partners for large corporate houses, mid-market players, and emerging companies alike.

Specialised Expertise: The USP Of Eos

What sets Eos apart from the competition is its focused approach to a limited set of sectors, specifically the Roads and Renewable Energy sectors.

This strategic focus allows the firm to develop specialised expertise and provide niche strategic consulting services to clients in these sectors. By honing in on these sectors, Eos is able to offer tailored solutions that set it apart from broader consulting and investment banking firms.

Ritu’s Approach To Difficult Business Decisions

Starting a business and steering it to the heights of success are two different things altogether. Ritu has encountered several challenging situations throughout her business career.

Along the journey of Eos, there have been many instances when she had to make difficult decisions, especially regarding human resource and customer-related issues.

When faced with these situations, Ritu approached the decision-making process with a high level of thoughtfulness and composure.

Her decision-making style is characterised by collaboration and democracy. She believes in seeking input from all team members and engaging in detailed discussions before making any decisions.

Staying Ahead Of The Curve

Ritu shares, “The investment banking sector is ever-evolving, and staying current on the trends and development is the key to success. I keep myself updated by participating in relevant seminars and reading various periodicals.”

The firm is currently engaged in some significant coal MDO mandates and important solar waste-to-energy projects.

With the renewable energy ministry setting ambitious solar energy targets, the future looks bright for the firm. The dynamic state of the road and infrastructure sectors also ensures that investment banking will remain in high demand in these.

“Resilience and Perseverance are the keys to success” -Ritu Jain

Ritu advises young women entrepreneurs to maintain a strong drive and resilience towards their dreams, especially if they’re doing something they’re passionate about. She shares,

“It’s important to recognise that no one is perfect and that failures can happen despite our best efforts. However, it’s crucial to learn from these mistakes and bounce back. Approach problems as challenges and believe in yourself and your dreams. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong. Don’t quit. Keep going. Resilience is your most important weapon.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Ritu Jain - Founder, CEO &amp; MD - Eos Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd.</p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Ritu Jain - Founder, CEO &amp; MD - Eos Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd.</p></div>
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