If health is lost, everything is lost

If health is lost...everything is lost.
If health is lost...everything is lost.

If health is lost, everything is lost.

Giving a twist to the classic thought, we say and believe that when health is lost, everything is lost. Especially true for entrepreneurs.


An entrepreneur carries the responsibility of a firm, its employees, and its stakeholders. Therefore, they have to rise beyond the temptations of fleeting excitements and instead establish a healthy foundation. This alone gives them the strength and creative power to build massive companies. People are constantly chasing the secret to success, but there are no tricks; to be the most effective, you have to invest in your health and well-being.

But the idea of an entrepreneur giving importance to health is not widely circulated or discussed. That is probably because of the absence of knowledge of the benefits at the end of the road. Let's discuss why an entrepreneur's good health is essential for them and their organization.

Increased Productivity

As an Entrepreneur, productivity is so important. Juggling between calls, meetings, and ideas, an entrepreneur needs a massive stash of productivity. While there are many hacks to increase one's productivity in the short run, what matters is how to sustain that in the longer run. It should be no surprise that health and wellness are closely linked to success and productivity. Things like exercise and meditation enhance cognitive function and instill discipline, both of which will change how an entrepreneur does things.

Many leading entrepreneurs are firm advocates of health and wellness. For example -

Arianna Huffington starts her day with a yoga session.

Oprah Winfrey won't go a day without grounding herself through meditation.

Motivating By Example

How does an entrepreneur motivate his team? It starts with making good choices even when it's not convenient. If that means coming to work earlier than most people or following a fitness regimen when it would be much easier to do what everybody else is doing; whatever you choose to do, make sure it's good for you, and stick with it. If you do this every day by keeping a positive attitude and showing people that you are still approachable, you'll have found what makes a person a role model to friends and colleagues.

Improves Your Motivation

The journey of an entrepreneur and that of a firm rests on an entrepreneur's emotional and motivational contagion. Everything is related to drive, motivation, and encouragement for entrepreneurs and business owners. This is a feeling that cannot be explained in mere words. However, medical science has proven that positive energy flows when your body is physically healthy and active. This is essential for entrepreneurs who have to lead from the front and spread positivity.

Manages To Keep Depression At Bay

Studies have shown that depression is the biggest curse of the entrepreneurial world. This is the case for two reasons. First, many entrepreneurs allow mental health problems to creep in and build up because they don't want to talk about them. Secondly, most entrepreneurs live off a fast food diet and don't exercise much, citing less time.

But depression can be ignored for a while, but it will catch up with you sooner or later. Once it does, it can leave you feeling like you don't want to get out of bed in the morning. The best remedy for depression is exercise and healthy eating. Doctors have found that these are the two best ingredients for maintaining mental health.

Gives You A Radiant Personality

We have frequently heard about wonderful personalities when it comes to entrepreneurs. How you are feeling inside affects what people see on the outside. If you are healthy, sleeping well, and enjoy positive mental health, it will reflect your aura and personality. This can help you and your business.

Improves Your Mental And Emotional Health

The benefits of good health on your mental and emotional health are immense. Good health releases neurotransmitters that keep your brain healthy. It also slows down your fight or flight response and grounds you while you make decisions. The credit is all to good health and wellness.

Save Costs

An entrepreneur is about saving money. One benefit of good health is that it causes you to be more disciplined and responsible in practically every personal life and work area. Your spending habits start to reflect a practical, level-headed person pursuing a larger goal. A person running a business already understands the basics of financial management. Still, making health and wellness, a priority will take on new habits that are healthier and more aligned with where you're going.

If health is lost...everything is lost.
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Now, having discussed the importance of good health for an entrepreneur, let's look at how entrepreneurs can keep themselves healthy and reap these benefits.

1) Experts suggest that entrepreneurs should take some time out from their busy schedules. This can be used productively to work out, exercise, spend time with family, and engage in fun activities.

2) Richank Tiwary, PR Consultant at his firm, Mediatronics PR, and ace entrepreneur shares his tip for one's health. He says - Eating right should be a top priority for entrepreneurs as it directly affects their energy levels. Increasing the intake of healthy greens, drinking adequate water levels, and avoiding rich food items should be a top priority for entrepreneurs.

3) Reduce your stress by acknowledging the cause of it. Is your focus work-related or tied to your mental or physical health? Once you're fully aware of what makes you stressed, you'll be better prepared to address it.

Being stressed is terrible for you, your job, and everyone around you, so prioritize reducing it.

4) Create time for yourself, where you can focus on a hobby or something you enjoy, which will reduce your stress and give you a more optimistic mindset once you're ready to begin working again.

5) Prepare for your day in advance. That way, you will know what is coming your way. It will also help you avoid the low-grade stress that adds to becoming a giant ball of stress constantly hovering over your head.

6) Take mini-breaks. Consider taking a couple of brisk 15-minute walks throughout the course of your workday to rejuvenate yourself while also getting in some much-needed exercise mentally.

7) Maintain work-life balance. This is important for entrepreneurs who get lost in the rabbit hole of work. Richank Tiwary swears by this simple hack. He adds, "I try not to attend calls after 7 pm. It's tempting to carry your phone to the dinner table, but I resist."

8) Get enough sleep. The bottom line is everyone needs it. If you're sleeping less than seven hours per night, you're likely not sleeping enough. If you're having trouble falling asleep at night, try putting your phone on airplane mode and turning off all other electronic devices.

Working hard and having a fulfilling, healthy personal life is possible. But achieving such a work-life balance requires an entrepreneur to start acting. Small wins will motivate you to take up a healthy life at large. You know the benefits. You need to start.

If health is lost...everything is lost.
If health is lost...everything is lost.
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If health is lost...everything is lost.
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