Alniche Lifesciences: A Team Committed To Excellence In Healthcare. “Inspired By Value, Driven By Vision”

Alniche Lifesciences: A Team Committed To Excellence In Healthcare. “Inspired By Value, Driven By Vision”

The above motto is the philosophy of Alniche Lifesciences, a renowned Pharma company founded and led by the far-sighted leader Girish Arora in his imperative roles of Founder and Managing Director. Alniche represents a brand in several roles to ensure better healthcare with life-altering breakthroughs aiming to deliver to a higher purpose than themselves.

As his entrepreneurial brainchild, Alniche, is today expanding its operations across various corners of the globe, the visionary is spreading smiles and wellness as a marketing professional turned successful entrepreneur in his own right.

One ofthe India's largest revenue and employment generating sectors with distinct niches (including hospitals, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, health insurance, medical equipment, and many more), Indian healthcare industry is growing rapidly along with the advancements of technology.

While the technological advancements have proved to be lifelines for some patients and game-changers for medical professionals, the pharma industry is also wrapping around the idea of benefiting from the driving force of quality healthcare. With improved data consumptions, communication, portal technologies, remote monitoring, and augmented experimentations, pharma companies have reformed with the ever-changing face of the field quickly.

The Delhi headquartered Alniche Lifesciences has syncopated the perfect balance of technological research along with the strategically focused treatment to provide therapeutic measures. Alniche is escalating through the growth ladder with the pure zeal of experienced professionals to create specialised, high quality, effective, affordable, and value for money medicines and wellness products from around the world.

An insight into the story unveils how one of the fastest growing pharma company has been acing over the competition, venturing with technology, and changing pace swiftly in a dynamic industry.


Mr Girish Arora,in 2007,incepted Alniche as he realized a therapy gap for a Nephrology focused organization which could cover all Nephrologists across India.With his deep knowledge of the disease area, support of the medical fraternity, and comprehensive devotion towards his goal, Girish paved the path for Alniche's evolution.

Like a classic entrepreneur, Girish grew through putting Alniche first and indulged into reinvestments of company's profits back into the business. With his strong vision and strategies, it was only a matter of a short span of time before Alniche emerged as a fierce competitor in the Nephrology and Critical Care segment with newly expanded therapy areas and geographical expansion.

He not only carved out its unique niche in the Indian Pharma market but also became a successful leader supervising 700+ employees.Today, this pharmaceutical company is marketing specialized, high quality, effective, affordable, and value-for-money medicines, and wellness products in India.

Alniche has 1500+ distribution points both for prescription and OTX brands, covering 70,000 doctors and 30,000 hospitals reached its current position with its unique product portfolio focused on horizontal and vertical integration of identified therapy areas with a major focus on hospital business.


With overseas officesAlniche team around the world is set to create a distinct space not only in the Pharma industry butrelated medical fields, through their efforts. The brand is successfully inspired by 'value to deliver the best in every operation and deliverable keeping the customer first motto' intact in their mind.

To facilitate improved healthcare, Alniche team is driven by the vision of 'bringing novel products across various therapies and being the preferred partner of Global Lifesciences Organizations'. The team is focused on deep engagement with the medical fraternity and channel partners to achieve its vision.

Global market research companies (IQVIA and AWACS) have rated Alniche as one of the fastest growing Pharma company in India, ranked 71.


While healthcare serves as the core of our ecosystem, the world is plagued by a lack of healthcare awareness. Globally, governments are aiming to integrate two of the most dynamically diverse industries of the internet and healthcare with the mission to achieve healthcare for all. 2020 witnessed historical utilization of technology to empower safety productivity, and connectivity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alniche Lifesciences, being a trailblazer in the Pharma industry, took the responsibility with their digital initiative "My Healthytude" to serve the purpose of spreading wide awareness through reliable sources online. Backed with research papers, the platform will promote healthy living and well-being for everyone.


Alniche, in an exclusive partnership with Alliance, UK, is marketing and distributing the Nizral/ Nizoral range of formulations, thus enjoying the reputation of offering excellence in promoting Alliance acquired J&J's Nizoral range of shampoos.

Nizral/Nizoral has 35 years of legacy and one of the most widely prescribed anti-fungal solutions fortreatment of dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and pityriasis versicolor.


Alniche has been acing through its ventures since its inception. Adding to the list is Alniche recent initiative – Effikasia Lifesciences. This2021 establishedState-of-the-art manufacturing unit is aimed at manufacturing pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals.

 This back-end integration is a way for Alniche to bridge the gap and capitalise their growing sales across various therapy-verticals. EffiKasia is established with the mission of manufacturing for Alniche and as a reliable contract manufacturing company.


A front-runner in the industry, in 2020,Alniche started new initiativeDRSC (Doctors' Resource and Science Centre for Continuing Education) by joining hands with DPSRU (Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University. Govt. of N.C.T., Delhi, India) to offer a Healthcare e-compendium, an open-access quadrimester online scientific journal.

This journal is a source of the latest medical articles, case studies, food & nutrition updates for HCP's.


Alniche has been successful in bridging the health gap of patients with its strong product portfolio including domestic manufactured and global pharma licensed solutions in the areas of nephrology, critical care, gastroenterology, dermatology, advanced wound care and neuro-psychiatry.

Ranked among the top three in nephrology and top ten in critical care for pioneering in bringing novel molecules in renal care & critical care, Alniche views quality as a paramount principle. Watering to this principle, Alniche ensures that each of the manufacturers is certified with ISO, WHO-GMP, and cGMP certifications.

Most importantly, each product undergoes stringent testing during the manufacturing process, leaving no room for quality grievance. Alniche has its own Medical and Pharmacovigilance department that is engaged in PMS and coordination with manufacturers to ensure quality compliance.


With the wealth of experience and knowledge of his three-decade career which transitioned through various imminent roles in the Indian pharma industry and ideating Nephrology as a niche therapy segment in the country along with Industry-Academia collaborations, the speciality focused, fastest-growing pharma company Alniche's leader churned out the solutions through the experiences he gained during his early career.

Aglance into Girish's early career allows us to unfold various pages of the story that followed his success as a leader today. Girish grasped the importance of customer-centric account management approach working as a sales-marketing expert in various pharma organizations (Cipla, Micro, Emcure).

Eventually, as he headed Pharma companies in India, his work backed with the strategy allowed him to receive various recognitions. His futuristic outlook has been a key reinforcein his growth.


In efforts towards supporting the Indian government's initiative of "Make in India" and encourage Indian researchers to come up with novel technologies and products, Alniche has formed an R&D alliance with DPSRU, (Delhi Pharmaceutical Science & Research University) India's first Pharmacy University.

While this academia-industry affiliation promises to augment further development of new products enabling innovations to meet the medical needs of the Indian population, keeping in mind their professional responsibility, Alniche has instituted awards (Jvalat & Vijayin) to encourage the young researchers for the new research and innovative products and ideas.

Apart from this noteworthy contribution in envisioning "Specialty Focused Organization" in India, Alniche is a pioneer in conceptualizing and commercializing many novel product concepts in India to enrich product portfolio, like:

  • Ketoanalogue Range in Sachet and Double strength, Limiting the Intake of Fluid for Patients with Kidney Impairment by Reducing Pill Burden
  • Auxisoda – Enteric-Coated Tablets Preventing GI Irritation
  • Research & Patented Products (Complipro & Ezepro – Ready-To-Drink Protein Formula) in Collaboration with DPSRU. These Products Are Launched by Shri Anil Baijal (Honorable Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Govt. of N.C.T.)
  • Wetfast MD – Mouth Dissolving Lozenges Reducing the Overload of Fluid in CKD Patients
  • Entasafe – a unique combination of Pre-Probiotics & minerals to control the adverse effects of long-term use of PPIs.

With an original mission of introducing new molecules, Alniche, even during the times of the pandemic, has kept on introducing new brands to remain competitive in the market. One such example is the introduction of NIZRAL a Global brand of Ketoconazole shampoo solution, mentioned in most of the medical textbooks with the clinical legacy of 35 years.


2020 became a year targeted with the crisis followed by the global health pandemic. Alniche, being a leading lifesciences brand in India, responded by offering its exclusive Critical Care range inclusive of the COVID-19 treatment, supportive and Immunity booster therapies, CurCutop tablets (Patented Immunity booster), Vitamin C injection, Ulinastatin injections, Thymosin Alpha 1 injections, Favipiravir tablets and Remdesivir injection, etc


Alniche is a reliable and trusted partner to global pharma organizations to bring novel global brands in India from various companies. These companies include Alliance (UK),FzioMed (USA),Adhezion Biomedical Inc. (USA), Mastix (USA),Biovite (Australia),PT Dermozone Pratama (Indonesia), J W Life Science (Korea), Dongkook (Korea), SK Plasma (Korea), Senquin (Netherlands) and Mellow Hope (China)

Next in the pipeline is therapy differentiation and ground-breaking product concepts which are to be engineered in collaboration with various global companies.


Driven by passion and endowed with a vision to create a clear path to success has allowed the once upon a time professional turned entrepreneur to work towards his commitment of making available innovative pharmaceutical products in the Indian market with Alniche. While he is currently giving a tough fight to competition by expanding the outreach globally, it has an unconventional approach and leadership qualities that allowed him to be applauded for the value-adding body of work throughout his career.

Some of various prestigious national and international honours and awards in Girish's name are: 

  • Best Organization in Nephrology drugs & Novel Formulations Award – Business Sphere, New Delhi, India
  • Fastest growing brands & Leaders Award – Asia One, Dubai, UAE
  • Excellence in Pharmaceutical Brand Management Award (New Product Launch) by CPhI, Netherlands (India Pharma Awards 2019)
  • Healthcare Elite Award – Business APAC, India
  • Super 30 Companies Award – Silicon Review, New Jersey, USA
  • Noteworthy Biotech & Pharma company – Business APAC, India
  • Company of the year 2019– Business Connect, India
  • 10 companies with the most disruptive innovation by Business Berg, Dublin, Ohio, USA.
  • Pharma CEO of the year – Time2Leap Awards – MSME edition issued by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises India
  • Emerging brand of the year Time2Leap Awards – MSME edition issued by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises India

Along with their products, Alniche adds value by publishing different patient awareness articles in various Pharma and Nutrition magazines like Express Pharma, Pharma Review, Business Apac, India Med Today, Nuffoods Spectrum.


Adapting to the latest requirements of the society in healthcare and technology are the key principles of today. Both being complicated worlds with dynamic natural products has resulted in Alniche's enhanced efforts to promote its brands by employing various digital media techniques like e-mail marketing, Web Posters and disease-specific promotion on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Quora

Implementing Right marketing strategy for Right set of portfolios with Right target audience is the focus for Alniche. A well-designed scientific marketing strategy to repetitively engage with the doctors keeps the company ahead of competitors.

This involves various programmes like organizing CMEs, Symposia, Web hosting, Tele-consultations, Disease info & management, Advocacy development, Newsrooms, Latest in Therapeutic regimen- Book Release, Practice support & decision enhancement tools & few others. Each therapy is promoted by different team thus bringing required Positioning Focus with minimal overlap"


"Our value systems inspire our teams to deliver best in all activities keeping "Customer First" as their motto while our vision is to bring products across various therapies and being the preferred partner of the global life sciences organizations, " Girish shared his views on Innovation.

In a dynamic world, innovation acts as one of the major success factors for Alniche Lifesciences to create new solutions in the entire spectrum of therapy from preventive, curative, & maintenance aspects.


Philanthropy has been deep-rooted in Alniche's values as they continue to extend a helping hand towards society along with providing for the ecosystem they exist in for decades.

While Girish has taken away powerful lessons instrumental in the success and growth of Alniche. With his experience, he has been actively involved in offering healthcare for the needy and giving back in the form of female education, hygiene along with charitable healthcare centres supporting organizations.

Whether it is investing a part of Alniche profits in CSR initiatives that allow NGOs offer adolescent under-privileged girls supply free sanitary pads to maintain hygiene, or donating medical devices, medicines, and other essential consumables to charities engaged in rural development, Girish is a philanthropist by heart.

In 2020, Alniche stepped up to augment the government's efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. They introduced a wide range of products for Covid-19 patients, supplied to private and government COVID-19 hospitals and collaborated with various authorities to initiate clinical studies for newer COVID-19 medicines.


Girish has been a guiding force behind the growth trajectory of Alniche. His acumen to select the right talent for forming an empowered team, charisma that keeps the team motivated and nurturing a meritocratic environment that rewards performers have facilitated a cohesive and high-performing team of senior professionals. Constant professional mentoring and emotional bond shared with each member has created a distinctively placed organization, where Ownership, Answerability and Results are the mantra for every member.  

God's grace, hard work, team effort, destiny, honesty, fast decision-making, and ability to take business risks are the values that Mr. Arora trusts as the facilitators of the success of his group. He considers Late Mr. N.K. Ummat, Mr. Arun Khanna, and Mr. DilipSurana as his mentors whose grooming helped him to efficiently handle his businesses.  Girish humbly attributes his success to his team in the Board of Directors, Ms. Ritu Hasija- Director-Corporate Affairs, Mr. Sumit Arora- Director- Sales and Logistics, Ms. Mehak Arora- Director- Procurement and Planning and Mr. Karan Arora- Director- Marketing &International Business.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email:

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