Why is Vitamin C skincare a trend in 2021?

From celebrity skincare to Korean skincare, what’s next in skincare? Well, if we have to pin down one skincare trend that has been taking the lead it has to be Vitamin C. So the question is "Why is Vitamin C skincare a trend in 2021?"
Why is Vitamin C skincare a trend in 2021?
Why is Vitamin C skincare a trend in 2021?

Why is Vitamin C skincare a trend in 2021?

Today, the market is bombarded with Vitamin C products. From new-age brands to well-established brands, everyone today is releasing their Vitamin C serums, face washes, creams, etc.

Vitamin C, which has been in demand amidst the pandemic for its awesome properties for immunity, is also a powerful antioxidant that is also a favourite in the beauty industry. Let us understand why is Vitamin C skincare a trend in 2021?

A Dermatologist Favourite:

Yes, filled with brightening and tightening properties, Vitamin C skincare has been popularly recommended by several dermatologists across the globe to people. A suitable combatant for fighting common issues as dull complexion and ageing, Vitamin C helps the skin through the neutralisation of open radicals.

If you are aware, free radicals accelerate the process of ageing as they enter our skin by breaking down collagen and reducing elasticity because they cause oxidative stress in our skin cells. Vitamin C ensures that they cause less damage to our skin.

The Vitamin C and Oxidization Connection:

A simple example of oxidization is the change of colour of an apple to brown after it is cut. Now, to prevent this, you must have heard of the trick of covering the apple with lemon juice or citric acid. The same process will be taking place with your skin.

Has my Vitamin C serum gone bad?

The connection between Vitamin C and oxidization goes beyond what happens on the skin. It is often noticed that our Vitamin C serums turn brown or yellow. Yes, the oxidization can also take place in the Vitamin C serum itself. This reduces the effectiveness of serum and implies a visual sign of chemistry change which is L-ascorbic acid or the skin active form of the vitamin’s absence.

Is Consuming Vitamin C Not Enough?

Well, when we are sharing its benefits, people might ask, why to use Vitamin C serums and not consume it naturally or through supplements. For overall health, indeed, Vitamin C is a superpower ingredient.

But as per studies, it is considered that 4-5 servings of fruits are essential to ensure enough vitamin C in our bodies, hence, supplements is an option one can avail amidst the busy lifestyle. Moreover, as you consume, vitamin C rich fruits and vegetable such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit, spinach and broccoli, Vitamin C skincare is still essential to directly reap the benefits.

Hence, Vitamin C skincare is a trend in 2021 and serums have become a beauty staple for spotless and glowing skin.

Why is Vitamin C A leading Skincare Trend in 2021?

  1. Bye Bye Dark Spots: Yes, the Vitamin C serum allows your skin to appear more even and fade dark spots to achieve a more youthful appearance. Vitamin C can help brighten the appearance of the skin. So, you can finally bid adieu to unwanted brown spots by blocking the pathway of pigment synthesis.

  2. Skin Elasticity Restored With Skincare Trend 2021: As you integrate Vitamin C in your skincare with face washes and serums, it will help restore skin elasticity. You don’t need to worry about damaged cells anymore with protection against environmental stressors from pollution to over-processed foods offered by Vitamin C.

  3. Hydrated Skin: As we know, hydrated skin is equal to good skin. And make sure that your skin retains its glow, with water consumption, vitamin C is a great option.

  4. Collagen Boost: Enjoy wrinkle-free skin with the boost of collagen in your skin. Vitamin C is vital for the formation of collagen, a protein found in skin and other connective tissues responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity. As one age, it gets harder for the body to produce more collagen

Why is Vitamin C skincare a trend in 2021?

A Must-Know Tip

Be Aware of the storage of your Vitamin C products. Yes, taking care of your skin would mean taking care of these products by storing them in cool and dark places. You should ensure that the product is not exposed to air a lot and has a small opening to ensure no oxidization.

Why is Vitamin C skincare a trend in 2021?
Why is Vitamin C skincare a trend in 2021?
Why is Vitamin C skincare a trend in 2021?

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