Under the expert supervision of Sravan Narasipuram and KRK Rao, the founders of the company have established a flagship brand 'Hola Enterprises' that addresses and fights the shortcomings of the digital space to distribute interactively rich content that is not available in the current formats. They also have introduced a digital business card solution that can be easily shared and is environment-friendly. It reduces the cost and logistic hassles of dealing with printing and handling paper-based business cards.


Sravan Narasipuram is a 2nd-time entrepreneur and a technocrat with extensive experience in working with technology start-ups, over 2 decades. He is passionate about building innovative products, bringing a unique mix of technology and thought leadership. He takes care of the product, sales & marketing functions of the company.

KRK Rao brings more than 3 decades of industry experience. He has worked with start-ups and multinationals like SAP. He has deep experience in building and scaling teams to deliver complex solutions.

The CEO Magazine was able to extract plentiful information about the company's corporate ethos and business model in an interactive session with the founders;

The CEO: What gives you an edge over your competitors?

The Founders: Hola Enterprise is a application built for the mobile, while most competitors build the web version and position the same for mobiles. Our content utilizes the Smartphone features much better. We distribute our content over non-ad-server channels like SMS, email, QR code, and social media. Our business model is pay-per-use which is beneficial for customers. We also have granted patents in the US and Europe that protect the core technology of our platform.

The CEO:How do you ensure the unbreakable faith of your clients?

The Founders:Our technology uses leading industry-standards like Amazon AWS and Google Cloud to host our platform. This ensures that customer data is secure and the uptime is very high, leading to optimal experience. Today, we have customers in the Gulf region and Southeast Asia, and our experience has been very positive in terms of expectations and affordability.

The CEO:Digital marketing is a booming industry, do you like the competition?

The Founders:Yes. While most of the Digital marketing is into pull-based marketing, we chose to deliver content through the other non-web channels like SMS, Email, QR and social. We are a technology platform and not in Digital Marketing services – we don't compete with the agencies in this space, but look at them as partners and enablers.

The CEO:Do you think this is the appropriate time to be working in the digital marketing industry?

The Founders:With the number of Smartphones going up and the cost of mobile internet coming down, the conditions are ideal for a mobile revolution. This started a couple of years ago and will only increase, over the next 5 years. With RCS gaining rapid adoption the Enterprise messaging space is ripe for disruption and that adds another channel to Digital marketers.

The CEO:The trends keep changing in the market, how do you keep up?

The Founders:The audience, in general, has moved from text to video. The next would be interactive content where discerning next-gen users would like to interact more with machines, chatbots and self-service. Our interactive content formats fit into this scenario, very well. The content is smart and adaptable enough to cater to the next wave of local language users coming onto the internet.We try to keep up by closely watching target audience behaviours and try to stay a step ahead.

The CEO:How do you ensure a smooth infusion of technology with your business?

The Founders:We see technology as a means to solve a business problem. Our customers primarily drive our roadmap, but as technologists, we also look for trends that would impact our lives over the next 5 years and we prepare for it much ahead. This gives us time to allow a demand-driven and much smoother transition to newer technologies.

Building on top of mature platforms like AWS also gives us the benefit of using newer technologies without having to fundamentally change our current set of products.Our company also invests heavily in RnD since we are a tech company and strongly believe that only technology achieves scale.

The CEO:How do you feel has the industry transformed over the years?

The Founders:The industry did well to adapt itself to the newer social media platforms. The industry diversified into niche areas with interesting business models. Though there are still mainstream players who stick to delivering Digital ads through ad servers, this space is highly competitive.With changing trends, we have a contra view on the whole Digital marketing space as the audience is moving away from Facebook and the like. We will see more marketing happening throughOpted-in means, Native language and engaging content

The CEO:What challenges is the company facing at present?

The Founders:Scaling the company outside India has been a challenge, as each region brings its own set of cultural and economic factors. We are closely collaborating with local channel partners to understand the conditions better and adapt.

The CEO:What part of your success do you credit to your employees?

The Founders:We are very strong believers in a people-first philosophy. We owe a large part of our progress to our customers and team. We intend to create and distribute wealth to all stakeholders in the company. Everyone in the team gets to own a part of the company and have a sense of ownership.We cultivate a culture of trust and ownership within the team. This leads to people taking more responsibility and being proactive. There are broad guidelines for delivery within which the team is free to execute.

The CEO:What are the milestones and achievements to your credit?

The Founders:Our Company has been recognized by Nasscom as one of the Emerge 50, in 2018. The platform also won the "Top 6 Jury award" from more than 600+ applications at NPC. We have been selected into the HSBC- Thub acceleration programs, and are working with several multinational companies in Telecom, BFSI, and Pharma.

Abda Digital Pvt. Ltd. today is aggressively looking to foray into other geographies like the US and Europe and raise investments to help expand the team and scale operations in other locations. They further hope to establish a global leadership position in the RCS and interactive content market.

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