Benefits of E-commerce Chatbots

Benefits of E-commerce Chatbots

Benefits of E-commerce Chatbots

Since the introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) the world has changed a lot. One of the important products of artificial intelligence is chatbot which is especially used in e-commerce portals to personalize customer's shopping experience. Chatbots are changing the way brands used to engage with their customers be it helping them to choose the right product or giving them personalised assistance. A report has shown that e-commerce portals using chatbots has better customer experience and it also increases the chances of customer purchasing by 35 per cent.

When a customer opens an e-commerce portal and short window pop-ups showing what that person wants to purchase then that person will be excited and its experience will amazing. This should be the target of every e-commerce website. Despite this, there are many ways an e-commerce website can get benefit from the chatbots. Here are some benefits of chatbots which can benefit your e-commerce website.

  1. Guided Navigation

One of the benefits of a chatbot is that it searches the product for you. If you want to purchase a pair of shoes and you are not able to find it or you don't want to waste time in searching it then all you have to do it to ask the chatbot and it will find it for you. With machine learning AI, now chatbots can store a customer's journey and their buying preference which eventually allows a customer to check out quickly.

  1. Customer Support Chatbots

In an e-commerce business, people have a lot of queries related to their products. Now imagine Amazon hiring a few people to solve the queries of millions. In this, a customer support chatbot is very useful to solve the queries and at the same time, the customer will get personalized support.

  1. Easy Order Status Enquiry

The process to check the status of our order is like this – click on "my orders" then go to that particular order and then click "check status". But with the introduction of chatbot, all you have to do is ask the chatbot about the status of the given order and that's it.

  1. Redressal

Ecommerce industry is now focusing on developing chatbots that can also tell a customer how they can return their products with proper return policy and everything about redressal. It will save time and immediate response will lead to better customer experience.

  1. FAQ's

FAQ's are really important to know a customer and their preferences. A chatbot will ask you about the problem and will give you some options; after you choose an option then next trail of question with options will arise. With the help of this method, the customer will get a precise answer to its queries without wasting any time.

  1. Conclusion

Chatbots are revolutionary and they are getting better with every minute. Every e-commerce website should have a chatbot to make the customer's experience more satisfying which will eventually boost their sales. Chatbots are not just tools but they are the need of the hour.

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