Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. (IEPL) -Creating the future

Revolutionising The Indian Construction Equipment Sector Through Their Unique Approach, Strong Market Insights, And Technological Expertise
Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. (IEPL) -Creating the future

Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. (IEPL) -Creating the future

Established in 2016, Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. (IEPL) is one of the leading players in the field of Used Construction & Mining Equipment. Under the guidance of IEPL’s director, Mr Avinash S., the company excels in refurbishing and swiftly exporting this equipment worldwide with meticulous sourcing of lightly utilised machinery.

In addition to its expertise in equipment refurbishment, IEPL also specialises in providing advanced excavator attachments, catering to the unique needs of construction projects.

With its headquarters and state-of-the-art refurbishing centre located in Chennai, India, IEPL offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions in the field of used construction and mining equipment, emerging as a key player in the industry.

After the success story of the equipment buyback initiative, IEPL is continuing to achieve new milestones as it expands its offerings, venturing into manufacturing the slope vibratory compactor and high bed-special excavator attachments.

With the presence of numerous manufacturing plants by leading OEMs, India has witnessed remarkable growth in the construction equipment sector, with the country becoming a major hub for manufacturers.

Additionally, a notable shift has occurred as major manufacturers have started recon of equipment, marking a phenomenal change in the industry. IEPL firmly believes that more industry players should engage in refurbishment activities to benefit the market as a whole.

Introducing a groundbreaking methodology for equipment buyback in the Indian Construction Equipment sector, a concept previously unprecedented in the industry, IEPL today has joint ventures with five major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), solidifying its position as an industry leader. 

Setting itself apart, IEPL provides a wide range of multi-brand used equipment, spanning from 2 to 200 tons, all under one roof. The company also extends its expertise beyond equipment refurbishment, branching out into the realm of excavator attachments.

IEPL’s Mission, Vision & Values

The construction equipment sector in India is experiencing rapid growth, attracting international manufacturers to establish manufacturing facilities and turning India into a major sourcing hub.

With their core values of Integrity, Innovation, and Excellence, IEPL envisions capitalising on this opportunity by sourcing used equipment, refurbishing it to high standards, and exporting it globally to meet the increasing demand for reliable machinery.

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Genesis Of Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.

It is rightly said, “The beginning unveils the story,” The stone to the foundation of IEPL was laid when the directors were quite young themselves. As children, the directors used to visit their father’s workplace and witness the constant movement of various equipment.

Their fascination with machinery led them to learn how to operate the equipment at a very young age. Growing up surrounded by machines, their passion for the industry was ignited from childhood, ultimately inspiring them to start their own company.

Explore IEPL’s Extensive Portfolio

IEPL, the leading provider of multi-brand used construction and mining equipment, offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

With a specialisation in refurbishing used equipment, the company ensures that customers receive high-quality machinery at affordable prices.

Adding on to its expertise in equipment refurbishment, IEPL also excels in providing a wide range of special excavator attachments, catering to various project requirements. 

The inventory of used/refurbished construction equipment at IEPL encompasses a broad spectrum of machinery, including excavators, motor graders, dump trucks, compactors, bulldozers, rigs, pavers, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, cranes, and other earthmoving equipment.

The company also provides special excavator attachments, such as the i-Prid Slope Vibratory Compactor, Pad Foot Roller, Buckets, Long Reach, High Bed/Elevated Neck etc., for excavators.

Recognising the importance of meeting customer demands comprehensively, IEPL has recently ventured into a new vertical. The company now rebuilds components such as hydraulic pumps, engines, undercarriages, and motors, providing a cost-effective solution for clients seeking reliable replacement parts. 

While IEPL has established itself as a prominent player in the international market, it has also expanded its operations into the domestic market. In June 2022, the company entered the domestic market to cater to the growing needs of the construction and mining industries within the country.

To ensure smooth financial assistance to its customers, IEPL has partnered with HDB Financial Services, enabling convenient access to financing options.

With a track record of successfully serving its customers, IEPL takes pride in having supplied over 100 units of equipment to date. The company is grateful for the opportunity to meet the demands of the fast-growing construction and mining industries, and it remains committed to providing exceptional products and services to its valued clientele.

A Sustainable Revenue Growth

IEPL’s core work of sourcing, refurbishing, and exporting used equipment in an innovative manner sets it apart from competitors and ensures sustainable revenue growth.

The company’s focus on this niche has yielded impressive results, expanding its clientele across multiple countries and receiving a significant number of repeat orders, a testament to its commitment to customer satisfaction.

To further solidify its presence as an industry leader, IEPL plans to establish 8–10 showroom-style offices, showcasing a minimum of 10–20 units of various equipment models. This pioneering approach to multi-brand used equipment showrooms will be the first of its kind in the country.

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A Trail Of Accomplishments

Under the visionary leadership of Mr Avinash, IEPL has achieved significant milestones over the years. The successful introduction of the buyback methodology distinguishes IEPL, making it the sole company in India to have joint ventures with five major OEMs.

They have also pioneered the manufacturing of i-Prid slope vibratory compactors and i-Prid high bed/high neck special excavator attachments, solidifying their industry leadership. These accomplishments taught them the value of innovation, resilience, and responsiveness to market needs. 

In addition to its expertise in exporting used equipment, IEPL has made strides in the domestic market and established a partnership with HDB Financial Services to provide seamless financial aid to customers.

These achievements highlight IEPL’s commitment to delivering exceptional products and services while expanding its reach in both national and international markets.

The Path To Success

For IEPL, success is defined as achieving customer satisfaction as the primary focus and consistently delivering high-quality products on time.

Sharing their inspiration, Mr Avinash quotes Frank Ocean: “Work hard in silence; let your success be your noise.” He shares, “IEPL strives to let its accomplishments speak for themselves while ensuring that customer needs are met with excellence and reliability.”

IEPL’s Team: Motivation And Engagement At The Core

IEPL has a distinct approach to talent acquisition and retention, leveraging a workforce of talented and empowered women who oversee Business Development and engage in challenging opportunities, setting the company apart in the industry.

With a flat and transparent work culture, IEPL inspires team members and ensures their motivation and engagement. The company recognises and appreciates its team members by providing diverse opportunities that align with their capabilities, fostering loyalty within the organisation.

Their team of 280 dedicated members contributes their skills and expertise to IEPL’s success.

Navigating The Pandemic

IEPL’s biggest challenge has been the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused a significant loss of nearly 18 months of production time.

However, the company overcame this hurdle by rallying its Infra team, who volunteered to work tirelessly day and night, demonstrating their dedication and resilience during this crisis.

Despite the challenges, IEPL is proud and grateful for the collective efforts that enabled them to navigate through these difficult times.

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IEPL’s Unique Approach

The used construction equipment industry is experiencing significant growth, with several players entering the industry. However, by offering a diverse range of multi-brand equipment ranging from 2 to 200 tons, IEPL excels at standing out.

The wide selection of equipment allows customers to choose from a variety of options. Moreover, the company maintains a well-equipped in-house facility, enabling customisation based on customer requirements.

IEPL stays ahead of industry trends and anticipates market changes by closely studying the market scenario and staying updated. The company actively engages with strong networks and closely collaborates with customers to better understand their needs.

This approach, combined with the expertise of technical professionals, allows IEPL to develop innovative methodologies that align with market demands.

By staying updated with industry technology and consistently meeting customer needs and demands, IEPL maintains its competitive advantage.

Future Outlook

The global recognition of the quality of construction equipment manufactured in India has increased significantly, with leading OEMs producing equipment in India and exporting it worldwide.

Overseas customers perceive Indian-made equipment to have superior quality compared to that of China. This growing reputation has paved the way for a promising future in the industry, attracting more players who are expected to contribute to its growth.

In line with the industry’s evolving landscape, the future of the construction equipment industry is witnessing an increasing number of major OEMs entering the equipment recon market, with the anticipation of more players joining in the future.

To position itself for success amidst this growing competition, IEPL is diligently working on completing its new workshop and training academy to enhance efficiency and productivity.

By 2024, the company envisions having a well-equipped in-house facility and skilled manpower capable of refurbishing 1,000 pieces of equipment for both domestic and international markets.

The new premises, spanning 12 acres in Chennai, includes a covered shed of 150,000 sq. ft. for operations and a training academy occupying 30,000 sq. ft.

This investment will enable IEPL to meet the growing demand and maintain high standards in equipment refurbishment and training while solidifying its position in the industry and ensuring its ability to thrive in the face of the expanding market.

Words Of Wisdom

Advising young entrepreneurs, Mr Avinash shares,

“The used construction equipment industry is vast, like an ocean, and the opportunities are boundless. We encourage more players to enter and bridge the supply gap. Take, for instance, the used automobile-car industry, where Maruti Suzuki embarked on a modest path as True Value, and today, its exponential growth is undeniable. Likewise, the potential for growth in the used construction equipment industry resonates with the same profound magnitude.”

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