Given the pace of change and uncertainty of business models it has become imperative to continuously look for talent which is fast becoming a competitive advantage.

Several perspectives have to be considered before hiring the "best fit" for your organization. Business strategy, future plans, how the brand is perceived by potential candidates, what's the right blend of competencies/skills/values that would be ideal. Besides this several sources have to be explored like social media, past organization track record, peer feedback to be able to put together a holistic view of potential candidates. This requires expertise and flair.

Finding your organization a search partner that can most effectively take care of the process is the need of the hour and Sadhna Mehta, Founder & CEO of Windows Consultants Pvt. Ltd. offering solutions for all your recruitment needs.

Their service portfolio is centered on executive-level positions across a variety of industries ranging from the IT & ITES, BFSI, Consulting, Manufacturing and many more. They understand client requirements & search strategy. Their market knowledge enables them to access information and highlight their USP i.e. customer orientation, a bias for quality and  response time.


Sadhna Mehta is a graduate and masters in sociology from Delhi University and her corporate career included stints with reputed organizations like Essar Shipping Ltd and Max India Ltd. In 1994, she took up the challenge of establishing an organization – Windows Consultants P Ltd in the area of talent acquisition. The key differentiators which define her work are values like client centricity, eye for detail and passion for quality. Taking complete end to end ownership and following innovative methods are hallmarks of her style.

In a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Sadhna opens up about her journey, plans, business model, current scenario and more,

The CEO Magazine: Provide a brief overview of your professional journey and your organization.

Sadhna: After graduating from Delhi University, I stepped into the corporate world and worked for reputed brands like Essar Shipping Ltd and Max India Ltd. Following my passion for human resources, in the year 1994, I founded Windows Consultants a search firm focused on recruitments. It's been 25 years and the company has a strong clientele across verticals like BFSI, IT/ITES, Real Estate, E-commerce, Telecom, FMCG, Aviation and Healthcare. We are proud to be listed among the leading search firms in the country.

The CEO Magazine: Tell us about your early life, and how you found your career goal in the HR field?

Sadhna: Since the early years of my college life, I have always enjoyed learning and interacting with people from diverse backgrounds, following which I decided to pursue a Masters in Sociology. The master's degree opened my mind to a plethora of opportunities in the field of human services and sociology. This then inspired me to establish Windows Consultant P Ltd.

The CEO Magazine: Throw light on your service portfolio. How do you bridge the gap between employer and employee?

Sadhna: Our core services include offshore placements, turnkey projects, compensation benchmarking, retained executive search and non-retained assignments. Before we begin our search, we tend to understand our client's business, their organizational culture, job role, and competency requirements. This way we ensure sourcing a potential 'best-fit' candidate, thereby bridging the gap between employer expectations and employee qualifications.

The CEO Magazine: What are the unique factors that make your company stand out in the industry?

Sadhna: Windows Consultants Pvt. Ltd is positioned among the top search firms in India. Our success is hinged on the high-quality service, client-centric approach, quick turnaround time and an insightful assessment of the cultural fit of potential candidates with client organizations. It's the trust, culture, and engagement that unite management and workforce in a common vision, thereby creating a healthy work environment.

The CEO Magazine: What are the major challenges you see in the HR industry? What are their solutions?

Sadhna: Unconscious bias in recruitment, obsession with finding the perfect candidate, employee engagement especially with millennials, and continuous upgradation of skills are the major challenges faced by the HR industry. By careful planning and structuring gender-neutral interviews, one may avoid bias to a large extent. By introducing a non-disclosed feedback system and fostering engagement activities, one should aim for employee happiness. Genuine interest in developing the workforce and commitment to learning goes a long way in building trust.

The CEO Magazine: Tell us about your team, clients and area of expansion.

Sadhna: Windows Consultants is made up of a diverse team of talented HR professionals. Our greatest strength is our team spirit. Every day, we unite to bridge the gap between those who have access to knowledge and those who don't. Our leadership team has  years of rich search experience with strong experience in diverse verticals. We continuously upgrade our skills and keep abreast with the latest developments in the search profession, enabling us to deliver high-quality services to our clients, tap new business opportunities and to deal with competition. Our multi-industry clientele includes Sunlife, Indigo, JLL, Cadence Design Systems, Intel and Barclays, to name a few. To win and engage with our clients, we focus on timely, proactive and transparent communication. We develop strong client relationships based on mutual respect, trust and a high sense of ownership.

The CEO Magazine: According to you, what trends and tools will shape Human Resource departments over the next five years?

Sadhna: The trends that would be witnessed by the transforming international recruitment space are Artificial Intelligence, social media, diversity and flexible work culture and these would in the coming years shape the future of HR towards a better tomorrow and a more specific approach to the aimed skill set.

The CEO Magazine: What are your plans to enhance the employee experience in your company?

Sadhna: Today the company is proud to be positioned among the leading search firms in the country. Needless to mention, we are extremely elated to have reputed brands as our clients. We work endlessly to ensure the employees leave for their home at the end of the day with a smile and a sense of satisfaction. We always have and will continue to foster employee engagement to build a trustworthy, happy and healthy work environment. We are proud to be an all women's organization and pioneer in offering flexible work culture to our employees.

At Windows Consultants, their first and constant endeavor is to completely understand the client's business context/ challenges, the organizational culture, job role, and competency requirements. They are growing successfully each day towards critically identifying potential "best-fit" candidates and make the entire search process more efficient for the existing and potential customers. They focus on specially training their consultants on 'Appreciative Enquiry' enabling them to have meaningful dialogues both with clients and candidates.

"Under no circumstances, should you forget the 'human' element of the profession. In the end, we are touching lives and have to take accountability of the same"

Sadhna Mehta

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