Nilima Kamdar led Nilima Jobs fills the gap between Employers and well-versed Job Seekers, Works with a holistic mission to reduce unemployment in several countries

Nilima Kamdar led Nilima Jobs fills the gap between Employers and well-versed Job Seekers,

Works with a holistic mission to reduce unemployment in several countries

Since its inception, services of Nilima Jobs has centered on providing the highest quality of diversified HR services while maintaining integrity and empathy to the benefit of all its clients as well as the community members. Founded by Mrs. Nilima Kamda in 2008, Nilima Jobs is a global network of HR services, working for the provision of innovative, customized and integrated Human Capital solutions to its clients.

The brand, Nilima Jobs is about more than providing its services as a human capital solutions provider as well as talent acquisition services to many corporate houses, listed companies renowned organizations within India and overseas. The company's focus is to maximize its clients' organizational efficiency and effectiveness through alignment of their HR Management and initiatives with the organizational long term strategic vision and goals.

The constant endeavor is to work in a proactive approach which enables the company to match the requirements of its clients and provide them skilled and talented manpower which could help them to achieve long term goals in the company. Its style of selection helps to bring in assets to the organizations rather than manpower. The company works with employment agencies and with unemployed in several countries to reduce unemployment. In the present competitive environment, recruitment is becoming a more and more strategic issue regarding corporate continuity and growth policies. The specific skills required must be operational on the spot as well as visible and active on the market place.

Let's know its Solutions along with Product offering & Business:


The company offers personalized services to each client. It thoroughly scans and filters the universe of prospective employees to match them with the correct employment opportunity. This creates a win to win situation for both parties involved. What makes it different for the others is how each requirement is studied and researched in depth to help elevate our search filters. With its personalized style of working, the company picks out only the best Curriculum Vitae and Profiles which are put in front of the clients for consideration. This leads to a successful hiring strategy and helps to build a strong professional relationship with organizations all across.

Product Offerings & Business:

Nilima Jobs focuses within industries which the company has built a niche in are as follows:

The above are just to name a few. But at Nilima Jobs, the company does recruitment and talent supply for many industries such as information technology, telecommunications, entertainment, consumer and retail, technology, engineering, energy and natural resources, life sciences and healthcare, transportation and logistics and textile industry are the few names.

Differentiating Factors in its own voice

Our global reach, diversity of talent pool and vast experience provide us with a cutting edge to serve our clients more effectively and efficiently. We offer the optimum balance of a global approach, based on our knowledge of best practices, with a thorough understanding of the local framework, regulations and culture. Through our association with the team of experts, we assure optimal response and flexibility in services to our client. To have a better idea of what makes stand out.

With an extensive database, attachments with different professional forums of the industry, strong relationship with working professionals and well developed procedures, we assure the hiring of right individuals for the right role for the clients. We have devised an extensive procedure which gives insight of our organization and quality assurance. Our business is focused on pure executive search principle with services, varying from full bespoke agency to retained searches and more our commitment towards building successful relation between client and candidate is our advantage.

Our scope of services encapsulates broad spectrum and array of vast multidisciplinary HR solutions which include but not limited to the following:

Major Milestones for the company since founding 

The company has been consistent in coming with something new in the field. Every passing year has helped the company to expand its client base which Nilima Jobs supply talent to. Several hires are done by it in the junior, mid or senior level jobs. The goal of the company is to keep this progress on continuously to make it reach at new heights. 

HRD serves as a strategic role by assuring the competence of employees to meet the organization's present performance demands. Along with meeting present organizational needs serves as a vital role in shaping strategy and enabling organizations to take full advantage of emergent business.

Business has become knowledge based service oriented, competitive and more dynamic in this new age. The quality of human resource has become an essential factor in determining the success of any organization.

People are the prime source of competitive advantage emphasizing on the need to adopt a strategic approach to talent management in order to ensure that the organization has the 'right people in the right place at the right time' to fulfill its strategic goals . In today's volatile business environment HRD not only support the business strategies, of organizations, but also it plays a pivotal role in the shaping of business strategy.

The company has been offering its services and solutions successfully with the help of a team who work for Nilima Jobs. A team of skilled, experienced, zealous and well-qualified has been utilizing their potential to fulfill the relevant needs of its clients. Its expertise is being well-used by its clients and a good number of clients have been already served by Nilima Jobs' team.

Awards & Recognitions 

Nilima Jobs has a proven record of its services which can be evaluated through its achievements in the terms of Awards & Recognitions received by the company.

Following are the few of its achievements:  

  • Women Achiever of India (2013) in employment sector by PEOPLE's FOUNDATION.
  • Women of Excellence Awards in Leadership 2014 on event of International Women's Day on 8th March 2014 by people's foundation.
  • Awarded for Global Leading Women Consultant by II GLOBAL BUSINESS INFORMATION on 20th August 2015. 

The person behind the success 

Mrs. Nilima Kamdar

Founder, Nilima Jobs

Nilima Jobs was incepted by Mrs. Nilima Kamdar when she realized that her family duties are shrinking day to day. A thought leader, independent think tank and visionary entrepreneur, Mrs. Kamdar has vast experience in the field of HR services and solutions.

Know more about Mrs. Nilima Kamdar, in her own words:

"I have a management degree in HR which I was judiciously using as a freelance HR professional immediately after my graduation since 1986. In 2008, I decided to make my dreams come true. I founded Nilima Jobs and started with just a laptop in hand. I just grabbed the opportunity which life had thrown at me. I decided to live my dream. From a scratch, I built up my resources, my clientele and my reputation in the market.

I single-handedly grew the business as I know it today. There were many hindrances in this journey of growth and success. Today, I have recruited employees who work for me. I am happy in my sphere as I love the job whatever I am doing.

My work is getting me recognition and people value me for the work that I do hence it gives me immense satisfaction. My career is fairly portable. With the Internet, e-mail, cell phone, and FedEx, I can work nationally, even internationally from my office—or anywhere in the world. I make a difference in peoples' lives every day. I see it in their faces, hear it in their voices, and read it in their thank-you wishes.

Every painful or joyful life experience makes me a better consultant. I have to work very hard, and the clients expect superb results—but I get to structure my days, weeks, months, and years. I've never had to violate my values or personal code of ethics. I've never had to lie, purposely deceive or harm others, or promise things I can't deliver. I go to bed with a clear conscience, "said Mrs. Nilima Kamdar to TCM.

"Employees built their perception about a healthy organization on the basis of its overall work culture and the value the HR initiatives add to it. If these initiatives reflect that the organization "cares", they will surely think twice before moving on. It is hence becoming more and more important that the HR of an organization ensures that there is a proper mechanism or forum in place where an employee can freely share his grievances. The very fact that there is someone at the work place who cares and is ready to listen is red reseal in itself. Similarly employees and consultant face a major problem from employers. There should be many changes made in HR policies, certain rules should be applied and employers' lack of discipline, this has huge setback on organization and HR consultancy, she added.

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