Layam Group: Bringing Credible Staffing Solutions for Incredible Business

Layam Group: Bringing Credible Staffing Solutions for Incredible Business

Layam Group: Bringing Credible Staffing Solutions for Incredible Business

Ramesh's approach is like an iron fist in a velvet glove that endears all to perform. He is aggressive, dynamic and highly passionate to succeed.

The more you reach out to people and spread happiness, the more you succeed. With this great ideology, G. S. Ramesh entered the HR industry and redefined HR as "Honesty in Relationship" from "Human Resource". He is well-known as a techno commercial strategist. Ramesh believes that "Network is Net Worth", and each soul is unique and giving happiness is our success.

Famously said, to create a better company, you need better people. So G. S. Ramesh took the foundation of Layam Group in 2007 with an objective to provide solution to industries – both HR & Technical. Today, Layam has become a renowned name in the industry and focused on offering Superior Service and Superior Staffing by providing Brain Count rather than Head Count. Layam has experienced tremendous growth in strategic outsourcing and contract manufacturing and hence has become a unique HR consulting firm by becoming a partner in progress for its clients. Layam focuses on the bottom line of Cost, Quality & Productivity with an emphasis on People, Process & Performance hence establishing itself as a trusted partner for Industrial Sector. The hallmark of this identity is, to be bench marked as a Global Institution of Management Excellence which believes in the corporate consort as well as a holistic catalyst for industrial growth, growth of society and growth of the country at large.

Layam Group has a team of 7000+ young and vibrant professionals. It is one of the most astonishing teams of seasoned professionals who have the distinct ability to surpass client expectations, each time. Their expertise, industry relationships, and long term vision have propelled them as one of the best in the business. Company's headquarter is in Chennai, besides it has branches in different parts of India including Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Alwar, Dharwad to name a few.

 "We started with a company that deals with Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development and consulting as HR perspective. We diversified into strategic outsourcing, and as we mature, we progressed towards job contract and contract manufacturing. Then we also set up a company that deals purely on the quality initiative and we have IT Company as well. Today, as a company we have 150 crore turnover in this short span", the founder of the company, G. S. Ramesh elaborates.

The Man Behind the Brand

Layam Group is touching the sky of success under the excellent guidance of G. S. Ramesh. He is the Founder and Chairman of the company and taking it to the higher latitude with his strategic thought process. Ramesh initiated his career with Tata in 1976 and worked there for 20 years.  Then, he joined a government enterprise and again came back to Tata.  Thereafter, he joined Hyundai Motor India where he was the first employee of the company and worked with them for 12 years as Senior Vice President.  After some time, he came out of Hyundai Motor India to start his own venture. He established Layam.

G. S. Ramesh holds over 40 years of experience in Greenfield project, turnaround initiatives, HR/IR and Techno-Commercial. He was actively involved as a performance consultant conducting several programs/courses in the areas of managing growth & self – People Sensitivity Workshops. In Academic, Ramesh is armed with graduation and MBA degree.

Feather in the Cap of Ramesh

  • Conferred with the prestigious "Managerial Excellence Award" by the Madras Management Association
  • Best Employer–Employee Relations from Rotary Club of Madras, a prestigious award for Hyundai Motor India Limited
  • Energy Conservation Award from the Vice President of India, Bairon Singh Shekawat on behalf of Hyundai Motor India Limited

 "After serving for 32 years, I thought we should give back to society, but in this society, the top layer which is called cream layer, In between layer is not being seen and not being heard properly. Those boys who struggle to pass are not able to get suitable employment especially in the technical segment like diplomas. So I started picking up drop-outs or diploma graduates with arrears and appointed them in my company and gave them an opportunity as an operative trainee to get trained in a larger enterprise. After 2 years in the company, they become employable. This initiative was taken years back even before the skill India initiative, we started this in 2009. We can proudly say; more than 10000 people have been placed", Ramesh proclaims.

To get a deeper insight into Ramesh's professional journey and Layam Group, Puja Bhardwaj-Editor, The CEO Magazine spoke to him.

Here are edited excerpts.

Hello Ramesh, thanks for your time; we are glad to have you featured in our magazine. Can you provide a brief overview of your offerings?

In order to provide clients with specialised recruiting solutions, Layam has developed expertise in the following industry segments:

  • Recruitment
  • Staffing Services
  • Contract Manufacturing / Job Contract
  • Learning & Development
  • HR/IR Consulting
  • IT Services

What are the unique factors that make your company stand out in the industry?

We are not only an HR consulting firm but we insure to share the knowledge that we have, and we are experiencing as a part of the Industry. We work as a trusted partner for companies that make us unparalleled.

"I noticed that there are many quality issues because the focus is on the headcount and not on the brain count. The quality issues bring the rework which affects the cost. The cost, quality productivity is essential for every industry and organization. Our company focuses on bringing cost quality and productivity by giving "brain counts" i.e. the right and fit man for the job. It supports the companies survive in the competition", Ramesh says.

What are the key points that define an organization as a top employer today?

I believe that the CEO of the company should not be a 'Chief Egoistic Officer' or a 'Chief Emotional Officer' and instead be a 'Chief Emphatic Officer'- Empathy means one should be sensitive to the whole system. People join an organization after seeing the leader. The leader has to be an example for the employees. Second is transparency is essential. Moreover, as I said the honesty in the relationship from bottom to top and top to bottom is essential to make the organization successful.

What are the major challenges you see in HR industry? What are their solutions?

The challenge today is that most of the HR's is acceptability. The top management believes that HR is not contributing. HR gives their best but is not being appreciated. The coordination is lacking, and everyone is justifying their contribution but no one is ready to work together. It leads to a gap between management and HR.

To resolve this problem, the management should look at HR as a partner in progress, and HR should present the management with a proposal showing that they are contributing to the progress.

So, HR should be the sole partner of the CEO in the industry. Both as a parent should ensure a good work climate, better productivity, and growth of the enterprise.

Who are your major clients?

Our major clients include Ashok Leyland, Yazaki, Tata Hitachi, PSA, MRF, Yamaha Music, Apollo Tyres, L&T, Tata Power, Volvo Eicher, Mahindra, etc.

What advice would you like to share with aspirants who want to start their company in the HR domain?

In my point of view, the startup in the HR domain is a tough nut to crack. There is a huge competition. You will have to make a strong presence in the market to grow and make the industry to understand that you have the real intellect to help them to get solution of their problems. Besides, there is also a need for strong financial backup.

Dynamic Leadership

  • Rohet Ramesh- Director
  • Sunita Jagdish- Director
  • Atul Verma, Business Head – L&D
  • KS Sunder, General Manager – Business Development
  • K Shariff, Deputy General Manager – Talent Acquisition
  • K Ravi, General Manager – Human Resources
  • S Senthil, General Manager- Manufacturing

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