Top 10 ERP Software Companies in USA

Top 10 ERP Software Companies in USA

Top 10 ERP Software Companies in USA

Top 10 ERP Software Companies in USA

(ERP) Enterprise resource planning software is trustworthy and secure corporate management software. It automates inventories, business procedures, and sales in your firm.

Many ERP software businesses in the US are different. The finest ones provide full, customer-specific solutions. Every company owner needs ERP software. It improves their efficiency, organization, and system integration.

Using a single system helps keep assets and documents organized. Enterprise resource software companies grow via acquisitions, collaborations, and new products. Now let see the top 10 ERP software companies in USA in 2022.

Top 10 ERP Software Companies in USA

The following list of top 10 US ERP software businesses details their present condition and growth initiatives.


Oracle Fusion Cloud

Oracle Fusion Cloud is a suite of cloud-based enterprise resource software applications for procurement, project management, finance, risk management, and other day-to-day activities.

It integrates Oracle business applications. It supports user, site, transaction, and market growth. It includes financials, revenue management, costs, accounting software, contracts, sourcing, supplier management, narrative reporting, and more.

It's contextually aware across various channels and facilitates data-rich interactions. It automates processes so users may plan their company's future. Long-term scenario planning, supply chain management, and real-time reporting are supported.

Oracle provides several cloud-based options. Start with the finance module, then add project management and procurement. Low-value, manual operations are automated.

Predictive insights help performance management and decision-making. Oracle gives Change Agents of Finance Awards to finance innovators. The headquarters of Oracle Fusion Cloud is in Santa Clara, California, USA.


●     User-friendly, effective controls, cost-efficient, quick access once over Cloud, rapid performance.

●     Through connectivity, third-party apps may simply connect to the ERP Cloud app.

●     It consolidates corporate transactions. Once input, the data is instantly added to all other records.


●     Oracle's acquisition has hurt user support. Support requests take time, upgrades never make the plan, and scalability is difficult.

●     Oracle Java forms are browser compatible. Oracle isn't compatible with Chrome.

●     A tiny typing mistake might change its outcomes. Tough implementation.

Aptean ERP

Aptean ERP helps company management software organize and integrate enterprise-wide data. It gives the company real-time visibility into all business management software.

Structured business software increases profit margins by making business software more effective and productive.

Streamline corporate procedures and operations to fuel growth with integrated data, workflow management, and personnel records management.

It serves retail, financial services, food and beverage, and manufacturing. The provider may create industry-specific solutions. Headquarters of Aptean ERP in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA.


●     It's Very Straightforward to Work With

●     Low in required maintaining

●     It is flexible and responsive to change.


●     Insufficient consolidations of functions among several systems

●     Not even any APIs just yet.

Infor ERP

Infor ERP is company-wide, cloud-based, industry-specific accounting, finance, supply chain, and business process management software. ERP is enterprise resource planning software.

Well-financed Infor has developed via acquisitions, including Lawson Software and SyteLine enterprise resource software solutions and Birst for data analytics and business intelligence.

An end-to-end planning system for manufacturing organizations that encompasses planning, buying, sales, and customer support. It's cloud- or on-premises-deployable.

It offers extensive customization possibilities without source code modifications. From manufacture through shipping, servicing, warranty, and refurbishment, it improves supply chain visibility.

It helps more than 4500 companies optimize, accelerate, and simplify production processes. It serves consumers, energy/natural resources, hospitality/service, and growth sectors. The solution is accessible in 21 languages and 49 countries. The headquarters of Aptean ERP is in New York City, USA.


●     Infor corporate resource software has easy-to-use accounting software. From diary entries to trial balances, everything is a click away.

●     Infor ERP employment tracking is simple. You may see each work's progress in numerous ways, so users know how near each project is to completion.


●     Excel might help Infor ERP. Some panels don't allow exporting to Excel.

●     More drill-down options would enhance Infor ERP. More information is sometimes on a different screen.

●     Infor ERP's financial statement creation needs improvement.

Kinetic Software by Epicor Software Corporation

Kinetic (previously Epicor ERP) integrates mid- and enterprise-level enterprises' production operations and divisions. It covers varied functional and technological needs.

Project accounting, contracts, data analytics, data interchange, core financials, IoT, and more are top modules. Its interconnectedness reduces communication errors and automates operations.

Cloud-based deployment lets workers use its features from anywhere. It has extensive reporting and analysis features that help customers enhance day-to-day operations using real-time data.

Kinetic supports aerospace, military, medical devices, metal service centers, fabricated metals, industrial equipment, and discrete production. The headquarters of Epicor Software Corporation is in Austin, Texas, USA.


●     52% of users feel this solution's UI and navigation are adaptable and user-friendly.

●     Kinetic is very customizable, according to 100% of users.

●     60% of people who discussed features felt this system delivers practical modules (i.e., KPI dashboards, accounting software and financial management, part tracking, and more).


●     48% of users said the system is buggy, inconvenient, and clumsy.

●     66% of users believe that customer assistance is inadequate and bad.

●     39% of customers feel Kinetic's dashboards and reporting features are limited.

●     83% feel this method is expensive.

NetSuite OneWorld by NetSuite, Inc.

NetSuite OneWorld is a scalable worldwide company management software ERP that gives real-time data on international and multi-subsidiary operations.

It helps worldwide firms boost efficiency by accommodating corporate and subsidiary needs.

Financial and accounting software capabilities include audit and compliance reporting, real-time analytics, order management, invoicing, and timesheet management.

NetSuite's mission has always been to optimize its clients' company management software with accounting software, CRM, email marketing, and enterprise resource software, among others, used by more than 22,000 customers in more than 200 countries. The headquarters of NetSuite OneWorld by NetSuite, Inc. is in Austin, Texas, USA.


●     NetSuite's user-friendliness is remarkable.

●     You can use it immediately, and employing the basic features speeds up, automates, and simplifies your processes.

●     This technology helps multi-country companies standardize their processes globally.

●     NetSuite combines many systems into one easy-to-use platform.


●     Keep using the usual tool. When customizing reports, it might be challenging to get the data you desire.

●     If you utilize NetSuite to its full extent, the purchase is worth it.

Deltek ERP

Deltek Vision is an enterprise application planning system that helps customers optimize the project lifecycle and boost profitability. It allows business management software through Deltek Cloud.

It oversees pre-awards, project closeouts, new clients and projects, and budgets and schedules projects. It discovers talent, provides regulatory and financial imperatives, and monitors KPIs across clients and projects.

Secure, versatile, and scalable. Deltek provides project and business software. It's been designated the leader in project-based ERP by G2 Crowd and reached the NVTC Tech 100 list. Deltek's Global Assisted Support is likewise outstanding. The headquarters of NetSuite OneWorld by NetSuite, Inc. is in Wood Oak Drive, Herndon, USA.


●     73% of people rate the system's usability as simple and intuitive.

●     100% of users said this system is adjustable for business management.

●     94% of people who used its timesheets found them straightforward to use.

●     83% of customers claimed its reporting tool increased their productivity.


●     Learning Curve: Almost 90% of customers who reported learning the product said they required additional training and documentation to become power users.

●     78% of reviewers who noted the UI said it was difficult to navigate.

VeraCore ERP

VeraCore is a web-based warehouse management and order fulfillment software for printers, fulfillment businesses, and e-retailers.

It manages orders to capture, pick, pack, and ship from end to end. It's suited for DR/HA situations.

It works with Amazon, Shopify, Ultracart, Volusion, Big Commerce, Magneto, and Woocommerce, as well as Order Desk, DropStream, Cart Rover, and SLS Commerce.

It interfaces with UPS, FedEx, DHL, Endicia, Purolator, and multi-carrier shipping systems including Pitney Bowes, Pro ship, Blu Jay, Malvern, Desktop Shipper, Ship store, Logistyx Freight POP, and connects.

Other connectors include web-to-print Page DNA, Pageflex, XM Pie, and accounting tools like QuickBooks.

VeraCore can acquire new customers, boost retention, and beat the competition. It's very available and reliable.

Customer demands drive its fulfillment software. It doesn't charge for new features. Headquarters of VeraCore ERP in Farmington, Connecticut,  USA.


●     It's easy to navigate and straightforward.

●     VeraCore monitors the market and makes system adjustments to meet customer demands.

●     They fix technical issues quickly.


●     Multiple ways to obtain information might be daunting.

Datacor ERP

Process manufacturers and chemical wholesalers use Datacor ERP (previously Chempax). It simplifies inventory management, procurement, business software intelligence, production, accounting, and CRM.

It streamlines operations in every area, maintains data integrity, and boosts productivity. Users may make wise business choices and influence change with a simple, non-programming implementation.

Chemical, industrial, manufacturing, food and beverage, coatings, and adhesives are served. The headquarters of Datacor ERP is in Florham Park, New Jersey, USA.


●     Manufacturing, inventory, and order input modules operate properly.

●     Simple, seamless implementation.

●     Customer service is responsive.

●     The software is appropriate for small to medium-sized businesses. It handles 80% of daily production.

●     The program handles formulation, billing, and shipping.



●     Some are hard to browse and display all the information at once.

●     Insufficient production planning for our application.

●     The basic preventative maintenance module.

●     The system's standards reports aren't user-friendly and aren't verified.

FinancialForce PSA

FinancialForce PSA gives users total visibility into sales, money, and services. In one PSA system, users may manage customers, team members, projects, and finances. Uniform data points let users monitor resources and make reliable estimations.

FinancialForce PSA's major competencies include sales interaction, project management, time and expenditures, and resource management.

FinancialForce's goal is to put consumers at the forefront of users' operations so they can quickly spot opportunities and meet customer demands.

FinancialForce PSA's real-time analytics enhance client interactions and boost efficiency. San Francisco, California is the home of FinancialForce PSA ERP. The headquarters of FinancialForce PSA ERP is in San Francisco, California, USA.


●     62% of users said the software had an easy-to-use interface.

●     65% of customers say FinancialForce PSA streamlines operations and handles projects, teams, clients, and financial chores.

●     67% of customers say this solution includes time monitoring, resource planning, allocation, reporting, forecasting, and bank reconciliation.

●     94% of customers think the product can integrate with Salesforce, Excel, NetSuite, FinancialForce Accounting, and other CRM tools.


●     Few criticized the FinancialForce PSA.


ProcessPro provides real-time sales order and accounting data for process manufacturers. Manufacturing, quality, sales, reporting, inventory, and financials are characteristics.

It evaluates and creates new recipe formulations in a central center without disrupting production.

It's cloud and on-premise compatible. It monitors stock, demand, and expected demand. Consider tax and cash flow while valuing and depreciating assets. The headquarters of ProcessPro is in Minnesota City, Minnesota, USA.


●     The sync was seamless and the service was excellent.

●     Easy-to-use software with smooth implementation. The Implementation staff was helpful.


●     It's not always clear why syncs fail.

●     All possible ERPs fields are filled in Salesforce.

Finally - ERP software companies in USA

All of the Top 10 ERP software companies in the USA mentioned above assist company owners to streamline their business process operations manage inventories better, and double their productivity, which improves their business development potential.

The top providers are professionals in managing enterprises using enterprise resource planning software.

Any company management software may succeed with proper management, production, and inventory control.

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