Keep Your Oracle Cloud Applications Updated With Automation

Keep Your Oracle Cloud Applications Updated With Automation

Keep Your Oracle Cloud Applications Updated With Automation

Keep Your Oracle Cloud Applications Updated With Automation

Oracle Cloud is gaining a quick pace in the international market. Enterprises are looking for ways to upgrade and accelerate their business processes.

Oracle cloud test automation is one of the great solutions to derive the application defensibility and to achieve the goals, like reduction in turnaround time and continuous delivery of their Oracle Cloud.

Moreover, according to studies, the global test automation market size might reach USD 28.8 Billion by 2024. Oracle is continuously upgrading its cloud infrastructure, so more enterprises are increasing their preference towards the Oracle cloud.

What Is Oracle Test Automation?

Oracle Cloud test automation is a way to perform end-to-end testing through automated tests over the applications running on Oracle Cloud infrastructure (OCI) or as SaaS (Software-as-a-service).

Test automation enables the seamless execution of all essential test cases that are required to validate the updated features. Furthermore, automation testing in Oracle cloud helps teams to:-

●     Execute tests in a continuous and quick manner

●     Minimization of manual efforts

●     Increased productivity

●     Reduction in testing costs

●     Enable zero-defect delivery from the DevOps team

●     Increased security

Challenges in Oracle Test Automation

Though Oracle Cloud test automation sounds impressive, it is still not always easy to sustain success. For instance, Oracle releases new updates every quarter.

It means every three months, new functionality will be delivered to help enterprises manage their business processes effectively and efficiently.

Swift and Multi-level Updates in Software

The features of the product change whenever new software versions are released or during the software life cycle. The Oracle cloud platform is quite fast-evolving; the changes occur so frequently.

Sometimes, enhancements in the existing features lead to the introduction of new bugs. So, testing the various versions of permutations and combinations becomes practical and mandatory.

Complex Test Scripts

The testing of Oracle Cloud applications becomes complex, which means the test suite required to test them also becomes complex. So, test automation requires building test scripts that can copy the actions of users, and this becomes a tedious task when you need to deal with complex test scripts.

Continuous Testing

Oracle releases many updates, such as Oracle infrastructure, vertex updates, Oracle SaaS updates, monthly maintenance packs, weekly updates, and one-off emergency updates that make testing compulsory for the Oracle cloud applications.

Resource Dependent Automation

Tests are run through scripts, and the maintenance of scrips-based test cases is not easy. Sometimes, the scripts failed due to differences in environments or even due to particular features of the platform.

Insufficient Test Coverage

Inadequate coverage of tests is also one of the biggest challenges faced by enterprises. This is because enterprises are simply unaware of what they need to test, and as a result, they either test too much, which leads to a wastage of money, or test very less, which leads to unnecessary risk. That’s why a comprehensive approach to Oracle Cloud test automation is needed.

Data Management

Oracle cloud applications require a significant amount of data so that comprehensive testing can be performed. The automation of data management can be time-consuming and tedious.

Integration With Other Applications

Sometimes, Oracle Cloud applications need to be integrated with other systems, like APIs. So, in that case, the test automation should encompass all the necessary test suites.

How Automated Testing for Oracle Cloud Is the Great Solution?

Low Costs

Automation testing drastically reduces the cost as compared to manual testing. In manual testing, immense resources are required.

For instance, technical specialists in manual testing need to be available around the clock, proffering in-house costs uncomfortably high, whereas, in automated testing, the test scripts can easily be automated, which in turn leads to more productivity.


The Oracle Cloud test automation fosters significant test coverage. As compared to manual testing, which lacks visibility in team efficiency, automated testing promotes visibility as the risk of regression bugs and other vulnerabilities is minimal.

Streamline Automated Testing of Oracle with Opkey

Opkey serves as the continuous platform for the Oracle Cloud. It provides zero-worry continuity assurance to business teams.

●     It comprises the feature of real-time impact analysis that helps understand the impact of change on the Oracle cloud

●     It provides better test coverage by enabling one to focus on the most- at-risk objects instead of the approach of testing everything

●     It comprises the autonomous self-healing feature that identifies the affected areas of Oracle Cloud test automation within hours.

●     It leverages the end-to-end testing of the business processes. It integrates the testing of business processes with web services, mobile UIs, mainframes, and APIs.

●     It comprises a library of 30,000 pre-built test cases that enables instant coverage of tests at the click of a button.

Overall, Opkey is one of the best platforms for the automation of Oracle Cloud applications. It not only lowers the risk but also helps in the new installation of critical enterprise applications like Oracle EPM.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Keep Your Oracle Cloud Applications Updated With Automation</p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Keep Your Oracle Cloud Applications Updated With Automation</p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Keep Your Oracle Cloud Applications Updated With Automation</p></div>
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