Top 5 Most Recommended Call Center Software for Small Business
Top 5 Most Recommended Call Center Software for Small Business

Top 5 Most Recommended Call Center Software for Small Business

Top 5 Most Recommended Call Center Software for Small Business

Small businesses have to deal with a lot of calls, and they have to handle all the customer's queries. That is why small business owners need to have good call center software that can handle all the calls, and help them get their work done in a better way. The following are some of the features that you need to look out for when choosing a call center software that will help you to make your business more efficient:

1. Automatic call distribution where callers wait until an agent is available to answer their questions.

2. Interactive voice response system where callers can ask questions or even send messages to agents.

3.Computer Telephony interaction.

4. Call center scripting etc.

Here are some best options for you

1. Avoxi:

This is another great tool for calling customers. It allows you to connect with them directly through SMS, and also provides a number of other features like email, and chat. You can easily record the calls, divert incoming calls to another number with the call diverting feature. You get voicemails of the missed call directly to your mail including a transcription of the message. You can manage as many calls as possible with the same number at the same time. Avoxi provides a virtual number that can be used in more than 170 countries and forwarded to any other device worldwide. You also get local numbers from different countries.

They offer a free trial for new users. Then you can upgrade as per requirements.

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2. Bitrix24:

This is one of the most popular mobile phone service providers that offer free data for all users. You get both android and iOS apps. You get automatic call recordings, put calls on hold or waiting, transfer calls to other employees, forward calls to other numbers, add notes during calls, create lists of missed calls automatically. They offer free CRM to import call lists, one-click calls, easy incoming and outgoing calls. You can use unlimited numbers per account and unlimited lines per number. They provide phone numbers that you can rent in 43 countries or you can use your own number.

They offer a free version of their services but you can upgrade them to various paid plans to get more advanced features.

3. Exotel:

Your customers get a seamless experience during calls with the smart IVR system. With the auto-dialer feature, you can save a lot of time not dialing numbers manually. Exotel can be a good choice for your small business.

They offer various paid plans. Choose a plan as per your requirements. They give a free trial with all the features to the new users.

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4. FreshCaller:

FreshCaller allows you to buy local phone numbers and toll-free phone numbers. You can expand your business also by buying international phone numbers offered by FreshCaller. You can also personalize your voicemails, set up split business hours, segment calls with multi-level IVR, scale up with shared lines, create holiday routing rules, set up personalized greetings, maximum responses with wait queues, block spam calls, answer calls on SIP phones, upload your holiday calendar, import your calls and many more.

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5. LiveAgent:

LiveAgent helps you to manage all your customer inquiries in one place. You get features like universal inbox, ticketing, hybrid ticket system, automated ticket distribution, time tracking, spam filters, email templates, and many more.

LiveAgent also offers different plans for different requirements. They have a few plans also with limited features.

6. Five9”

Five9: This is one of the most popular and widely used tools for calling customers. You get pre-build CRM integration with Salesforce, Microsoft, and many more. They offer web callback, call recording, screen recording, agent scripting, post-call surveys, toll-free and local numbers, do not call compliance, etc.

You can go for a monthly or annual plan with no long-term contracts.

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7. RingCentral:

RingCentral is another great option available in the market. It helps you to improve outbound sales customer connections. You get real-time analytics of the calls, missed calls, recordings.

8. ZenDesk:

ZenDesk is also an available option for your small business. You get a CRM with a call center. They offer customer-focused solutions. It is very easy to use. It can be set up in a few minutes. This cloud-based software has all the features that you are expecting from call center software. They have powerful customer service.

They have seven different modules and also offer a free trial of each.

Choosing effective and efficient call center software is an essential part of your business. It helps to scale your business and save lots of time. So, it is always recommended to do your own research before selecting the right software for your business.

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