Talkfever India’s Own Social Media Platform

Talkfever India’s Own Social Media Platform

Talkfever India’s Own Social Media Platform

shivam Verma - Founder & CEO -Talkfever

With the digital boom, the number of people using social media platforms has increased multifold. From playing a crucial part in staying connected with your peers to offering a digital marketplace to entrepreneurs, social media platforms do it all.

Emerging as one of the top players in social media is Talkfever, an Indian social media platform with verticals like a multi-platform business where people may explore like-minded people. It includes features like creating pages for promoting your business.

Shivram Verma, popularly known as Shiva Kirar, the visionary behind Talkfever, is a man of many hats, founded Talkfever with the idea to offer a platform where people can speak freely. Talkfever also features a marketplace to promote sales on the social commerce platform, another venture of Mr. Shiva Kirar.


Mr. Shivram Verma, the founder, and CEO of Talkfever, laid the foundation of the company on the 14th of February 2020.

Mission, Beliefs, And Motto Of Talkfever Team

The idea behind Talkfever is based on the fundamental right to speech. At Talkfever, their belief is that “Everyone has the fundamental rights and utmost freedom to raise their voice, and we can make the world better by saying our words and listening to others’ stories.”

Its mission is connecting, communicating, corresponding, distributing, and displaying the voice of the world for viewing, listening, and uploading feelings, emotions, and expressions in a visual format.

Mr. Shiva Kirar says their Motto and guiding force to achieve their mission is, “Competitive excellence, social equilibrium, and talent balancing is our motto. Creative and non-creative communities may build a social partnership for the potential opportunities.”

Key Services Of Talkfever

Talkfever and platforms launched by Mr. Shiva Kirar offer several products and services to its clientele. Some of the value-adding key services include:

  • Advertising on

  • Online selling on both and

  • Free and Premium Business models on

  • Recharge and bill payments on

  • AdTech on

  • Premium subscription for premium services

  • Video franchising to grow audience engagement on

Shivram Verma (Shiva Kirar): The Mind And Heart Behind Talkfever

Mr. Shiva Kirar is an engineer by profession and has spent a huge part of his career working with some of the top MNCs. He has huge expertise in data conversion through winning combinations for profit-making business strategies and influencing factors necessary for the target audience.

He was a meritorious student throughout his academic journey and even held the rank in Madhya Pradesh. He also was the president of the student council of professional education.

Mr. Shiva Kirar is highly spiritual and an avid god believer, which reflects in his work. He is known to follow ethical principles and honesty in his profession. He is a nationalist, and every single one of his ventures is actively contributing to the growth of the nation.

He has excellent leadership in combining a dedicated team to explore the caliber and hidden potential of every common individual. In his professional career, he has worked with top industry players like J.K. industries and others. He spent a decade at J.K. industries and was enriched with management skills and problem-solving tools.

The inspiration behind founding Talkfever is the Make in India vision of the Government of India and the startup ecosystem to boost scalable ideas and strategies at the global scale.

In Mr. Shiva Kirar’s own words, “I started to recognize my own inner strength and intellectual abilities to create a scalable and profitable platform of global reach, and that led to launching Talkfever, a social media platform as a proprietor firm with clear objectives, Sabke Liye Sab Kuchh.” In a time span of two years, the Talkfever platform has 4 million registered users in all seven diverse verticals.

The journey of entrepreneurship led him to go with a diversity of problem-solving, and today, he along with his team have built multiple platforms in social media, video streaming, chatting apps with competitive and entertaining features for community, social commerce (works as a search engine), real-time bidding platform (RTB), and Traditional media marketplace. They are committed to launching a new platform every year on Independence Day.

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IndiTalk: A New Launch Of Mr. Shiva Kirar For A Memorable celebration of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav.”

Mr. Shiva Kirar and his team of Talkfever celebrated this year’s Independence Day, Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav with the launch of the IndiTalk chatting app with quiz show features for the community.

Mr. Kirar mentions that they work with a very clear objective of, “Keep the people community all time updated with learning interest and creative content feed to change the mindset of people through winning and rewarding attitude.”

They specialize in building the pathways strategically by integrating user-friendly solutions to build a strong social structure for our nation through the adoption of brainstorming strategies and add-on creativity and technology to develop and deliver unique services.

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Mr. Javed Ali- “Jeet Le Saari Duniya,

Mr. Javed Ali- “Jeet Le Saari Duniya,

Overcoming Challenges Along The Entrepreneurial Journey

Mr. Shiva Kirar says, “We know success never comes very easily. Every creation needs dedication, a strong mindset, clearly defined project layout, and exploration of resources to convert ideas into reality.”

He mentions a song written by him and sung by the renowned Bollywood singer Mr. Javed Ali- “Jeet Le Saari Duniya,” which is dedicated to the youth. The essence of the song is to motivate the youth to go ahead and be successful in any situation in any challenges by recognizing self-capabilities and the in-built power of passion.

Revenue Model

Talkfever earns its revenue from several modes, including the subscription plans for premium services, advertising, and social commerce on its platform. They also have a partnership-based, readymade online business model and social influencer and ambassador model for local businesses.

Talkfever Team

Mr. Shivram Verma is the founder and CEO of Talkfever, and Preeti Singh is the Director. As of present, there are 50+ employees, including all full-time and part-time, and freelance professionals. The company is actively looking for investors for further expansion and growth.

How Does Talkfever Differ From Its Biggest Competitors

Like in every other field, Talkfever also faces heavy competition in its segment, but there are a few attributes that make it one of the top players in the industry.

According to Mr. Shiva Kirar, the factors that make them different from their competitors include their reverse billing cycle for corporate ads, which helps reduce the cost of ad performance up to almost free, which is not the case with their competitors.

They also follow the Parabolic CPC pattern, which allows the users to have the lowest billing on the highest CTR. They offer monetization of social media users, pages, and groups. They also allow the monetization of online shops. Their upcoming plans include community-sponsored campaigns.

Major Milestones For the company since its founding

Ever since its inception, Talkfever has received positive feedback and achieved several milestones. The business listing on Talkfever has reached more than 20000 vendors in Gwalior, Mumbai, Kota, Chandigarh, and Mohali in all business categories within the cities.

They have also successfully adopted MOBS and DPC strategies to help businesses to grow. Their business partnership model follows an all-inclusive approach.

Whether it is someone unemployed, retired employees, self-employed, businessmen, and businesswomen as well as influencers and local ambassadors based on their social media followers, all can start an online business using Talkfever as their marketplace with pre-determined business potential by use of profit scope calculators at city and state level.

Another feather in the cap for Talkfever is its real-time bidding platform with dynamic pricing methods for city vendors and others.

The Fundamental Values Of The Firm That Remained Constant Over The Years

The core values of a company are the principles, beliefs, and philosophies that it is based on. They do not just impact the company’s relationship with their partners, shareholders, and customers but also the employee experience.

Core values are what make a company stand apart from its competitors. Commitment, Integrity, Passion, and Honesty are the core values and four pillars of strength that Talkfever is based upon.

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The Important Ongoing Projects And What Is The Take Of Talkfever On It

The digital market is highly competitive, and a lot is always changing, and Talkfever and other ventures of Mr. Shiva Kirar are no different. They are working on several upcoming solutions for the users.

They are presently working on shop monetization for local online vendors on, their social commerce platform. They are also planning on implementing free advertising campaigns for corporations on

To make social media profitable for professionals, they are working on building a social advertising channel on They also have plans to launch a video franchising model for the community, creators, and corporate professionals.

Other than implementing new features in their existing channels, they also have plans to launch some new platforms. A professional media platform to explore people is in the pipeline. They plan to implement sports live on social media with custom contest play for sports enthusiasts.

They also have been working on traditional media buying online with a 360-degree view anywhere in the world with predetermination of target outcomes.

Five Years Down The Road For Talkfever

Mr. Shiva Kirar has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Talking about the future of Talkfever five years later, he enthusiastically mentions how they want to go bigger. Although their present focus is India, they have plans to grow their reach to the global marketplace.

The team at Talkfever is very passionate about proving themselves as the best among global brands. Mr. Kirar mentions they can see more fires in desires after getting sufficient funding from V.C.s.

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Road Map

The road map of Talkfever includes a few milestones they plan to cover in the future.

In the next 12 months, Talkfever plans to increase its community reach to five crore audience traction.

In the business listing, Talkfever plans to achieve One crore local vendors’ conversion into digital within the next two years.

In Collaborative business model, an employment-driven white label business model which is right now getting huge appreciation during the prelaunch phase, and they have plans to create 72000 positions in 727 districts of India by the year 2024. Expecting huge business, potentially of more than 1800 crore in India only.

In their Entrepreneurship model, they have plans to create an employment-driven model where their first target is to connect 100000+ professionals to start their own business at zero cost.

Talkfever Future Plans

Within their startup stage, Talkfever skyrocketed and achieved tremendous growth, and they have plans to grow even further in the coming few years. Speaking about their future plans, Mr. Shiva Kirar mentions Fundraising within the year 2022 as their primary goal.

We are going to launch a digital mall concept with a cross-selling system that works as a customer exchange model wherein small or medium shopkeepers can expand their business by conversion of the small shop into a digital mall.

As per the company survey with interest mapping on 1000 sellers in Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Haryana, Delhi NCR, and Rajasthan before launch, demand was surprising. As per the demand chart, the revenue forecast is more than 8500 crore in the next five years, plus recurring revenue is expected more than 850 crores per annum.

A Word Of Advice For Young Entrepreneurs By Mr. Shiva Kirar

Mr. Shiva Kirar says, “Recognize your inner capabilities and be self-committed to win over the challenges.” He also mentions “Jeet le sari Duniya” and “Har Jeet Ko Bhool Kar Jeet Ka Sankalp Kar,” the title songs written by him, as his two ideologies dedicated to helping young entrepreneurs soar high and overcome all obstacles by recognizing their worth.


Talkfever has its presence all over India. At present, they have offices at Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, Kalyan Dombivali, Thane-Mumbai, Maharashtra, and Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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