Nadig Consulting, 2008 Founded Arun Nadig’s Brainchild Brand Bringing the Best of Innovation and Collaboration Under One Roof

Nadig Consulting, 2008 Founded Arun Nadig’s Brainchild Brand Bringing the Best of Innovation and Collaboration Under One Roof
Arun Nadig, Nadig Consulting Principal Owner

Nadig Consulting, 2008 Founded Arun Nadig’s Brainchild Brand Bringing the Best of Innovation and Collaboration Under One Roof

Nadig Consulting leads the realm with full-service structural engineering and cost management services. These include the analysis and design of buildings, foundations, and special structures since 2008. They associate closely with architects, contractors, project managers, and owners on a wide range of projects across many different regions and market sectors.

For more than 2 decades now, the promoters of the firm have been leveraging their experience in the field of structural engineering design consultancy, cost management, with significant international expertise to deliver excellence. Today, this combination of local knowledge combined with international exposure allows the brand to enjoy a unique stance in the industry.

With a dedicated team of professional engineers and project managers in collaboration with architects, Nadig Consulting has been extending an extensive range of services to a broad spectrum of industries. In an exclusive conversation with Purnima Narang, Editor of The CEO Magazine, Nadig Consulting’s Principal Owner, Arun Nadig gave his insight on various aspects in and around the brand’s journey, growth, and future.

TCM: First of all, congratulations on the recognition. Why don’t you share about your brand and the entrepreneurial challenges you faced?

Arun: We, at Nadig Consulting, are providing value-added services for stagewise reconciliation of materials and costs and not just focus on the delivery of design information. Similar to several start-ups, we navigated through the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial voyage.

It was persistence and keeping the client/project’s success as the focus of our actions as a team that kept us going through the tough phases.

TCM: Speaking of team, tell us, how did you build your dynamic team?

Arun: The Nadig Consulting core team is dedicated and has been with the firm since almost its inception. Our team leaders are the company ambassadors and have the freedom to make decisions that are related to the project. To give you an insight, here are the leaders in our team:

He has three decades of experience in the field of structural engineering design consultancy for large and Iconic projects both in India and overseas, in S E Asia and Oman.

I am a Registered as a Senior Professional Engineer with Engineering Council of India. I was also the Technical Committee Member for drafting of Engineering Standards in Brunei Darussalam.

I have been working on high rise buildings , townships, industrial complexes , commercial and IT parks , servicing the needs of the realty sector and large corporate clients. I have worked in SE Asia for 15 years in Malaysia , Singapore and Brunei Darussalam on major building and infrastructure projects during his time there.

Dinesh B B ,Dinesh comes with more than 28 years of experience both in real estate and infrastructure projects. He has worked in Malaysia and Brunei. Project delivery and coordination are the key strengths Dinesh brings to the organization.

Rajesh NT ,Rajesh is a senior structural engineer with more than 20 years’ experience in structural engineering works and has worked extensively with large real estate and architectural firms in Bangalore.

Sagar V Tippa ,Sagar is a structural engineer with more than 12 years’ experience in structural engineering works and has worked extensively with large real estate and architectural firms in Bangalore

Jyoti Chandramohan ,Jyoti has sixteen years’ experience in delivering large design projects including some of the landmark developments in Bangalore and Kochi. Jyoti leads the analysis team in the office using the latest FEM and industry standard software packages

TCM: Recently, how do you stay connected with the target audience?

Arun: Pandemic has disrupted world communication and it has also opened the road to effective client communication through the internet. We have been reaching out to our clients recently through LinkedIn mainly while we have also maintained our presence on Facebook and Instagram.

TCM: What makes your company distinct in the competitive market?

Arun: Innovative and collaborative approach to design has allowed us to be ahead of the curve. We have always focused on maintaining timelines and cost-effective solutions for our clientele.

TCM: What does success look like in the current role and for the brand?

Arun: The company has established a reputation for delivering quality work within stipulated timelines. This can be seen by the repeat orders from clients who have been with us for over 10 years. Referrals from them is also a pointer of the faith in us.

TCM: What are the recognition it has earned over the years?

Arun: Among the many recognitions we have received from our clientele for excellent solutions, we are proud of two key laurels including “The best concrete structure 2018” by the Construction Industry Development Board and “Eminent Engineer 2021” awarded to Arun Nadig by the Association of Consulting Engineers, Karnataka.

TCM: Over the years, in which areas have you witnessed the transformation in the industry?

Arun: Sadly, the commodification of services. However vast improvement in software available for speedier and trustworthy analysis and design of buildings.

TCM: How has the firm adopted technology?

Arun: We have always stayed up to date with the emerging trends such as adopting BIM and other collaborative software. Regularly attending conferences seminars in India and overseas keeps us up to date with the state-of-the-art approach to design solutions.

TCM: What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen?

Arun: We are working on a large township project in Chennai with 33 storey towers under difficult soil conditions in a densely built-up urban area. An innovative approach to keeping constructability and safety while designing the building helped us overcome the challenges. We are also working on a complex exhibition centre in Bangalore for a 3D Metal printing technology firm with a large column-free space and heavy loading.

TCM: What does the future hold for the company in the next five years?

Arun: We are very excited about the future in all three sectors we operate in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial/ Warehousing as we have a big opportunity to use our knowledge base and experience to be strategic partners to our clients in these spaces.

TCM: Enlighten us a piece of advice you would like to offer to the young entrepreneurs?

Arun: Perseverance is the key. Always respect your profession and stick to your principles. I believe it will always pay you back multiple folds if not immediately but certainly in the long run.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email:

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