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AUM Productions

AUM Productions

Sudha Sagar - Founder & CEO - Aum Productions

“Our strength lies in providing our customers with effective visual solutions and valuable artistic depth.”

-Mr. Sudha Sagar, Founder, CEO, AUM Productions

The Media and Entertainment industry In India is on the rise and making significant strides. With the rising customer demand and improving advertising revenue, the industry is on the cusp of a strong growth phase in the upcoming years. AUM Productions, a media production company, is all set to match the pace of the volving industry.

AUM Productions, established in 2019, although new but a leading player nonetheless. Their passion for their work and desire to produce masterpieces set them apart and keep them at the front.

From producing advertisements, movies, and short films to social and digital media content, AUM Productions offer a diverse range of services. They are not just limited to audio-visual content but also focus on events, media marketing, and strategic planning for clients when needed.

To enhance the growth and visibility of a brand, the highly experienced team of directors, cinematographers, editors, and writers at AUM Productions efficiently handle all aspects of media production, videography, and post-production. They optimize the balance between value and experience.

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AUM Productions: Inception And The Journey So Far

The onset of the digitization era sees an increased demand for creative and innovative content across the globe.

When people in need of promoting their products started reaching out for creative content, Mr. Sudha Sagar, the founder of AUM Productions, is a veteran video content producer with vast experience in providing materials to individuals, leading Malayalam channels, and agencies in Kerala.

He’s worked exclusively for the reputed regional channel Asianet Communications Ltd. for several years.

Ms. Soumya Sagar, the Co-Founder of AUM Productions, has solid skill sets in Direction across multiple genres, including Films and TV Productions.

Before founding AUM Productions, Mr. Sudha and Ms. Soumya worked on promotional videos as freelancers. With the popularity of their videos, people started reaching out to them for creative content for product promotions, solidifying the idea of founding a production firm.

Mr. Sudha Sagar and Ms. Soumya Sagar founded AUM Productions in 2019 to ponder more brainstorming ideas. Their expertise and strong media network is the strength of the firm.

Their successful association with leading brands like Disney, Sun Network, Reliance Entertainment, Life Kart, and others lead to their popularity and success. Within three years since their inception, they have managed to get associated with Big Boss Malayalam production Dir.

Blessy’s Aadu Jeevitham Film and produced Ruchi Yathra and Nattu Midukki TV Program on Surya TV. AUM Productions is a self-funded company presently headquartered in Kochi, Kerala.

Their revenue is generated through Corporate Films, Documentaries, TV Commercials, and Ad Films. The only challenge they face is the lack of proper investment in projects. Mr. Sudha believes that with big investors, they can thrive.

AUM Productions Key Services

AUM Productions offer two essential services, which include:

Production: In their video production service, AUM Productions is in charge of producing films and videos, managing locations, casting talents, and filming permits.

Postproduction: AUM Productions’ post-production service includes video editing and adding visual effects.

“Learn, endure, grow, and repeat” - Values Of AUM Productions

AUM Productions ensure constant and positive company growth by maintaining high standards throughout various projects. It helps diversify their skills and provides extensive networking opportunities. They aim to conspire exceptional ideas to create a public engagement irrespective of platform, device, or venue.

Their multi-skilled and experienced team of 15 members works hard to provide quality service with an unwavering dedication to their clients, innovative studio setups, and production. AUM Productions’ mission is to maintain and build long-term business relationships with recurring clients and investors who trust their abilities, ethics, and ethos.

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AUM Productions Differentiating Factors

AUM Productions are unique in the way that they face little to no competition in their segment.

They believe in providing value to their clients by following an honest approach to projects and prioritizing quality over quantity. Filmmakers at heart, AUM Productions, work towards creating something remarkable every time they take on a project.

Ms. Soumya Sagar, founder and creative director of AUM Productions, says, “We understand the power of our craft; be it to entertain, educate, persuade or enlighten, we have the know-how.” At AUM Productions, they believe in surpassing expectations instead of meeting them.

Following the mantra of “if it inspires us, it will inspire you,” they take pride in the work they do. Being reliable and transparent in its creation, AUM Productions has earned the trust of its clients.

Upcoming Trends In The Media And Entertainment Industry

Virtual Production or Virtual Moviemaking, a visually dynamic and nonlinear workflow, is the upcoming trend in the industry. It enables filmmakers to interactively visualize and explore digital scenes to produce feature films and cinematic games by blending virtual camera systems, advanced motion, performance capture, 3D software, and practical 3D assets with real-time render display technology.

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The Art and Business of Film Production

Current Proceedings At AUM Productions

AUM Productions tell stories to make magic, bring professional dreams and venture into the unknown. By utilizing their team, department, skill sets, and processes, they are working on offering a product that ticks all the boxes and exceeds the client’s expectations. They have several ongoing projects that help them achieve a coherent and complete package.

Future Plans

The Kerala Film and Television industry has undergone immense growth and placed itself on a globally recognized level in the past ten years. Due to the nature of the industry, with the requirement of ever-changing and evolving technology and the promise of impending growth, AUM Productions is pushing itself and the industry into a new undiscovered avenue, like an unreal production segment.

With the support of a solid team and an array of expertise in the media industry, movie making, and multimedia production, AUM Productions plans to be the best promising company in the next five years. They follow the mantra of Learn, Endure, Grow and Repeat to create and provide trusted services on a global level.

Their association with major channel networks and high standards ensure their constant and positive growth. They aim to be one of the best production houses diversifying their skills and extensive networking. Their plans include owning a studio in the region and strategizing their expansion to other segments like digital marketing, public relations, and media buying.

AUM Productions Advice For Young Entrepreneurs

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” — Winston Churchill.

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