Explore the Fascinating Beauty and Distinctive Culture of Kerala

Explore the Fascinating Beauty and Distinctive Culture of Kerala

Explore the Fascinating Beauty and Distinctive Culture of Kerala

Kerala is the most idyllic state of India; it is also known as "Gods Own Country". This state has a distinctive charm with secluded beaches, palm-fringed backwaters, cascading waterfalls, exotic wildlife, fine art forms and many more. For many travelers, Kerala is the most serenely beautiful state of South India. This slender coastal strip is defined by its layered landscape: almost 600 mg of glorious Arabian Sea coast and beaches.

Apart from its fascinating beauty, Kerala is home to lndia's advanced society. It is 100% literate; the state has the highest density of Science and Technology personnel of India, the highest Physical Quality of Life Index, etc.

The climate of Kerala is almost same in entire year and varies little from season to season. Strategically located at the south-western tip of India, the state enjoys unique geographic features that have made it one of the most famous tourist destinations in Asia.

Golden History of Kerala  

The history of Kerala can be traced back to 4000 B.C. During this period Proto Australoid and Negrito race inhabited it. By around 3000 B.C., it had trade related to Sindhu Valley Civilization, and its spices and commodities were exported to different countries of the west. It was by 700 B.C. when Dravidians migrated to south India, and the Aryans entered Kerala from north India by 300 B.C.

The Sangam Age, from the beginning of the Christian era to the middle of the 7th century is said to be the first enlighten age among the other periods of the past. The poets, poetesses and other writers of this period have left behind accounts of the contemporize age including social, cultural and many aspects of the kingdoms of the South. From the 7th century to the 9th century, it was Post-Sangham period; Buddhism began to decline during this time. Cheraman Perumal and Kulasekara Alwar were the main rulers of this period.

During 800 to 1102, there was Kulashekhara dynasty, during this time, Malayalam emerged as a distinct linguistic, and Hinduism became prominent.

During the 11th and 12th centuries, the Cholas controlled Kerala. And, by the beginning of the 14th century, Ravi Varma Kulashekhara established his supremacy over southern India. After his death, Kerala became a conglomeration of warring chieftaincies.

The foreign intervention started in Kerala in 1498, when Vasco da Gama reached Calicut. In the 16th century, the Portuguese superseded the Arab traders and captured the Malabar Coast. In the 17th century, the Dutch ousted the Portuguese. Marthanda Varma ascended the Venad throne in 1729 and defeated the Dutch powers. He was one of the strongest rulers of the time.

With the arrival of the British, another chapter of Kerala history begins. British supremacy in the state begun by the mid-seventeenth century, and by 1806, Cochin, and Travancore and Malabar Coast in the north, had become subject states under the British Madras Presidency. Two years after independence was achieved in 1947, Cochin and Travancore were united as Travancore-Cochin state. Kerala was constituted on a linguistic basis in 1956.

There are many places to visit in Kerala; all of them cannot be mentioned in a single article. Here there is a list of some of most fascinating and famous places of Kerala to visit.

10 Tourist Attractions in Kerala, You must Visit

Munnar– Munnar is among the most popular hill stations in Kerala. One can enjoy the extraordinary blend of luxury and beauty with cute bungalows, cozy homestays and lavish.

Cochin– Cochin is a perfect amalgamation of cultural values and modern ideas. Be in the essence of Dutch establishments, British history, and traditional spice markets and Chinese nets here.

Kumarakom– Kumarakom is a picture-perfect destination. It is a cozy spot with exotic scenery and rare flora and fauna. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is one of the most famous bird sanctuaries of India.

Thrissur– Thrissur is well-known as the cultural capital of Kerala. It hosts numerous cultural, spiritual and religious festival of the state. Because of many temples and other religious spots, Thrissur is an important pilgrimage spot.

Kozhikode– Kozhikode is one of the most active commercial cities of the state. It always attracts people with its culture, historical sites, educational institutions and more.

Thiruvananthapuram– The 'Evergreen City of India', Thiruvananthapuram is the best example of rural life gets mixed with modern living. It holds many tourist spots, historical architecture, scenic beaches and more.

Vagamon– Visit Vagamon, one of the scenic hill stations of Kerala with salubrious beauty and pleasant climate. It is an ideal destination for adventure activities like trekking, paragliding and more.

Idukki– Idukki is in verdant hills and luxurious forests with stunning natural aura and attractions. It is the best place in Kerala for treks, nature walks, and bird watching.

Wayanad– Wayanad is one of the greenest places of the states; it is enriched with godly beauty, rich culture, serene atmosphere, etc. The small waterfalls add amazing charm in the place.

Kovalam– Kovalam is the best option to indulge in beach activities and other fun-filled activities around the beach. It has numerous picturesque and playful beaches.

Kerala is an amazing place to explore different colors and moods of Indian culture and progressive society. It opens its doors to beach holidays, wildlife adventures, ayurvedic treatments, cultural tours, and pilgrimages and has everything unique for every individual. Get ready to roll in the beauty of Kerala and explore its scenic spots.

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