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Virtual Take

Virtual Take

Vidushi Tayal - Founder - Virtual Take

The marketing sector as a whole is expanding rapidly over the world. With well-known initiatives like Digital India made possible by an unheard-of increase in internet access, the Indian digital marketing environment is set to expand at an astounding rate and experience a dynamic wave of evolution.

One of the blooming birds in the advertising world is Vidushi Tayal’s creation, Virtual Take, which has emerged as one of the renowned entities in this highly competitive space. Incorporated in 2020, the firm is well-known for effective, niche, and performance-oriented marketing & advertising solutions.

The company’s unmatched service portfolio covers a wide range of game-changing offerings that give brands their identities, add value, and provide them with a shape that curves into finesse and dynamic trends.

It offers services like Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Art Direction and Website Design. Not to mention, the firm is home to a robust in-house team of highly qualified professionals capable of providing all these services with the highest perfection while attempting to develop a brand’s core and raise awareness of its existence.

Further, the leading lady shared, “We all are highly focused on working on ways of not being an ordinary agency. We are all about creativity with a hint of quirkiness. When others follow trends, we tell your story. When others try to fit in, we try to be authentic. When others go loud, we go deep. We are not a noise; we are a voice.”

The Creative Ideation at Virtual Take

Every week, the team is given a brainstorming day. This is the most important day of all, which helps them remain the distinguished industry which creates binge-worthy brands!

Their mission is to bring the passion for precision alive, believe in their core values, and give a solid virtual presence to every brand they build.

The Tale of Inception

Regarding the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey, Vidushi stated, “I have always been interested in the brain’s creative side. Digital Marketing as a career has intrigued me as it does not just involve one industry but knowledge and expertise in a vast arena.

It is fantastic to get to know new brands and individuals while producing content for diverse brands. The greatest aspect is that it never gets boring, and every day feels fresh.”

She continued, “It has not always been easy for me to do what I love. On the other hand, launching Virtual Take has not been a piece of cake. My mind was having trouble since it was unsure of the proper timing and whether what I should do was the right thing.

I decided to just go for it one day, and I did. Last but not least, Virtual Take was designed to be the go-to company for social media and branding for brands with lofty goals. The best thing I have ever done for myself was that. The most exciting element is that every day brings a fresh challenge.”

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