Providing World-Class Digital Solutions
axiusSoftware: Providing World-Class Digital Solutions

axiusSoftware: Providing World-Class Digital Solutions

Jayanta Nandy, Co-founder - axiusSoftware

The IT industry plays a critical role in the transformation journey of any organization. With countless digital opportunities opening up around the world, new strategies and practices are emerging to stay competitive in the current business and economic environment.

Gartner estimates that 2023 global IT spending will reach $4.6 trillion, a jump of 5.1% over 2022 spending, with IT services spending alone expected to reach $1.35 trillion in 2023.

axiusSoftware, an ISO-certified Software Development and Digital Consulting company with registered offices in India & China is a promising name in the IT industry providing IT & Outsourcing Services, Digital Transformation Services, Business Solutions & Consulting for the past 9 years.

The Agile, Experienced and Dynamic team of axiusSoftware has the vision to drive innovation and enable businesses to accelerate their digital journey.

AxiusSoftware Services And Solutions

The services offered by axiusSoftware range from Enterprise Mobile Solutions, Enterprise Web Solutions, and Digital Marketing to AR/VR/MR, AI/ML/IoT and Enterprise WeChat Solutions.

While their Enterprise WeChat solutions are specific to China market and for companies willing to establish their digital footprints in China, their Digital marketing services cater to both Chinese & Global Social Media marketing.

Even with the world embracing digital solutions at a rapid pace, businesses are still grappling with a lack of integrated digital solutions, lack of automation and high maintenance costs.

Challenges associated with cyber security, lack of proper IT strategic planning and a well-laid digital roadmap are also major problems. axiusSoftware helps its clients constructively address their inherent problems with the right consulting and digital solutions.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>kiki li,&nbsp;Co-founder - axiusSoftware</p></div>

kiki li, Co-founder - axiusSoftware

kiki li, Co-founder - axiusSoftware

Visionaries Behind axiusSoftware

Jayanta Nandy, Co-founder, axiusSoftware

With an Engineering and MBA degree, Jayanta comes with 23+ years of IT experience with 15+ years of extensive experience in China and has been in Leadership roles in TCS China and Infosys China.

He is responsible for managing Business Development and Pre-Sales along with the company’s overall Growth Strategy and Policies with his Co-Founder.

Kiki Li, Co-founder, axiusSoftware

A Digital Marketing Holder from Columbia University, US and an ex-TCSer, Kiki comes with a rich experience in Sales and Digital Marketing.

She is responsible for managing the overall operations of the company, handling Strategic Customer Relationships/Partnerships along with Marketing and Finance aligned with the company’s growth vision Their dream and a combined experience of 28+ years in IT coupled with the Market Potential led to the inception of axiusSoftware.

Spending a substantial part of their career in the IT industry helped them understand the industry, its clients, its values and culture and most importantly, the potential that exists. As Kiki says, “there would not have been any other better alternatives than to start our IT company and embark on our vision.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>axiusSoftware: Providing World-Class Digital Solutions</p></div>
Pridel Private Limited

Success For axiusSoftware

From a humble beginning in 2013 with 3 employees and a small office in Kolkata to 3 registered offices and 65+ employees, axiusSoftware as a bootstrap company has undergone substantial growth.

The team of axiusSoftware started with Enterprise Web and Mobile Solutions, and over the years, ventured into other trending technology areas as well and worked with 86+ clients across 15 countries.

Jayanta aligns the success of axiusSoftware with that of its clients. Growing with their clients, axiusSoftware celebrates every successful implementation of the project as one team.


2013: Inception of axiusSoftware in Kolkata, India

2017: Opening of Tianjin, China Office

2021: Opening of Beijing, China Branch office

2022: Jayanta Nandy was awarded the “International Achievers’ Award”

2022: axiusSoftware, Kolkata, has been awarded “Brand Company of the Year 2022”

axiusSoftware Core Values

The team at axiusSoftware have changed, but their core values remained constant throughout the years. Their ways of Building Trust & Relationships with their stakeholders, customer success, driving positivity and being responsible for their society and, most importantly, their respect towards individuals are the values they incorporate in their work.

Mr Jayanta shares, “We stand upon our 3 key differentiators of being Flexible & Agile, Delivering As We Promise, and Our Experienced and Dynamic Team.”

“We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face difficulties and challenges”

Be it complex project delivery, resource mobilization, or venturing into a new market, challenges are an integral part of an entrepreneurial journey. Mr. Jayanta recalls a learning experience while working for the Latin American market. A failure to understand the expectations and culture of the market at the initial stage impacted the overall execution cost and margin.

He emphasizes the importance of an organization being agile and adaptable to stand firmly to face the challenges not just from Project Management and Delivery perspective but also from a Financial and Risk Management point of view.

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AAA Technologies

axiusSoftware Perspective On Pandemic

The pandemic left an unimaginable impact on all industries including IT. Initially, the services of axiusSoftware were impacted too, as they had to resort to Work-From-Home. Travels, in-person meetings all social interactions took a back seat.

Taking additional responsibilities, the team of axiusSoftware managed to bridge the gaps. Even though acquiring new businesses was difficult there were no retrenchments or salary cuts at axiusSoftware.

However, like a two-edged sword, along with hardships, the pandemic also created opportunities. Initially, there was a slowdown in business, but with organizations realizing the need for digitalization, the market picked up.

The pandemic urged companies to change their way of thinking, Business working Models and Strategies to cope with the ongoing situations. It was essential for axiusSoftware to adjust and change its strategy, to keep its market presence intact.

WFH became a norm and made it inherent for organisations to cultivate a sense of greater ownership and responsibility down the employee triangle. Ms. Kiki says, “We do not believe in micro-management, on-time delivery and supporting clients with passion needs to come from within. We are striving for that in our team through soft skill training”.

axiusSoftware Take On Forthcoming IT Trends

The upcoming trends in the IT industry will be the adaptation of AI and ML to automate and manage businesses. Cloud adoption, cloud transformation initiatives, Web 3.0, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) will also continue to advance.

The IT industry is highly dynamic with changing technologies, and a strong partner ecosystem is essential for delivering better results and value to clients.

The team at axiusSoftware is concentrating on business growth in terms of revenue and developing partnerships and alliances by collaborating with niche and disruptive technology providers both within China and outside China.

Future Outlook

From a services-oriented company, axiusSoftware aims to transform itself into a service & product-oriented company in the coming years with products for Healthcare and Education industries.

They are confident to achieve a double-digit Y-Y growth rate from the single-digit Y-Y growth rate. At present, axiusSoftware has offices in India and China, with plans to open their office in US by 2023 and another office in South China to serve their clients more effectively.

Mr. Jayanta’s Word Of Advice For Young Entrepreneurs

“Entrepreneurship is a long journey, be optimistic. Apart from remaining calm and composed during challenging times, be flexible and open to changes in business strategies. Being persistent and learning from failures and mistakes is the key to long-term success.”

Mr. Jayanta

<div class="paragraphs"><p>axiusSoftware: Providing World-Class Digital Solutions</p></div> A Smarter Way To Record Meeting Minutes

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