Synergetics Consulting

A Futuristic Multi-Services Company Assisting Small-Medium Enterprises In The Seamless Adoption Of Cloud Technology
Synergetics Consulting

Synergetics Consulting

A Futuristic Multi-Services Company Assisting Small-Medium Enterprises In The Seamless Adoption Of Cloud Technology

Synergetics Consulting

Since the time of digitalisation, humankind has not looked back. There have been multiple innovative devices that have improvised the way we think and interact with technology. Today, mobile software, applications, web platforms and Cloud Platforms have become necessary in our everyday lives.


Many small to medium-sized businesses have ventured into the digital space in the past few years, adopting Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud technologies.

A multi-service company like Synergetics Consulting is a "Born in the CLOUD" firm, focusing mainly on the growth of such small to medium-sized enterprises.

They are keen on providing these enterprises with services regarding data centre and application modernisation and innovation applications involving the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, as mentioned above.

The firm Synergetics Consulting was founded and set up in Mumbai in 2004. The company has been focused on providing services for modernising data centres from day one. In these centres, they are called upon to implement a hybrid cloud system, which has been proven to propel enterprises in their IT-as-a-Service journey.

Synergetics Consulting and its Range of Services & Partnerships

Synergetics Consulting offers a range of services to its clients. Their comprehensive services include Cloud Assessment & Strategy, Data Center Modernization, Data Estate Modernization, Cloud Infrastructure & Application Migration, Cloud Management – Managed Services, and Application Modernization and Innovation.

They are also invested in hybrid cloud transformation, workspace transformation, service transformation, and Cloud Infrastructure Management.

They leverage analytics, automation, assurance for delivering reduced TCO, a greater IT-Business Alignment, and lastly, higher SLAs for its customers in modernising data centres they are working with.

With its team of over 50 specialists, Synergetics Consulting creates Systems for Employee EngagementCost Rationalization, Global Growth, Operational Efficiency, Speed and Agility [Time to Market], Modernization of Workforce, Building Competitive Advantage, Innovation, Asset Consolidation, integrating Enterprise Systems with Devices, Sensors, Cloud services, Mobile & Data.

On top of it, they are Gold Microsoft Partners for Cloud Platform, Data Center, Data Analytics, and Application Development. For Security and DevOps, they carry accreditation as Silver Microsoft Partner. Again, they are accredited as Microsoft Advanced Specialization Partner for Windows Server and SQL Server Migration and Modernization of Web Application.

Synergetics Consulting is identified as a Focused Partner for BCDR and Storage in South East Region by Microsoft GBB. Among other contributions, the firm Partner & Certified Learning Partner, Microsoft GOLD Cloud Platform, Managed Partner of Microsoft in its Partner ecosystem leading Solution engagements in West Zone.

Synergetics Consulting is a futuristic multi-services company assisting Small-Medium Enterprises in the seamless adoption of IoT, Analytics, Mobility, Cloud, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence and other similar technologies.

Moreover, the governance policy of the company has a strict ordinance that ensures discipline, transparency and clarity in the cloud operations. In short, they are tuned to providing the best cloud-based experience possible.

Synergetics Consulting - A Brand Worth Talking About!

The forte of Synergetics Consulting lies within its teams of Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, and Microsoft Certified Trainers spread across 15 countries. Their success in bringing many SMEs into the Cloud environment speaks volumes about their efficiency.

In the world of Big Data and IoT, where almost 90% of all businesses worldwide have adopted cloud-based services, the importance of data is undebatable.

The marriage between globalisation and digitalisation has brought the world closer than ever; having a pan-global presence for a business is quite feasible. This is the sole reason for businesses of all stature going for data accessibility and applications to cope with the changing times.

As Synergetics Consulting was born in the early 2000s, they have had the opportunity and fortune to witness cloud technology's entire journey and evolution.

This practical knowledge allows them to cloud assessment, cloud migration and its adoption, work and even the challenges faced throughout the journey, with their team of experienced professionals offering viable, robust and future-driven Cloud solutions, staying in perfect sync with current market trends, at the same time, embracing new trends in technology with open arms.

How Synergetics Consulting Thrives In The Highly Competitive Market?

With perseverance and diligence in delivering way over the expectation of their clients, Synergetics Consulting combines dynamic leadership coupled with a team that only wishes to learn and grow. And this has been the recipe for their success.

Believing deeply in dynamism and leveraging the knowledge space for expansion, the company wishes to remain in the IT technology area, learning, experimenting and evolving within its boundaries.

Synergetics Consulting has a simple four-step policy for their clients; Educate, Advice, Implement and Manage. The clients are equally involved and briefed about the Cloud Planning, Assessment phase, Cloud DC Design and other processes. Especially concerning matters of optimisation and governance in terms of cost and performance.

Their Managed Services remain involved in every part of the workflow. This includes workflow management, server management, third party application, workload management and other vital processes.

It has not all been sunshine and rainbows for Synergetics Consulting, and they have suffered the loss of customers due to the absence of scale, poor response time and lack of automation.

Synergetics Consulting &Its Success In Numbers.

Since its inception, Synergetics Consulting has been fortunate enough to witness steady growth. Their family has also grown to 30 Microsoft Certified consultants and trainers.

As far as the revenue goes, the company’s current turnover stands at $4 million. They have also earned over $10 million in Azure Consumption. Above all, their customer base now consists of at least 15-20 customers across every economic sector.

Among the major milestones that the company has managed to cross is achieving Advanced Specialization. Next, they were able to earn 10Milion $ azure Consumed revenue. They have also managed to gain acquisition for Marquee customers like Reliance Jio, Asian Paints, L&T, and Kale Logistics.

Synergetics Consulting’s technical capabilities, partnerships, experience, and Cloud expertise of 7 years have a lot to do with its success. From reducing operation costs and people dependencies to protecting their partners' investments, the company has provided quite the value to different small and medium-sized business ventures.

Their keen knack for IT technologies can be traced back to their fundamental value and objective of automating repetitive, time-consuming and risk intensive tasks, improving the quality of service and support. They provide these firms access to the industry's best practices, processes, and resources.

How The Future Seems For Synergetics Consulting?

Synergetics Consulting is currently focusing on growing its ACR to 100 million $. They are aiming to build intellectual property to provide customer management more efficiently. The firm is also putting its best in Class services in SMBs and startups in INDIA.

After 7 years of Synergetics Consulting, the company has developed a diverse clientele. It comprises the public sector, BFSI, pharmaceutical industries, ecommerce, travel and tourism, retail, manufacturing, etc.

Lastly, they have also undertaken Application Migration, Lift and Shit, Datacenter Modernization, Managed services, Advisory Services, Application Management and Technical Consulting.

The hybrid solution offered by Synergetics Consulting combines the approach of an outcome-based compensation solution company for the Backup of their on-premise data along with the migration of their Data Center on Azure.

They have also actively consulted many ISVs in refactoring, refitting, re-architecting and re-platforming their applications to the Azure platform. SynergeticsConsulting wishes to reach global recognition by expanding to 700 Cr ACR and launching analytical practice in the coming years.

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