Sharing the same values being the leaders of novel endeavour Majorel, Bertelsmann and Saham capitalise on their joint expertise, experience, and resources to offer its clients the most efficient, effective and enjoyable outsourcing experience. Majorel, the leading customer service organisation witah revenues of €1.2 billion brings together Arvato CRM Solutions, Phone Group, ECCO Outsourcing and Pioneers Outsourcing delivering a seamless, omni channel experience.

The brand is a leading platform providing solutions based on effective evaluation of all end-customer touch points as it attempts to gain a comprehensive view of the client from an end-to-end perspective with multiple proactive and reactive interactions across multiple channels including web, chat, mobile, email, phone, social, marketing and in-person interactions.

As the business process industry is taking over the market worldwide, Majorel combines talent, data and technology in order to deliver excellence on behalf of its clients. Being an industry leader, Majorel believes the key to succeeding and building a loyal clientele is and has always been – Relationships. Relationships are the core of the brand's growth approach and are major to it as the name Majorel, itself represents two terms major and relationships.

Creating a Unique Space in the Market

In a vast diversified industry with multiple service outsourcers, Majorel is differentiated by its global presence and its experience of working with Fortune 100 companies across the world. The brand believes that effective data management is at the centre of a successful approach for customer service.

"We help brands create 'single customer view' collating and aggregating customer information from multiple sources and channels and present it in a single, easy-to-use format. With this information available, customer service agents can start to provide accurate and flexible service customers expect, whether it's responding effectively and quickly to complaints or enquiries, or helping them make purchases. For our clients, we just don't deliver service on their behalf but we work in partnership by understanding a company's business inside and out, bringing industry knowledge, proven processes and best practices to the table," shared the CEO Aditya Kashyap

Embracing Innovation

Innovations have deeply affected the customer experience today as the new technologies like artificial intelligence, chat-bots and voice-bots have reduced customers' wait time and relieved the burden on human services, but it also presents great challenges for companies to be updated. The brand believes there are two significant developments in customer experience including the shift towards text-based and speech-based channels for communication and complex products and services. Majorel's vision is to a hybrid model and new customizations for processes to serve the brands of today and tomorrow.

Leveraging Opportunities via Technology

In 2019, as the customer experience has evolved with digital marketing, mobile technology and changing consumer attitudes and consumers make more informed and conscious buying decisions, the need for building trust and creating solutions to their problems has been raised in the market. Majorel is evolving as a brand differentiator being in sync with the evolving customer experience landscape.

Building a Long Term Client Relationship

"We see our relationships with clients as collaborative partnerships where we mutually invest. We have built trust and overcome gaps in expectations and aligned them effectively on both sides. The team has and will continue to believe in Customer Lifecycle Value at Majorel."

Customer service outsourcing, when it's done right, can deliver the same levels of customer care with the added benefits of scalability and flexibility while being cost-effective. The brand has been serving its long term clientele inclusive of all of the five most valuable tech companies in the world and supporting them through exponential growth and global expansion.

The brand adopts location strategy as it serves its global contact-centre network spanning in 124 locations in 29 countries, covering 36 languages, in over 15 multi-lingual hubs including India, Barcelona, Berlin, Casablanca, Dublin, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Lisbon, Sibiu, Strasbourg and Tallinn.

Corporate Scenario

The Majorel team works together supporting the brand's vision of embracing change and finding ways to do things better. Under the rich expertise of its shareholders, the brand ensures to be proactive as it provides the employees with the right training and personal development opportunities to help shape the journey as a global company. The brand supports entrepreneurship and creativity, hence offers a work environment that encourages employees to think freely and creatively solve problems. Majorel shares and capitalises on the expertise of its 48,000+ employees across 29 countries, giving them an experience of working within a truly global organization.

Corporate Social Responsibility

"At Majorel, we have streamlined our activities into 4 parts: Adopting projects like having joined with NGOs such as Samhita Social Ventures to implement macro-level CSR projects contributing to environmental benefits such as Waste Management, Promotion of Education. We believe in promoting corporate philanthropy by making donations to the orphanage, old age homes, NGOs, service events, staff and management fundraisers primarily directed towards Govt. relief funds and other central funds," shared Aditya

He further added, "We are an active contributor to Prime Minister Relief Fund and constantly driving internal campaigns taking smalls steps like save paper movement, switch-off lights & ACs when not in use along with the ban of plastic in office premises."

Milestones and Awards

Majorel has been named "Best Outsourcer of the Year'' at the Customer Relationship Excellence Awards at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium. Majorel has also been assessed by Nelson Hall and Everest Group Peak Matrix and has been ranked as "Leaders" in innovation and strategy for consecutively past 2 years. It has also received two awards for its work with Orange, telecommunications multinational in the "Help Desk'' and "Claims'' categories along with being honoured as one of the top 100 companies by The Chandler Chamber of Commerce to name a few accolades.

Plans to Expand

The brand plans to be an industry leader helping clients with end-to-end CX management from customer acquisition to retention. Focusing heavily on digital solutions and time-relevant customer experience, AI and Automation appear to be the two future of customer experience industry. Majorel intends to expand and believes in the real value proposition of hybrid contact centres in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities in India.

"As there is substantial availability of entry-level talent pool plus Tier 2/3 Indian cities lower competitive intensity in the labour market and availability of skilled talent. These cities can also help in geographic risk diversification, offer significant talent for English and Regional languages and may help in reducing long term investments due to additional local government incentives that may be available in these locations. Our hybrid centres will combine the best of people and technology. We feel the new consumers are going to be based in Tier-2, Tier-3 and rural clusters of India," shared Aditya

Vision for 2020

Majorel is poised to become an industry leader in the BPM and Marketing Services domain. By combining talent, data and technology, it delivers real impact for its partners with various digital solutions including automation of workflow, using chatbots to deliver service and providing service via digital channels. The brand's analytics platform provides customer service representatives with a single view of the customer, providing recommendations for next best actions to deliver a more efficient and high-quality service.

"We believe, service is a human thing even when it's delivered by a robot. It's still the people that make the difference and build relationships. Our digitization solutions are aimed at making service more personal and empathetic while generating a higher return on investment for your business. We truly believe that the greater the use of technology- the more human we can be," emphasised Aditya

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