Tarika Jain Bhartiya

Catalyst for Empowerment and Innovation in 3D Visualisation with nCircle Tech
Tarika Jain Bhartiya - Co-Founder & Head of Business - nCircle Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Tarika Jain Bhartiya - Co-Founder & Head of Business - nCircle Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Tarika Jain Bhartiya - Co-Founder & Head of Business - nCircle Tech Pvt. Ltd.

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In today’s dynamic world, the transformative journey of women has evolved significantly, shifting from traditional roles as homemakers to emerging as influential business leaders. The scope of what women can achieve today knows no bounds, as they actively contribute their indelible mark to every industry, they engage in. A shining example of such empowered women is Tarika Jain Bhartiya, the Co-Founder & Head of Business of nCircle Tech, exemplifying the significant impact women are making in the business landscape.

nCircle Tech: Innovating AEC through 3D Visualisation

Established in 2012 under the leadership of Tarika Jain Bhartiya, nCircle has emerged as a trailblazer in the 3D visualisation software industry. Dedicated to transforming the AEC Industry through visionary leadership and innovative solutions, nCircle Tech has achieved significant milestones in less than a decade.

Headquartered in India with additional offices in the UK and Japan, the studio has evolved from a team of 2 individuals to a robust team of over 250 skilled professionals. Specialising in comprehensive 2D/3D product development for AEC and Manufacturing, nCircle has collaborated with 75+ software companies over 10+ years, bringing over 200 client products to life.

The company’s success is evident not only in project volume but also in its expanding global footprint, having delivered over 300 solutions to 100+ satisfied customers worldwide, including industry giants like Autodesk and Siemens, to name a few.

Acknowledgement from industry leaders, notably for the early adoption of Autodesk Forge, cements nCircle Tech’s position as a key player in the AEC technology landscape. Their commitment to innovation is exemplified by groundbreaking web and mobile experiences, offering users invaluable insights into design and engineering data.

nCircle Tech thrives on a culture driven by values that influence daily operations, emphasising interconnectedness, visionary entrepreneurship, and customer-centricity. With an “Automation First” mindset, the company pioneers efficiency globally, fostering international partnerships. A commitment to service, sustainability, independent growth, and stakeholder engagement solidifies nCircle Tech’s leadership in the industry.

Tarika Jain Bhartiya: Pioneering Growth at nCircle Tech

Tarika, a dynamic woman with a passion for driving growth and success, embarked on her journey after completing her BTech in 2009. Joining the supply chain team at Maruti Suzuki, she played a pivotal role in launching factory-fitted CNG versions of Maruti Suzuki, a first in India. Subsequently, she earned her MBA from the Indian School of Business and co-founded nCircle Tech with her husband Varun Bhartiya.

Born with an innate business acumen, Tarika is the problem solver at nCircle Tech, championing collaboration across business, HR, and operations. Representing the company globally, she brings a creative and visionary approach to leadership. Her sparkling personality, love for travel, and passion for meeting new people add a unique flavour to the organisation.

Currently leading nCircle Tech with Varun, they manage projects, implement systems, and shape the company’s strategic future. With a background in the AEC industry, their collective experience serves as a guiding force for the company.

Tarika’s entrepreneurial journey is fueled by her internal drive, exposure to her father’s business endeavours, and transformative life experiences. Coming from a family with a strong business orientation, witnessing her father navigate challenges served as the bedrock for her future pursuits.

“Embarking on the tech entrepreneurship journey as a co-founder has been an exhilarating and transformative adventure, shaped by a multitude of experiences that have not only tested my resilience but have also fueled my commitment to technological innovation and community impact. Growing up as the daughter of a businessman provided an early introduction to the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, setting the stage for my future endeavours”, says Tarika.

Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Tarika finds inspiration in the stories of accomplished women in construction. Tarika values their resilience and commitment to societal change. Their journeys serve as a reminder that resilience and purpose can overcome obstacles, motivating Tarika to use her position for positive change. These women shape her understanding of possibilities for women in business, and she takes pride in the global rise of women actively improving construction through technology.

3D Excellence: nCircle Tech’s Innovative AEC Solutions and Services

In a competitive landscape, it is imperative for organisations to provide distinct services and products that cater to the specific needs of customers. Embracing this philosophy, nCircle Tech has established itself as a trailblazer in the 3D Visualisation software industry, specialising in groundbreaking solutions tailored for the AEC sector. Their company’s primary offerings centre on cutting-edge technologies, automation, and a dedicated focus on addressing the distinct challenges encountered by professionals in the construction and related industries.

The company addresses digital transformation challenges in the AEC industry through tailored consulting services. Their focus on creating intuitive web and mobile experiences enhances collaboration and decision-making, contributing to streamlined project workflows.

nCircle Tech’s success is attributed to its technological prowess, client-centric approach, and collaborative leadership of founders Tarika and Varun. Actively participating in industry events showcases their thought leadership and commitment to staying informed about industry trends.

Dedicated to sustainability, nCircle Tech contributes to environmental initiatives that align with global goals. Their solutions, including energy-efficient building projects, emphasise efficiency and cost-effectiveness, benefiting clients. Continuous learning is ingrained in nCircle Tech’s culture, positioning the company as a dynamic and adaptive player in the evolving AEC industry.

"Leading nCircle Tech as one of the few businesswomen in this domain, I feel several distinctive qualities and strategic approaches set us apart from competitors in the 3D Visualisation software industry. These qualities not only define our competitive edge but also contribute to the success and impact of nCircle Tech in the AEC sector”, says Tarika.

Triumph Through Challenges

Tarika’s journey to success as a businesswoman in the AEC industry is marked by overcoming challenges and pioneering solutions. In a male-dominated landscape, she optimised processes and navigated economic uncertainties with adaptability and strategic foresight.

Facing market volatility, nCircle Tech implemented rigorous financial planning, diversified revenue streams, and embraced agile project management. Prioritising client relationships and fostering strategic partnerships, they created a collaborative ecosystem. Tarika’s commitment to innovation and employee well-being positioned nCircle Tech as a leader in delivering cost-effective solutions. In navigating economic fluctuations, their adaptability, strategic planning, and innovation fortified them for long-term resilience and success.

Riding High: Journey of Success

In the pursuit of success, Tarika’s transformative journey through Construction and Manufacturing reflects a blend of seasoned leadership, unwavering commitment, and an adventurous spirit. As the co-founder of nCircle Tech, she has steered the company to prominence, earning recognition for shaping the AEC industry.

nCircle Tech is committed to innovation, propelling them to a notable position in 3D engineering software. Evolving from a modest team to over 250 professionals, they’ve become a go-to partner for global engineering and construction enterprises. This triumph is rooted in foresight, pioneering strategies, and an unwavering commitment to staying ahead in the dynamic landscape of technology and construction.

nCircle Tech’s Future Focus

Recent tech advances have transformed nCircle Tech’s operations, optimising AEC services. They embrace automation, data analytics, and cloud solutions. Pioneering products like the AI/ML-powered Scan-to-BIM Solution position them as industry leaders. They prioritise ongoing professional development, active industry participation, and strategic R&D. Exploring the most demanded technology AI and Power tools like Power BI, they’re expanding global offerings in AEC and manufacturing.

Looking forward, both Tarika and nCircle Tech are committed to ongoing growth, innovation, and impact in the AEC sector. Their vision includes AI/ML integration, global expansion, sustainability focus, industry thought leadership, client-centricity, talent development, and adaptive strategies for resilience.

Words of Wisdom

Tarika’s remarkable journey of achievement stands as a guiding light for women aspiring to venture into the business realm. Advising aspiring women entrepreneurs, Tarika shares,

“Embrace the distinctiveness of your journey as a woman in business, recognising it as a wellspring of strength shaped by your unique background, experiences, and aspirations. Adopt a solution-driven mindset to navigate challenges effectively; fostering resilience is crucial in the dynamic entrepreneurial world. Learn from the transformative power of empowerment and collaboration, actively seeking opportunities to uplift those around you. Anchor yourself in unwavering values as you navigate the complexities of the business world, viewing challenges not as setbacks but as opportunities for growth. Foster a community-centric approach, recognising the interconnectedness of your business with the community it serves. Draw inspiration from trailblazing women in your industry, balancing ambition with self-care for sustained success. Fearlessly pursue innovation, challenging the status quo and remaining agile in evolving landscapes. Finally, pay it forward by mentoring and supporting the next generation, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable business environment.”

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