What are some cool productivity tools for startups?

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What are some cool productivity tools for startups?
What are some cool productivity tools for startups?

What are some cool productivity tools for startups?

Cool Right? We are glad that you want to see “What’s next?” and “What is the cool productivity tool in the town today?”.

We know you are not pushovers. You are building the future of your country and the world and you need the best. You want to work with the latest, the most modern, the coolest and trendiest softwares and tools that exist today. Hence The CEO Magazine brought to you some cool productivity tools for startups. Have a look:


Project management can be a real pain especially when its not your forte or you are just starting up. As a startup when a brand is putting trust in you, well you need to have some system for business project management and Asana helps you do exactly that. This cool productivity tool is a tool that allows you to manage day to day tasks and at the same time take a deep breath while you track the overall goals of a project as a whole.

Each day, just like Asana, the Sanskrit word for yoga positions, you can calm your mind and work big projects without having to send and receive tons of emails and team meetings. It replaces your emails, spreadsheets, and sticky notes with a system that encompasses all the features in one place.

You can view your

  • Task details: In a list view, you can describe the task, due date and the designated person for the task along with comment section for communication in the team. You can also add files for each task from images to spreadsheets and PDFs etc.

  • A timeline view: A Gantt chart, which you will be aware of if you have researched about project management. If you don’t know, don’t worry. It simply implies a chart that is most commonly used to track the tasks and activities against the time, essentially, what has to be done and when. Asana provides you with exactly that.

  • Teams: Each project has different teams working in it from different departments, with Asana you can assign the teams and group a certain set of people for their respective tasks. It is easier that adding one person individually and allow you to update if the team changes.

  • Calender: Well, a calender is a great way to view if that tasks are completed in a certain timeframe or not to ensure a faster project delivery.

  • Reporting and notifications: Accountability is also ensured with one of the best free online productivity tools, Asana.


Wordpress has become synonymous with Content management System today. Even though entrepreneurship is not bound with any qualification, it actually encompasses of various elements which needs your specialization like web development, creating and managing a website. Well, for those who are from the non-It background and those who are from the IT background, time is precious, hence, wordpress is a perfect place to kickstart your website.

What are the benefits of Wordpress, one of the best business productivity tools?

  • Easy To Install: Wordpress allows one to easily kickstart their web presence journey with an easy installation.

  • Easy to Use: Wordpress has reached the status of being one of the most favourite product based startups in India as it allows businesses to move into creating webpages, uploading content, and managing the different features in your website with easy to use interface.

  • Responsive Design: When you are working on building a website, mobile compatibility has become a key area you want to focus on. Wordpress offers an opportunity to create responsive to reach the potential buyers through mobile.

  • Media Management: A website is incomplete without media. Be it videos, images, or any other media elements, Wordpress websites is equipped with very efficient drag and drop system which makes the whole process very time saving. Hence, making this productivity tool for entreprenurs a must.

What are some cool productivity tools for startups?
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As an entrepreneur working on a product based startup, well, sales of each product from the array of what you offer becomes an important element and so does marketing of each of the product and understanding the reaction of audience.

Having mentioned the numbers, well, Google Analytics is a free productivity tool by Google that will make your marketing easier. You can understand which campaign of yours is working well and is getting liked by the audience through the insights you are getting from the platform for free.

At the same, you can avail the benefits of:

  • Better SEO: You can make your page visible when your target clientel searches for your product through better SEO in your campaigns comprising of keywords. You can also have well-written articles for a free organic SEO that will work better in long term.

  • Target email marketing: Yes, another free tool by Google is Gmail and you can benefit from the combination of both Adwords and Gmail ads. Yes, again this method is a form of paid promotion but it allows you to reach more audience through their gmail boxes.

  • Display Remarketing: Allowing your brand’s website to be revisited by the viewers is actually a great way of convincing them into buying from you. You can benefit from display remarketing through Adwords.


As I mentioned above, when you are woking in a product based startup, it is important to know what are the thoughts of the audience in relation to each product as their reaction may differ with each product in your product suitcase. The software allows you to see the user behaviour as they enter and move on your website the clicks they have made.

  • To understand the same behaviour better, Hotjar is a time-saving and insightful productivity tool for entrepreneurs you can use which is also beneficial for:

  • Directly understanding what the client is thinking.

  • Collecting feedback that explains user’s behaviour on your website.

  • Helps you increase the traffic by understanding the challenges in your website’s user experience.


When it comes to handling not a business, but a product based startup, well, handling projects gets even tougher with time and possible growth. But this growth is only possible when you are able to align your resources well with the need of your business.

And even if you haven’t researched well about porjet management and it is a clean slate that you are starting with as a young entrepreneur with no corporate experience, well, Trello is a perfect producitivity tool for you.

This tool will help you:

  • Manage time and money better by managing project related requirements easily through an seamless interface.

  • Manage members easily with real-time update option available for the team.

  • Add members easily

  • Reduce the need of sending and receiving hundreds of emails and have team meetings frequently

  • Benefit from the Japanese scheduling system for manufacturing and Just-in-time manufacturing JIT called Kanban system.


Even if you are start-up owner with non-graphic designing or IT background, you, like every other business today still need to express your brand through social media infographics, images, and banners to boost your brand’s visibility in the market and reach the unreached audience which is available on internet today.

Now this is important because from teenage kids to the older generation, social media is alien to none. Today, in a pandemic affected wolrd, this social media tactic is the reason behind not only consistent revenues for small businesses and startups, but also their scaling up. And this is where Canva is one of the most known graphic creating and editing application for entreprenurs.

This is indeed one of the cool productivity tools for stratups that you well come across in terms of creating images and graphics for business. From logos to social media images to social media background images or even banners for upcoming events, Canva is a one-stop shop for you.

Benefits of Canva

• A free productivity tool for entrepreneurs to get the best banners for their startup.

• One can easily search the sizes required for a certain image from twitter background to postcards, posters, etc and select the same size in the templates present in Canva.

• One can also customise the size of the graphic according to your requirements.

• This productivity tool for start-ups comes with an easy to share option.


Earning money and saving money are often emphasised on especially when one is starting a business which will turn out to be successful. These productivity tools help you achieve the same by allowing to have a fast delivery of your project and earn more revenues in a small frame of time with the same efficiency.

What are some cool productivity tools for startups?
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What are some cool productivity tools for startups?
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What are some cool productivity tools for startups?
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