Google Marketing Tools Every Entrepreneur Must Know

Have you ever wondered how you can create successful marketing campaigns for free? Discover the Google Marketing Tools Every Entrepreneur Must Know!
Google Marketing Tools
Google Marketing Tools

Google Marketing Tools Every Entrepreneur Must Know

In the last decade, digital marketing has grown in multi-folds and it has been accepted by many brands. But if you were looking today, the pandemic has boosted this marketing revolution as both buyers and sellers have shifted online.

We bring to you Google Marketing Tools Every Entrepreneur Must Know:


When you start your digital marketing journey, you can choose to grow your business advertisements on Google. These ads can be possible with Google Adwords. Yes, as the name suggests, this advertising enabler pay-per-click or PPC online advertising platform will allow the brand to visible on google search.

Is Google Adwords Free? Well, the answer is yes, you can sign up for an account on Google Adwords for free. You will only pay from your pocket when a Google user clicks on your ad and ends up being on your website and this sums up the pay-per-click part of the platform.

Benefits of Google Adwords:

· A faster marketing approach in comparison to SEO

· Increased brand awareness

· Increased audience reach through Gmail

· Supports re-marketing

· Easy to view ad performance and costs with reports and insights.

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Whilst SEO primarily revolves around keywords, they play an equally important role in marketing through Adwords, if not more as money is involved. With these ads, the marketer wishes to reach the right set of target audience for the brand, making the Google Adwords Keyword tool or Google Keyword Planner a Google Marketing Tool Every Entrepreneur Must Know.

Benefits of Google Keyword Planner

· You get to unlock real-time keyword trends, calculate keyword volume and target audience.

· Discovering new search keywords for your ad campaigns.

· Understanding your keyword better with their average monthly search numbers.

· It helps you determine costs.

· You can easily create new search ad campaigns.

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Analytics is an entrepreneur’s favourite as it offers values that are based on facts. The same goes for Google Analytics which allows an entrepreneur to gain an insight into the advertising ROI and take actions based on the same. It equips you with tools that you will need to understand your audience better and what’s better than that when you are dealing with clients digitally.

At the same time, this powerful tool becomes more influential when it is in the right hands and believe me, you don’t need to be an expert for this. All you need to do is understand and change your strategy based on these answers you get to these questions:

· Who your customers are?

· What do they love about you?

· What is turning them off?

· How to optimize for more conversions and spend your marketing money more wisely?

Google Marketing Tools
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You can create a sustainable business model with your website as you monetize your website and allow your website's ads space to become a revenue source.

Yes, you can earn from the large website traffic which you have build on your website over the period of time. Here, you can allow advertisers to run text, images, HTML ads, video ads and much more, and in many different sizes which are mobile friendly.


As we have witnessed the shift from newspapers to the e-news, Google Alert I indeed one of the game-changers in the world wherein you replace shuffling through the newspaper pages to view the latest news on the most relevant topic for you with Google sending you news with Google Alerts.

How do I create Google Alert?

Well, if you look forward to understanding what’s trending in your domain, or stocks, or news regarding a certain person, company, or any other keyword, you can

· Visit Google Alerts.

· In the box at the top, enter a topic you want to follow and get Alerts on.

· To change your settings, click Show options. You can change: How often you get notifications. The types of sites you'll see. Your language. ...

· Click Create Alert and get emails whenever we find matching search results.


Blogger, as the name suggests clearly, this website is designed for blogs. As an entrepreneur or a start-up owner, you can use these original internet publishing platforms to publish your unique blogs and create your space in the blogging world.

From signing in to Blogger to creating a blog using the down arrow, entering the name of the blog, clicking Next, choosing a blog address or URL and saving the blog, the entire process is user friendly, easy, and free.

· Best features of Google Marketing Tools Every Entrepreneur Must Know, Blogger

· Create a beautiful blog by customising it to fit your style.

· Create a free domain.

· Earn money by running targeted ads on your blog.

· Understand your audience better.

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Map a strong marketing structure with these free google marketing tools for entrepreneurs must know and create successful digital marketing campaigns and achieve your revenue goals with key keyword audience, set budgets and bids, and optimal account structure.

Google Marketing Tools
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Google Marketing Tools
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Google Marketing Tools

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