Interaction with Deepti Sehgal, Founder of Svarasya, talks about World Health Day

Interaction with Deepti Sehgal, Founder of Svarasya, talks about World Health Day
Interaction with Deepti Sehgal, Founder of Svarasya, talks about World Health Day

Interaction with Deepti Sehgal, Founder of Svarasya, talks about World Health Day.

How do entrepreneurship, ancient skincare and self-care, and natural health come under one umbrella of Svarasya that focuses on beauty inside-out?

My philosophy is firmly centered around the idea of 'self-care' in all areas of life, including foods, body movement, breathing practices, and skincare. With the ideology of beauty inside-out, my start-up has taken the idea of merging health and beauty to a different level by offering natural skincare products and imparting world-class knowledge in natural beauty and health.

I am being a female entrepreneur and have seen the impact of the pandemic on one's health, energy levels, and appearance. I co-joined my entrepreneurial skills at my skincare start-up. The deep-rooted concepts of natural health spread much awareness about how health parameters are deeply related to how you look and feel, and what goes on within the body reflects on the outside as beauty concerns.

I strongly focus on creating awareness about how the human body functions, how foods create or destroy health, the importance of living in harmony with nature, cooking techniques & proper body movement. My dietary philosophy revolves around the ancient concepts of whole & natural foods & my dietary principles are adopted from the oldest ancient healing systems, including Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Yoga Science.

Why do you think health, energy, and how you look and feel are all interconnected?

Through my journey of self-transformation with self-care, I strongly believe that health, wellness, beauty, and vitality emerge out of the wholeness of an individual & must be approached holistically. A healthy lifestyle includes food for building health, healing, beauty, movement and gentle flow of energy, skincare that nourishes the skin and aligns one's daily routine with the flow of energy and the activities of nature. I believe your orderly lifestyle contributes immensely to how the body functions internally, and what shows on the outside is just a manifestation of what goes on inside.

What is your approach to health, wellness & beauty?

The idea of wholeness encompasses my approach to wellness, beauty, and self-care. I believe that health, vitality, happiness, joy, and bliss are all interrelated aspects of you. It depends entirely on how well you nourish yourself internally, care for your organs, manage your emotions, and take care of your body as a whole.

How do you spread the word about natural health and wellness?

I bring a passion for natural health and wellness to people through my podcast. It is called 'Youvana the Ageless'. My approach to health, wellness, beauty, and vitality is based on the ancient sciences of macrobiotics, TCM, Ayurveda & Yogic. Our purpose is to spread the knowledge and awareness of the beautiful life anyone can lead by adhering to the laws of nature. We aim to live organically in all aspects of life. I developed the podcast out of my deep desire to impart knowledge and experience on the philosophy of ageless living at the body, mind, and consciousness level. This platform allows me to share this timeless wisdom through online sessions and podcast episodes with global experts in natural health.

On World Health Day, what message would you like to give to your readers for self-care?

The foundation of how our bodies and minds function, in the long run, is self-care. Most lifestyle diseases are a manifestation of internal imbalances caused due to negligence towards self. Eat high prana foods that do not pollute the body. Practice movement daily to let the body be flexible enough to purge toxins that the body deals with every day. Keep your thoughts positive, follow your purpose in life, align yourself to the functioning mechanism of nature, and experience high health vibrations. Your health is a symphony of your inner and outer dimensions. The external dimensions reflect beauty with bright and clear eyes, radiant skin, lustrous hair, smooth nails, and rosy cheeks—the innermost dimensions of beauty manifest as abundant energy or prana. Your attractive persona is the most significant proof of your health shining through from the inside out.

About The Author :

Ms. Deepti Sehgal is an internationally certified Macrobiotic Nutritionist, Master Yoga teacher with a master's degree in Yoga and science of living, Ayurveda Lifestyle Practitioner, ICF Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, a certified Health Educator, and an Author.

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