Pooja Nagdev

Bringing Earthliness to the Skincare & Wellness Industry and Redefining Beauty
Pooja Nagdev
Pooja Nagdev

Pooja Nagdev: Bringing Earthliness To The Skincare & Wellness Industry And Redefining Beauty

The beauty and skincare industry has always targeted women as their primary audience. So, it is only fitting for women to take the lead in this industry, as they know best what they want. Ms.Pooja Nagdev is one such woman making a name in the beauty and skincare industry and is always on the lookout to revolutionise the quality of products we all consume. Her entrepreneurship venture as the CEO and founder of Inatur Herbals has had significant accomplishments in its 15 years-long journey. It is featured among the “25 Iconic Businesswomen to Follow in 2022” in only a recent addition to the list. The accolades and appreciations go far beyond this and there is no stopping for the lady!

About Pooja Nagdev

The recognition sure does give her happiness and makes her feel motivated. She always strives to work for a better industry that cares for its clients and its reputation. Her venture Inatur Herbals offers consistency with its product quality and provides absolute transparency to the users. In her own words, Pooja is a ‘Delhite’ by birth.

To achieve the dream of becoming a successful businesswoman, she first graduated from Delhi University and then went on to get an MBA in Finance. Then she went on to study aromatherapy and cosmetology in Canada and UK. Her academic excellence helped her carve the career path that she always aspired to.

Initially, while working and managing her father’s printing ink company, Pooja plunged into the business. Her other interests included a keen fascination for nature and the blessings Mother Nature has to offer. While studying abroad, she learned the principles of Ayurveda and the relevance of such ancient science in modern times. The enlightenment led to the development of Inatur Herbals, eco-friendly and safe skincare & wellness products.

About Inatur Herbals & Its Key Services

Inatur Herbals has an only policy of delivering skincare & wellness products that effectively draws inspiration from Ayurveda and aromatherapy. The products are curated scientifically and research-backed, ensuring a safe result.

The name Inatur can be broken into two parts; ‘I’ stands for India and ‘natur’, which is also an abbreviation for Nature. With such a progressive mindset and unprecedented determination, the company has managed to get a strong foothold in the beauty sector since 2007.

The idea of mother nature being the provider and nurturer of all life forms is taken to heart by the Inatur Herbals team. They have devised ways, in a scientific and research-backed premise, to develop natural products to the core. These products are scientifically tested and are completely safe for human use.

The “harmony between natural ingredients and scientific methods” has driven Inatur to create a unique method called SCINAT, or ‘nature empowered by Science’. The PETA certification obtained by Inatur speaks all about its earthliness. They are dedicated to providing their target consumer group with the best vegan ingredients products only.

Challenges Faced As An Entrepreneur

Ms Pooja is a strong personality and this is quite evident in the way she handles situations in life. When asked about her challenges as an entrepreneur, she remarked that business has challenges. However, a leader should only look towards success, not obstacles. The process seemed challenging because they did not move away from their authenticity and ethics. Sourcing and selecting ingredients, pricing, sales & marketing produced unique challenges that were gracefully tackled by the powerful entrepreneur.

Pooja Nagdev
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Missions & Visions Of Inatur Herbals

The vision of Inatur Herbals has been in the best interest of their clients. Pooja Nagdev quotes, “Beauty should not just be a result of our products, but in every process we undertake, selecting ingredients, making these products and handing them over to our customers. Therefore, beauty, Nature & Ethics must integrate seamlessly with what we do, how we do it & why we do it.

The products are created with a greater thought of educating and guiding consumers about natural beauty care. Not just products, they are even empowering people to know more about skin, hair and beauty therapy. Extensive research, development capabilities and strict quality control practices set their product apart from competitors.

In addition, their end-to-end manufacturing helps them keep things in-house, from raw materials to packaging. Failures of all kinds, especially managerial ones, have often plagued the company, but they have certainly learned to stand back every time.

Inatur Herbals- The Success Scale

The loyalty and support from their clients say a lot about their success, and they are innately proud of it. In addition, to talk about their accomplishments, many of their products have been rated and awarded the best in the market.

Elite Lifestyle and Style magazine have recognised the success of Ms Pooja Nagdev as the Entrepreneur of Inatur Herbals. Her contributions in the field of Ayurveda has earned her the “Make In India” award. She has also been awarded the “Business Person of the Year Award” for her leadership qualities and business acumen.

Roles & Responsibilities Of The Team

As a leader, having a complete understanding of the role and what needs to be done from each one is quintessential. Ms Pooja Nagdev has day-to-day managerial responsibilities associated with planning and strategising for the company's future. Their fascination with creating new products keeps her involved in the matter.

Upcoming Trends in The Beauty Sector

She believes the industry is moving towards more natural and organic products. The moto is to create highly-aware consumers, whose demands will not be meddled with, as they have the necessary information to know what is best. The whole industry is expected to change with brands focusing more on product delivery ethics, value and performance. Inatur Herbals is dedicated to manufacturing its products with ethics, honesty and transparency.

Challenges During COVID-19

The pandemic and the captivating lockdowns have been quite grim with customers who were unable to reach the physical beauty stores. This forced Inatur Herbals to shift from a hybrid model to an online-driven model. However, E-commerce has had its share of fair achievements that ensured they could reach their clients, allowing them to move rather swiftly and safely.

Recent Projects & Future Goals

They have started researching things like natural colour cosmetics, fair trade raw material sourcing etc. The current market trends are specially kept in mind while doing all this. In addition, they have ties with local agricultural raw material manufacturers that assist them to obtain ethical sourcing at the correct price range. The goal is to develop products that are of premium quality, priced reasonably and are accessible through all channels.

Parting Thoughts

Ms Pooja Nagdev who leads 51-200 employees under Inatur Herbals has parting advice for young entrepreneurs. She urges them to properly know the market, especially the gaps, contingencies, and failures. She further states that innovative and meaningful product development must match the audience's changing needs. Starting with a smaller audience and moving upwards with their feedback can be wise. Building a solid network of people to support and carry forward the plan execution is essential.

Pooja Nagdev
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Pooja Nagdev

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