Why choose to boost just energy, when can you boost your overall health with wholesome goodness in every bite?

Eatopia Fruit Minis

Eatopia Fruit Minis

Why choose to boost just energy,
when can you boost your overall health with wholesome goodness in every bite?

Introducing Eatopia Fruit Minis - perfect meal replacement snack made from 100% real fruits, nuts, seeds, and other Superfoods like Oats and Honey, and with 0% refined sugar, for that wholesome goodness.   

In today’s times, energy snacks have become synonymous with healthy and energizing foods, relied upon by millions for a quick boost of calories, protein and carbs.


These snacks claim and are advertised to be extremely nutritious and healthy, as the perfect meal replacement one could ever ask for. But what they are not telling you, is what really goes into the making of these energy snacks and how it can put your health in jeopardy, over the long run.

Take any of your favourite popular energy snacks available in the market, read the list of ingredients on their back of packs and you will spot many-a-things that don’t seem to be all that healthy for you after all.

Refined sugars, processed starches, processed protein powders, artificial flavouring and ingredients, and a whole lot of evil stuff masked under many confusing names to hide the complete truth from you.

While there may still be a few brands out there who are more conscious about health and are not all that bad in their choice of ingredients and nutritional value, the problem with them is that they are not very appetizing on the taste buds and totally lack flavour, are dry and tasteless.   

But you now won’t have to worry about that! Fruit minis is the perfect indulgence where you can give in to your cravings, without any guilt or worry in the world!

Eatopia introduces the all-new Fruit Minis, a yummy fusion of real fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grain like oats and honey, rolled into tiny bite sized treats that are massive on wholesome goodness and nutrition.

It’s made with 100% real fruits and not using artificial nature identical flavours. Its sweetened with real fruits and pure and natural honey, rather than added refined sugars or harmful chemicals under deceptive names.

It is a delectable combination of super nutritious superfoods that help in enhancing overall health, from boosting energy, to strengthening bones and muscles, managing weight and even minimizing body sugar levels, made with the wholesome goodness of nature’s best kept health boosting ingredients.

Available in 3 exotic flavours - Mango Chia, Jackfruit Almond and Dates & Nuts, Eatopia, it’s got the sweetness of fruit and the crunch of nuts and seeds and is nothing less than a powerful mini energy grenade! Eatopia Fruit Minis is the ideal on-the-go snack for those who are passionate about their health and well-being.

It’s rich in protein and fiber, contains zero cholesterol and trans fatty acids and is loaded with a plethora of health benefits, packed in every bite.

Whether you are packing your kids’ tiffin boxes, craving for the perfect meal replacement snack, in need of something for instant energy boost, or just someone looking for a healthy and nutritious everyday snack, Eatopia Fruit Minis is the best way to snack your way to good health, in the most lip-smacking way! 

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