How to use LinkedIn for Business: Create Business Page

How to use LinkedIn for Business: Create Business Page

A great social network, LinkedIn is geared towards career professionals. It is widely used for promoting your home business, finding a job and connecting with joint venture partners. In this article we will learn How to use LinkedIn for Business.

Whether you have a home business catering to other businesses (B2B) or have a business in which networking for clients or partners is vital, you should have a business page on LinkedIn. If you have not been there yet, this guide can help. Don't worry; it does not need any kind of investment. Just like other forms of digital marketing, marketing a business on LinkedIn is an inexpensive way to gain exposure.

Getting Started on LinkedIn

Create a LinkedIn login, if you are not already a member. Create a LinkedIn profile focused on your brand. You need to avoid a boring ho-hum profile and try to create an interactive profile that attracts people's attention.

Create a LinkedIn Page

After, you have your profile on LinkedIn; consider coating a LinkedIn company page for your business. The marketing on LinkedIn starts with a business page on this platform. You get the change to set up a business page as you finish the resume section of your personal LinkedIn profile. Your company page will be automatically linked to the resume in your profile. Here is a quick guide on how to create a LinkedIn page.

Step: 1 Visit the LinkedIn Page Section of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions website. Click on the create button.

Step: 2 Choose a suitable category matching with your business types.

Step: 3 fill in all the company details

Step: 4 Upload your brand logo and add your tagline

Step: 5 Click the Create Page

Complete Your Business Page

With the above steps, you have finally created your business page. Now, if you want to take your LinkedIn page from basic to the next level, add more details. With this, you will be able to provide complete company information to your target audience.

It will not only improve your presence on this particular social platform but also improves your ranking on Google. Data says that complete pages get 30% more views than those pages with basic information only.

Click the pencil icon on your profile under company name to add more information. Here page some important filler, you need to the provider:

  • Company Description: Provide your company vision, mission, and values and provide a description of your products and services. Since Google results preview up to 156 characters of your page's text; you need to be smart in writing the description. Make sure the content seems natural and written in your brand voice. Make your copy SEO friendly by including keywords in it.
  • Cover Photo: Enhance your business profile with a background photo. Pick a photo that showcases your business. Don't use too busy or cluttered. The recommended image size of LinkedIn background photo is 1584(width) X 396(height) pixels.
  • Location: Now, add your office location or store (if you are running a physical store). The location feature allows you to multiple addresses by selecting +Add Location.
  • Hashtags: One of the most effective tools of LinkedIn marketing including hashtags. It makes your profile more searchable. Find hashtags that are common in your industry and perfect match with your business.
  • Manage Language: If your brand is global and you are targeting a multilingual audience, you can add your name, tagline and other information in more than 20 different languages.
  • Custom Button: Add a button to your profile to encourage action. There are many options that you can provide like contact us, visit the website, learn more, sign up, and register. Just ensure that you have added the corresponding URL so people who click the button land on the correct page.

At the end of the day, the main purpose of social media is to communicate with real people and build real connections. Just signing up for LinkedIn or creating a business page is not enough. Also, think about adding a LinkedIn badge to your site or blog, so visitors can easily find your profile and connect with you. Work strategically on your LinkedIn to market your brand, establish your credibility, build relationships and generate sales leads.

Here are great tips to boost your brand on LinkedIn.

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