What Is B2B Lead Generation? || 10 Best B2B Lead Generation Tools

What Is B2B Lead Generation? || 10 Best B2B Lead Generation Tools

B2B lead generation is all about identifying and initiating an interest of potential customers. The market is a step-by-step process, and lead generation is the first step. Identifying potential customers means finding businesses who might be interested in your offerings.

Starting interest means getting data from these contacts and feeding them into your sales funnels. Then, a lead is converted into a customer with a sale.  Generating quality leads is a vital part of a B2B marketing strategy and building a strong pipeline to maintain a steady growth rate. 

10 Best B2B lead generation tools

 There are many B2B lead generation tools available in the market today. But some of them have provided excellent output and have a proven track record for helping B2B businesses.

These tools help in generating high-quality, high-converting leads.  If you have an advanced-approach to plan your lead generation strategy, get ahead of the curve and have a look at these 10 Best B2B lead generation tools:

  1. Ahrefs 

One of the most popular SEO tools, Ahrefs helps you to audit the situation of any website and find the competitors' keywords. By using Ahrefs, you can get some hints from the auto-generated report and get the right to take your marketing plan forward.

But Ahrefs doesn't offer a free version; you have gone for the paid service that starts from $99.95 per month.  

  • SEMrush 

The second name, SEMrush is a unique kind of SEO tool which mainly focuses on website self-checking. It allows you to locate various issues in a site including broken links, incorrect tabs and more. But just like Ahrefs, SEMrush offers only paid versions, starting from $99.95 per month. 

  • SurveyMonkey 

The questionnaire software, SurveyMonkey helps in collecting feedback from your existing clients and brings improvement in the interaction. With enough data, SurveyMonkey provides, the marketing team can create the customer model and guide the next marketing activities. You can avail the free version of SurveyMonkey with limited features. 

  • Mailchimp

Mailchimp was introduced in the year 2018. Digital marketers use Mailchimp to cover the whole process of a marketing campaign by scheduling marketing emails or setting up trigger emails. The best part about this tool is that it offers a robust free version for customizing the layout of an email and conducting small-scale. 

  • ClickFunnels

Click Funnels is one of the Best B2B Lead Generation Tools. It supports brands to create tools and strategies to market, sell, and deliver your services in the digital world. With Click Funnels, you can easily create a layout through the drag-and-drop editor, Facebook Marketing Automation and 1 Click Upsells all in one dashboard. 

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Another amazing lead-generation and sales tool, LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you to create and nurture prospects on LinkedIn. It helps find out your ideal clients with advanced search and filter features. It also gives you actionable insights to understand the leads. Presently, LinkedIn Sales Navigator has become a favourite option among B2B lead generation agencies. 

  • Quora

Among the best B2B Lead Generation Tools, Quora is a completely free, yet powerful tool to find your targets. It is a very reputed forum where people ask questions when they get any problem. Answer these questions and show you understand people's challenges, try to build conversations, and flourish your presence. You just need to login and start searching for questions and topics relate to your company. 

  • HubSpot

HubSpot is a one-stop solution for every kind of company. It lets you create a successful inbound campaign with landing pages, content management, SEO, and social media management and analytics. Start with this free B2B Lead Generation Tool and works on a pay-as-you-grow model. 

  • Google Optimize

Okay, so the second last name in this list, with Google Optimize, you can run optimization tests on your website instantly. As this tool comes with Google Analytics, so you don't have to set up it individually. This tool also allows you to learn what works best for site visitors through A/B, multivariate, and redirect tests. 

  1. Calendly

Running a business in today's busy schedule is full of challenges. Here, Calendly comes as a solution to save your time and energy. When you are trying to schedule meetings back and forth with someone, Calendly eliminates all the back and forth and also makes it easier to open up your calendar to potential prospects, referral partners and others who can bring value to your network. 

Bottom Line on Lead Generation Tools

So that's it on Best B2B lead generation tools. Hope this list will help you in taking your business to a higher level. 

Which is your favourite lead generation tool? Have we missed any important tool name? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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