Sixth Sense Management Consultancy, A Vinod Joshi Endeavour At Directing Vision To Reality For Distinct Ventures

Sixth Sense Management Consultancy, A Vinod Joshi Endeavour At Directing Vision To Reality For Distinct Ventures
Vinod Joshi, Founder, Sixth Sense Management Consultancy

Sixth Sense Management Consultancy, A Vinod Joshi Endeavour At Directing Vision To Reality For Distinct Ventures

The man behind several transformational success stories of start-ups, family-owned businesses, SMEs, or large-scale organizations, Vinod Joshi, Founder, Sixth Sense and a business coach, an ardent brand makeover artist, enthusiastic trainer, enthralling key speaker, and a focused mentor robustly believes that the voyage of “vision to reality” is never easy.

With vision and passion to run business, not one but many from a young age, he realised he was meant for more than a permanent banker’s job in his comfort zone and marked the beginning of Sixth Sense Management Consultancy in the year 1998.

Sixth Sense is a three-decade strong management consultancy and it’s still growing. The family managed business is mentored by Crazy JJ (Jagdish Joshi) in their path forward. Trupti, Khyati, and Jalpesh, the second generation is taking the legacy forward. With 150+ clients from approx. 35+ diversified industries at national and international levels, Sixth Sense Management Consultancy continues to help brands navigate through the multiple risks presented before companies today.

Whether the organisation is experiencing challenges with setting the right work culture, internal processes or they need a new business strategy to reflect their envisioned future, Sixth Sense Management Consultancy can be a rescue. In an exclusive conversation with The CEO Magazine, Vinod shared several aspects of the business with our Editor, Purnima Narang. Edited excerpts:

TCM: How are your solutions adding value to target clientele?

Vinod: We offer services at four different verticals - Organizational Makeover, Human Potential Optimization, Sales & Business Development, and Digital Marketing Solutions. We see the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats from the aerial view.

We help our clients adapt to today’s market dynamics and create a future roadmap for our clients. We empower them to continue to compete no matter the threats they might be facing. We help them scale their sales the organic way by building the operating system and people management. We believe people are the key to success, hence we help them channelize their people’s energy and intelligence in the right direction.

Our strategy enables them to minimize or prevent disruption in their operations. We don’t just increase the turnover of our client’s business, but we turn around their business. We do this by widening their horizon and helping our clients have a growth mindset. We scale our services to support and boost change efforts ranging from strategic improvements through to large scale transformation processes.

TCM: Recently, how do you stay connected with the target audience?

Vinod: It’s no secret that with the pandemic the world has changed dramatically. It has brought about years of change in the way businesses across all sectors and regions do business and operate. New normal has been defined, be it life or business. Our business is no exception. As a business management consulting company, our work patterns have changed pretty intensely as well.

We too have adopted digital interactions and unprecedented automation at both the organizational as well as industrial levels. This has ensured more connectivity, than ever before at lower transaction costs.

TCM: In your consultant journey, how did you overcome the challenges?

Vinod: As a business owner, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when faced with a challenge. At times, it may seem impossible. Believe me or not, the journey is much tougher for a business consultant. But planning it right adds ease to the journey. I believe, the biggest common challenge faced by a business coach, be it sixth sense or any other, is building confidence in the clients.

A business coach works as a meteorologist for the client’s businesses. With bigger roles come greater responsibilities. It is our job to understand the upcoming market trends, challenges or let’s say speed breakers. We have to analyse the opportunities lying ahead and the competition trends as well. We have to then convince our clients to amend the necessary changes to ensure smooth sail.

TCM: How did you build your dynamic team?

Vinod: With our 35+ years of experience in team Dynamics, building a creative zone where each team member is free to say or do things and count on each other, I have built this team.

Every individual brings in energy to work which can be good or bad – whatever it may be – believe me it is contagious. No one can ever stop it from spreading. Hence, it is essential to have positive energy at the workplace. This does not happen naturally. You have to build and iterate it. Think deeply. The basic funda goes as – Forming, Storming, Norming, Transforming, and Performing.

TCM: What are the recognitions it has earned over the years?

Vinod: At Sixth Sense we believe client retainment and satisfaction are our biggest awards. 90% of our clients retained for more than three years personify a live testimony for our performance, knowledge, and legacy. We had been recognised as 10 Most Promising Consultants from Mumbai by Consultant Review Magazine in the Year 2018 among many for our association and result oriented performance by our clients and associates.

TCM: Over the years, in which areas have you witnessed the transformation in the industry?

Vinod: Technology’s transformative impact on business has been around since business existed. Today, digital disruption is a major transformation that is not confined to a specific region, a state, or a nation. It has an impact on businesses of all sizes and in all geographies.

Post pandemic, industries have experienced a paradigm shift from traditional ways to digital ways of doing business. More than a third of firms are exposed to a competitive market now than say about two years ago and they are expected to be even more exposed in the few months ahead. Forget about success, to survive and thrive in this new normal environment, the time for action is now.

TCM: How has the firm technology adapted to the latest needs of the market?

Vinod: Though industries are experiencing a digital transformation, certain fundamentals of business never change, they remain the same. Undoubtedly, we cannot skip this transformation, hence, we blend the best of both worlds.

We have a digital marketing wing, as a part of our offerings, hence, we are adopting automation, as well as, digital systems to further enhance our performance.

TCM: What does the future hold for you?

Vinod: Currently with a focus on reinventing, we are delivering our solutions to meet the new priorities of creativity, innovation, speed, and accountability. The post-pandemic era has ample opportunity waiting to be explored. With new start-ups’ increasing acceptance of business consultants, the future seems to be brighter than ever before. According to a survey of 759 entrepreneurs, by Forbes, “Almost one out of six of them are turning to business coaches to become more professionally capable”.

Sixth Sense will accomplish its goals through research, collaboration, and reinvention. We need to re-demonstrate the value proposition, fortify sustainability through smart growth strategies, and increase collaborations/partnerships.

“Success happens when you look for change within. Never be afraid of change. It is the building block to success. Learn Proactively. Be flexible. Search for new skills. Invest in infrastructure. Keep your marketing tight. Be ready for financial challenges. Network and collaborate, for it is dangerous to go alone,” Vinod advised young entrepreneurs.

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