Yellow Umbrella Services Private Limited, A 2010 Start-up Embracing Success in Digital, and Direct Marketing Solutions

Yellow Umbrella Services Private Limited, A 2010 Start-up Embracing Success in Digital, and Direct Marketing Solutions
Yogesh Aggarwal, Founder & Director, Yellow Umbrella Services Private Limited

Yellow Umbrella Services Private Limited, A 2010 Start-up Embracing Success in Digital, and Direct Marketing Solutions

“We are immensely thrilled to be honoured as Company of the Year 2021 for our Digital Marketing services. We are ever grateful to all our clients and our entire army at work who trusted us and made this possible,”

Yogesh Aggarwal

Yellow Umbrella, an ISO 27001:2013 certified organisation, is a full-fledged marketing company with a Pan-India presence and global reach promoted by visionary Yogesh Aggarwal. Apart from being a well-acclaimed company in the Direct Marketing industry with entire execution capacity in-house, Yellow Umbrella is one of the largest mailing list providers with highly refined data segments prepared for distinct campaigns.

Driven by the persistent belief and focus for competitive advantage, Yogesh Aggarwal, at the helm of the brand, as the Founder-Director, has always believed that opportunities are all around us and we took comprehensive control of it. He says, ‘While Leadership is important for the growth of a company, our greatest asset is the relationship with our clients’.

“From being a salaried person with limited money to being an entrepreneur is a big challenge. Starting a Business is hard. Making it successful is even harder. We may not have a Once-upon-a-time tale to tell. However, as a start-up in the year 2010, we had to cross a multitude of hurdles before becoming an enterprise,” added Yogesh.

Their journey translated from a simple idea to tap the fragmented market with a 5-member team in a 250 sq ft workplace into 350 employees team spread across India today. They also own Intellectual Property in Pageantry and Home Decors, besides handling annual in-house events and those of other corporate.

The Entrepreneurial Hiccups

For yellow Umbrella, while incepting, a commitment was a challenge and while navigating through the industry as a top player, staying ahead continues to be a challenge. With 1000s of marketing campaigns created, they are driven by the vision to enhance and grow and never truly stop improving the quality of services.

“Coming out of our comfort zone itself was the toughest hurdle to cross. Leaving a secured job with a secured income to start a business absolutely with no benefits requires strong belief. Other hurdles in the path of success included increased competition, cross-channel content marketing, getting right resources, killing the price-war, integrate contact services, and many more. But staying confident and practising what we preach was our approach mantra,” shared Yogesh Aggarwal.

Yellow Umbrella’s service and product portfolio include managing database and mailing lists, handling call centre services, digital marketing, event management, email campaigns, SMS campaigns, and much more. Their 360-degree marketing campaigns comprehensively enhance the chances to find potential customers with a multi-channel marketing approach.

Industry Challenges

Today, the increasing number of platforms for advertising and increased consumption by customers poses a challenge that drives their need to adapt to each new platform or network quickly and efficiently to deliver the best results to customers.

The increasing competition also drives them to work harder. To be the best in the field, you need to be ahead in the field. And that is where they aim to adapt and change according to the trends in market.

Yellow Umbrella’s Unique Stance

Their biggest USP lies in the varied services. With Digital Marketing, they also help create campaigns online and help with event management. The management spares personal attention to most of the client’s campaigns. Hence, considering both aspects, they build the best from experience. In parallel, their timely response, diligence to the customer's need and converting their feedback into valuable inputs for improvement is a key USP.

The Yellow Umbrella Team

The diligent team of more than 300 employees works relentlessly to provide the best output which is a result of choosing hardworking candidates who are willing to learn and execute efficiently over experience. Driven by hard work and perseverance, the Yellow Umbrella team executes 1000+ marketing campaigns, 10 million+ direct mail packs, 50 million+ EDM, SMS etc., yearly.

Moreover, they have also been able to create the most profitable database in the country, along with the tune of 60 million + records. They have successfully increased the ROI of the customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

What motivates you?

“I believe the key to running any successful business is hard work and team coordination. The team can only grow if its players are actively involved in the decision making. We continue to take inputs from all team players and collectively conduct the decision-making process for the company's growth,” says Yogesh Aggarwal.

Technological Transformations

Technological transformation post-pandemic has mostly been digital. People have increasingly become aware of the opportunities in going digital and are actively looking out for Digital Marketing services.

The increase in email marketing and content distribution over multiple channels has been one of the key transformations in the field, not just post-pandemic but since the past decade. Pandemic gave leverage to these services, increasing the customer base and their needs.

Milestones Reached

Company of the year 2021 must be among the greatest milestones achieved by Yellow Umbrella which is accompanied by their recent Silver Award for Consumer Wellness on the digital platform.

They also savour recognitions including:

  • India 5000 Best MSME

  • One among the Top 20 event management companies in India

  • Company of the Year 2014 for Marketing service.

Each accolade they have won and are conferred upon gives Yellow Umbrella immense motivation to strive harder and create even bigger milestones in the coming future.

What is Success?

“Success does not have a definition. Success has a synonym, which is called hard work. Hard work is the key to building anything successful and great. Nothing arrives on a serving plate for your pleasure; only hard work and dedication can lead you to where you want to be. You build your path, and the universe builds bridges for you,” shared Yogesh.

Navigating Through the Pandemic

With the COVID-19 situation, the business has a new problem facing us. We had the pressure to rewrite the complete business strategy and restructure the entire organisation to deliver better and optimise resource utilisation. The responses from the market were slashing down. Our team of highly motivated employees ensured we strike back with higher vigour to ensure we turn challenges into opportunities.

With growing concerns for Health worldwide, we see opportunity in the industry and hence launched our own digital property which has already become a quick success and has been awarded IHW Digital Healthcare Silver for Consumer Wellness. We are setting a new benchmark in the healthcare industry and have acquired over 10000 customers digitally within 1 year of launch.

An Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

“Be original, be authentic. Growing up in the business can be tricky, but nothing in this world can stop you if you believe in yourself and your brand. Stop comparing yourself. Growth and failure are inevitable but running away from success can be handled only by you. So be authentic in your approach and build valuable connections all along your journey,” advised Yogesh Aggarwal.

Extending the Helping Hand

Yellow Umbrella has been one among the largest fundraisers in India. They continue to support and raise funds for several charities across India, for various causes like deafblind children, cancer patients, parentless children, elderly care and so on.

“Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard for it.”

Yogesh Aggarwal

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email:

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