Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India 2022

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India 2022
Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India 2022

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India 2022

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India 2022

Digital marketing is an important tool for all businesses, helping them reach a wide audience and the right customer base.

Digital marketing agencies have promoted businesses using social media, email, websites, and more. We will be listing the top digital marketing agencies in India that offer the best services in this field to help their clients grow.


Table Of Contents

In this article about the top digital marketing agencies, you can find details about the company, their basic ideology, their client base, the services offered by the digital marketing company and the awards they have received.

● How is digital marketing growing?

● Top 10 digital marketing agencies

● Frequently asked questions

Top 3 picks

Best Creative - Webchutney

Dentsu WebChutney is known for its innovative digital marketing efforts. If you want to go viral through video or photo campaigns, Webchutney is your choice.

Best Performance - Growth Hackers Digital

Growth Hackers Digital is one of India's most prominent digital marketing organisations, with customers like ICICI Bank, Cuemath, Tata Communications, Decathlon, etc.

The firm is best recognised for assisting customers with SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Mobile and App marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Best Branding - Schbang

Schbang is renowned for its simple yet effective methods, inventiveness, managerial abilities, and ability in developing brands digitally, and it provides comprehensive marketing services under one roof.

How B2B Digital Marketing Agency Helps Brands?

How Is Digital Marketing Growing?

Also known as online marketing, digital marketing is used to promote brands and businesses to potential customers using online portals and various forms of digital communication.

Over the years, with the internet becoming accessible to more and more people, the world is still seeing a growth in users.

For a digital marketing company in India or any other country, this is a great time to make the best of this growth and harness the power of the internet to grow their clients’ brands.

The benefit of digital marketing or online marketing over traditional marketing is that a brand can reach a larger audience with digital marketing.

It is also beneficial since, with digital marketing, the brand can specifically target the prospects that are most likely to purchase their product or services. Using the right tools, digital companies can help the brands measure their success rate daily and change strategies or plans as suited.

Digital marketing is more cost-effective compared to traditional marketing. It can also help small businesses and brands to compete with the more prominent brands with the right strategy.

Digital marketing is of different types. When comparing and listing the top digital marketing agencies, we also look at which type of marketing the agency is best at and which type of marketing gets the better result for the brand.

The following are the types of online marketing that bring in more business to the brands:

● Content Marketing

● Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

● Pay Per Click Marketing

● Social Media Marketing

● Native Advertising

Affiliate Marketing

● Email Marketing

● Marketing Automation

With new features that make buying products and services easier being introduced regularly on major online and social media platforms, the graph of digital marketing is undoubtedly pointing upwards.

More and more businesses are resorting to online marketing to help reach a wider audience at lower costs than traditional marketing.

Digital marketing agencies in India or any other country are constantly working to make the best of each new feature and technology for their clients.

Voice search, AI chatbots, shoppable posts are a few examples of features that have helped digital marketing, and hence businesses grow.

India had over 700 million internet users in 2020, and if numbers are to be trusted, then by the year 2025, India will have over 970 million internet users.

This is a large audience and customer base for the big, leading brands and upcoming or smaller businesses. For the top digital marketing agencies in India, this audience can prove highly profitable using the right features and strategies.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies

In this section, we will share a list of the top digital marketing agencies in India. Along with the companies, we will share their basic details, the services that the company provides, their awards and achievements and their client base.

The following is the list of the 10 best digital marketing agencies in India:


Webchutney is a digital agency that specialises in digital content and communication. Dentsu owns and operates Webchutney. According to the Economic Times Brand Equity Survey, Webchutney is India's top digital agency.

Webchutney is well-known for producing a variety of viral films for its clients. Click here to go to Webchutney's official website.

Webchutney provides advertising, digital marketing, creative technology, and strategy to its customers.

Webchutney handles some of the top brands like Flipkart, Maruti, Airtel, Swiggy, Morning Fresh Gatorade and many others.

Growth Hackers Digital

Next on our top digital marketing agencies list is Growth Hackers Digital. The core of their values is growth hacking a brand’s digital strategies to increase business using digital marketing tools.

Traffic, branding, conversion and retention are the keys to the brand’s success in helping businesses expand. This digital marketing company in India is based in Bangalore and offers its clients a wide range of services.

Growth Hackers Digital believes in people and human relations over and above strategies and technologies. Their ideology is to find the people who share a common enthusiasm and passion for growing and making their brand great.

The services offered by Growth Hackers Digital are SEO, Instagram and Facebook Ads, content marketing, LinkedIn Ads, ASO, Google Ads, creatives and messaging, analytics and reports.

Growth Hackers Digital considers their clients as one with themselves. The client base of Growth Hackers Digital includes Decathlon, ICICI Bank, Universal Robots, Cue Maths, Unocoin, TATA Communications, Latent View, The New Indian Express, Sunday, Hush and many more.

The recent achievements of this digital marketing company are Silicon India Most Promising Marketing Agency, 2020 Clutch Leader Top Digital Agency in India and 2021 Clutch Leader Top Advertising And Marketing Agency.


To begin our list of the best digital marketing agencies, we have the company Schbang. This digital company is located in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Schbang is a young digital marketing company that is only 6 years old and offers a wide range of online marketing facilities to its clients. The brand ideology is to “bring various integrated marketing service needs under one roof”.

The brand claims that they are not just advertisers but a team of creators, designers, film creators, technologists, and media planners who strive to bring the best digital marketing services to their clients.

The services offered by Schbang are integrated marketing solutions, digital content creation and SEO, video production and photography, technology and design, influencer relationships, celebrity management and PR, media planning and buying, activation and events, E-commerce strategy and execution.

Schbang has delivered digital marketing services for over 100 brands globally. Their list of clients includes Ashok Leyland, Fevicol, Barbie, MAC cosmetics, Baskin Robins, UNO, Kaya Clinic, Asian Paints, Castrol Power 1, Finolex Pipes, Hobby ideas and more.

The brand's recent achievements include 4 golds and 2 silvers at the Mommy Awards for best brands and agencies on social media.


Iprospect aids brands in gaining a competitive advantage and carving out a place in the market. In addition, the team creates a thorough plan for the clients and implements campaigns for them.

Iprospect offers Paid Search Advertising, Search Engine Optimization,

Conversion Optimization, Paid Social Media Marketing, Site and UX Management.

Iprospect deals with some of the global and industry leaders. Their Top clients include Adidas, Burberry, General Motors, Microsoft, etc.

They are in Multiple locations in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore.

Foxy Moron

Established in 2008, Foxy Moron is a fairly old company compared to the other digital companies in India, on our list. The company is based in Gurugram, Mumbai and Bangalore.

The brand Foxy Moron is “Inspired by the future and rooted in revolution”. This brand’s core values are integrity, creation, endurance, excellence, and empathy.

One of India's top digital marketing agencies, Foxy Moron, offers a wide range of online marketing services to its clients.

The services offered by the brand include content engine, content production, content partnership, technology services, listening and response, search services, media services, data analytics, omnichannel commerce consulting and much more.

Foxy Moron has a client base across various fields such as media and entertainment, FMCG, beauty, Edu-tech, E-commerce, Fintech, Auto, retail, F&B, lifestyle, sports, and more.

Some clients of this digital marketing company are Make In India, Burger King, Blackberrys, Dream 11, Hyundai, Ford, Ikea, Uniqlo, Cred, Amazon, Loreal Paris, Pepsi, Netflix, and many others more.

Foxy Moron is one of the best digital marketing agencies on our list as it has a large number of awards and achievements. The latest ones include 2 silver and 1 gold at the Shark Awards 2021.

Shoot Order

The next agency on our list of the top digital marketing agencies is Shoot Order. Based in Hyderabad, Shoot Order was established in the year 2012. Professionalism, client relations, quality work and timely delivery, are the pillars that support the success of this digital marketing company.

Trust and transparency are at the core of this brand’s ideologies, making them a loyal brand for its clients.

The brand offers digital marketing services as well as web solutions. The digital marketing services of Shoot Order include SEO services, pay per click advertising, social media marketing and email marketing, to name a few.

The web solutions offered include web hosting, web designing, cms custom development, e-commerce custom development, web application development and more.

This is one of the digital companies in India that offer both free and premium services depending on the client’s needs. The client base of Shoot order includes Darwin box, Hindware, BMW, Dukes, Nexon Paints, Centuary Mattresses, India Post, The Times Group and many more.

Shoot Order has been awarded as the top digital marketing agency by Clutch, the best digital marketing agency in India by Your Story and many other media houses.


Performics is next on our list of top digital marketing agencies in India. The brand claims to be India’s largest performing marketing agency. Performics India specialises in data-driven marketing. The brand works on performance marketing, which is the centrepiece of all media and content for brands.

The services offered by Performics India include performance media, performance content, analytics and data science, and commerce practice.

One of the best digital marketing agencies in India and various other countries, Performics has a diverse client portfolio. The brand’s clients include Airtel, Axis Bank, ITC, Bajaj Finserv, Nykaa, Reliance General Insurance, Marico, P&G, Taj, Zee 5 and many more.

The recent achievement of one of India’s top digital marketing agencies, Performics, includes winning the Performance Marketing Mandate for Cred.

Wat Consult

The next agency on our list of digital companies is Wat Consult. This agency is based in Bangalore, Gurugram and Mumbai. “Inspired by insights and excited about ideas” is at the core of this brand’s ideologies. The brand believes in the union of impactful creatives with effective media and technology.

As a digital marketing company, Wat Consult offers services like digital marketing and consulting, digital business solutions, and digital experiences.

The digital marketing services include campaign conceptualisation, digital and social content, digital video production, mobile marketing and many more services.

The client base of WatConsult includes DHFL, Apollo Hospitals, Honda, Jockey, Only, SBI Mutual Funds, Swarovski, Peter England, Vero Moda, Pepsodent, The Body Shop, and the list goes on.

In the past year, Wat Consult, one of India's top digital marketing agencies, has received various awards. Their list of achievements in 2021 includes the awards for Social Media, Live Broadcasting and streaming, Best Social Strategy, Best LinkedIn Campaign and many more.

EZ Rankings

Next on our list of digital marketing agencies in India is EZ Rankings. This agency is located in Noida. The brand is known for creative and client-friendly digital marketing services in India.

Reliable and relevant content, specific keywords, creative and innovative high-quality content are the brand’s tools in making themselves stand out to their clients.

EZ Rankings offers SEO services, social media packages development and designing solutions, e-commerce packages and much more as part of their digital marketing services.

UK Spirits, GO Rentals, Softkey, Traveller Food, Casio Calculators India are some of the clients of this digital marketing company in India.

The average rating of EZ Rankings online is 4.5/5, making it one of the top agencies on our list.

● Branding By Pixels

The last company on our list of digital companies in India is Branding by Pixels, an agency based in Hyderabad.

The brand works mainly by strategising digital marketing techniques for tackling the issues faced by medium and small businesses. Branding by Pixels has experience of over 7 years in visual content creation and over 2 years in the digital marketing space.

Branding by Pixels is one of India's top digital marketing agencies that offer visual content creation, web development and designing, digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and much more.

The client base of this digital marketing agency includes Aala pre-school, Golden Threads Fashion Boutique, Sumedha Designer Studio and Divine Tree The Yoga Studio.

One of the best digital companies, Branding By Pixels was awarded the Top Marketing and Advertising company in India by Clutch.

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India 2022
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Frequently Asked Questions

As we conclude this list of the top digital marketing agencies, we will be answering a few questions related to digital companies and their work.

1. What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing company or agency is a group of experts in advertising, marketing and the business domain. They specialise in the online form of sales and marketing and produce creative strategies and ideas to promote and expand business in the online space.

2. What does a Digital Marketing Company do?

A digital marketing company offers all or most digital marketing services to its clients to connect them with the right user or customer base.

A digital marketing agency is an advertising agency that is further developed to tackle a brand's needs in the age of the internet and digital devices to expand and grow their business.

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India 2022
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Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India 2022
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Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India 2022
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