Analytix Solutions, A Successful Venture by Satish Patel Reframing the Realm of Technology-Enabled Business Solutions

Satish Patel- Founder & CEO
Analytix Solutions
Satish Patel- Founder & CEO Analytix Solutions

Analytix Solutions, A Successful Venture by Satish Patel Reframing the Realm of Technology-Enabled Business Solutions

If a man hasn't discovered something he will die for, he isn't fit to live.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Founded in May 2005 by a visionary leader, Founder & CEO, Satish Patel, Analytix Solutions leads as a multi-divisional outsourcing solutions provider for more than a decade - 16 years. Today, they continue to deliver excellence specializing in technology-enabled and value-driven solutions that help small to midsize businesses succeed by focusing on growth and profitability.

Analytix is a single source, integrated solutions provider delivering high-quality services consistently, cost-effectively, and collaboratively. Analytix’s cross-disciplinary domain expertise includes Accounting and Finance, Healthcare Solutions, IT, AV, Data Management, Engineering Services, and Virtual Assistant Services. With expertise in the various domains, they serve industries ranging from restaurant, dental, hotel, HME/DME, indoor sporting facilities, AV, e-Commerce, to the franchise, retail, professional services, and start-up businesses.

Offering industry-specific solutions with Insight360, which combines accounting services and financial and operational tools with a customizable reporting portal, they continue to lead. The reports can provide industry-specific metrics, benchmarks, and KPIs. Industry-specific applications and tools automate traditionally time-consuming tasks, integrating them into the reports for informed decision-making.

Analytix Solutions also provides a comprehensive scheduling tool, Appoint360, to help DME/HMEs build and drive operational efficiencies. Appoint360 has been developed on a cloud platform, providing HIPAA-compliant data security with a separate database for all clients.

About The Visionary

Raised in India, Mr Patel is now based out of the US. Nevertheless, he prioritizes connections with his country and the people, creating opportunities to empower Indians through business and philanthropic activities. Before founding Analytix Solutions, Satish was the CEO and President of Sunbelt Business Sales & Acquisitions (an M&A firm). Earlier, he was part of multiple successful ventures that public companies later acquired.

Today, he focuses on providing a future strategic roadmap for various divisions and building the best leadership team possible to give the company a strong core. He focuses on leaders who are skilled and experienced in both their corporate and personal lives and people with a social purpose. These leaders then create strong team dynamics, which produces higher quality results and creates solutions quickly. Team dynamics are important to Analytix because they impact customer satisfaction and lead to a stronger career path for employees.

With many possibilities ahead for Analytix, Satish remains focused on the success and growth of the company and is looking to open new locations across the globe. He believes new technology trends in the industry today are working remote, information security, cloud computing, online portals for business analytics, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and machine learning

Analytix, A One-Stop-Solution

Analytix Solutions has expanded to six divisions, including Accounting and Finance, Healthcare/Medical Billing, IT Solutions, Data Management, Audio Visual/CAD Services, and Virtual Administrative Services. The firm works with businesses of all sizes and segments, helping them navigate obstacles in a rapidly evolving competitive market and giving them the agility and insights to react to market conditions quickly. Analytix is unique because the goal is to encompass an all-in-one solution and not just focused on one industry. Most of their clientele is built from referrals, which means that Analytix doesn't just do a good job; they go above and beyond.

Mission & Vision

Analytix continues to work towards its mission to be a high-performance professional outsourcing organization. Also, to create customer and partner loyalty by providing innovative and customized services. They aim to ensure that their employees thrive in a creative, rewarding, and enriching work environment.

They share the vision to be a trusted partner of choice, providing one-stop, technology-enabled, value-driven solutions that enhance clients’ growth and profitability. The vision also includes providing small to midsize businesses with the tools and resources that only big companies can afford.

Overcoming Challenges

Satish has always had the mindset that you do not fail, you just find ways that won’t work, until you find a way that does. Challenges are used to teach you if you are willing to learn. Throughout Mr Patel’s journey, he understood that hard times stimulate growth in a way that good times don’t. By facing challenges and navigating through them one builds resilience. This, in turn, laid a solid foundation for success later in life.

The Unique Approach

Analytix differentiates itself from competitors by being a full-service provider. Entrepreneurs and busy professionals in small to midsize businesses rely on Analytix for divisional needs that they otherwise may not have. From accounting to CEO or CFO functions, IT infrastructure to streamlining data, Analytix supports companies who need help but don’t know where to look or may not have the budget to expand their workforce.

Satish’s Outlook on Failures

Satish tends not to focus on failures. Instead, he uses them as opportunities to grow, adapt or change. This tendency has taught him to try new things, which has ultimately led to new divisions within the company, and more to come! Mr. Patel also believes in being prepared for anything, which means teams are trained well to handle emergencies or challenges.

How would you define success?

“With core values of integrity, growth, client focus, innovation and creativity, accountability and ownership, teamwork, and respect, we measure success through revenue, customer satisfaction, and the growth of the company by employees and divisions.

Some of the recent recognitions we are proud of include National Best Employer Brands 2020 at World HRD Congress, Feb 2021, Business Leader of the Year at World HRD Congress Feb 2021, Best BPO/KPO Gold Runner-Up at GESIA Awards 2019. Also, on revenue perceptive, we are among the top 10% in revenue in the US,” answered Satish.

Facing the Pandemic

Analytix was very blessed to stay strong throughout the entire pandemic, not only as a company, but also as a family. They were quickly able to close the office and equip the entire workforce of over 500 employees to work from home. This was a huge success as it included providing laptops and internet to everyone as well as ensuring strict security protocols for client information.

In addition, Analytix helped hundreds of clients to do the same at no additional charge. It is because of his kindness and compassion that so many employees and clients alike remain devoted to Satish and Analytix. Against the odds, Satish ensured that there were no layoffs.

Empowering the Analytix team

Satish: Analytix invests in the people through several initiatives including learning and development programs focused on communication skills, niche professional courses, and managerial and leadership skills to ensure both developments of soft as well as hard skills.

Their recently launched “WE CARE” program focuses on employee health, well-being, and happiness during times of remote work. Their company outings, holiday gatherings, and fantasy sports league competitions underscore the importance of making the office a fun and social environment in which to work. Analytix also offers a Training Academy on Accounting and Bookkeeping.

Words of Wisdom

“Don't get discouraged. Everyone starts the same way but overcoming what life throws at you turns you into a successful businessperson. Focus on experience and building relationships.” Satish shared advice for a young, first-time start-up CEO.

What’s Next?

In five years, Satish Patel plans to double both the employee count and revenue as well as expand service offerings. He is already making strategic moves to support this, such as heavy investment into infrastructure and technology.

Satish shared “We are focusing on how to scale various teams fast along with investing in the more experienced leadership team. With a focus on growing strong in an organized way, we are setting up processes within the organisation, specifically around training programs to ensure that we can expand at the quick rate needed to meet customer demands. A strong core is fundamental in making this happen.”

Satish also has goals set in place to give back to the community, including feeding 1200 families, providing free education to employee families, and donating a percentage of profit to charities.

“Stay foolish, stay hungry. The world is always evolving, and one needs to stay current with trends and knowledge,” Satish shared.

Satish Patel- Founder & CEO
Analytix Solutions
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