Saurabh Katyal - Co-Founder & Executive Director - 9Yards Technology

“The company is a step towards building a behemoth that would transmute the face of the It industry with its futuristic ideas and stable yet scalable it products.”

The ’90s IT boom has surpassed the 30-year mark, going strong even today as the corporate and digital worlds collide. The corporate sector and IT industry are constantly evolving to meet futuristic demands. Staying one step ahead in the game, 9Yards IT Technology offers comprehensive IT services and scalable IT products that will soon change the entire face of the IT industry.

9Yards IT Technology is a startup IT firm that is not only limited to solving IT problems but also has a global team of technophiles. These technophiles are keen on using advanced techniques and methodologies to revamp fundamental IT services.

Although 9Yards offers extensive IT services, but its prime focus is on rendering prominent IT Staff Augmentation services. They aim to empower IT clients by assisting them with talented technophiles worldwide. These global talents have the capability of metamorphosing IT operations in a way that increases the profitability and productivity of their clients.

A Short Glimpse Of The Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey Of Mr. Saurabh Katyal

Mr. Saurabh Katyal, Co-founder & Executive Director of 9Yards IT Technology, started his corporate journey in the IT sales department. In the next 15 years or so, he further cemented his position in the IT sector, working with top MNCs.

In his own words, Mr. Saurabh Katyal is a go-getter and has won various accolades in the IT sales department with his understanding of the industry from the inside out.

This rare insight also allowed Mr. Katyal to look briefly into the IT industry's loopholes. And thus, the idea for 9Yards IT Technology came into prominence. The ultimate vision was to assemble a team of tech-savvy people who have the urge to transmogrify IT services towards a more fruitful future.

Considering himself to be a people person, Mr. Saurabh Katyal has been fortunate enough to deal with enough to prove the statement. Mr. Katyal never stayed confined to his routine job; he always tried looking at the industry from every possible aspect.

As said before, he had been fascinated by the cracks and crevices of the industry, and this fueled his noble urge to allow a solution. This purpose drove him to begin his entrepreneurial journey with 9Yards IT Technology. The idea took long enough to be executed. However, on 7th November 2020, 9Yards IT Technology started its journey.

Everybody has to face challenges when starting a business, especially when aiming to become an entrepreneur. But Mr. Katyals always approached his challenges with quietude.

He took time to contemplate how he could hone his skills, use them, and solve industry-level challenges. The most notable thing about Mr. Saurabh Katyal is that no challenge could beat, stall or stop him as he kept inching closer to his dreams.

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9Yards IT Technology- A Complete Overview

The firm's urge to make a historic impact led to the establishment of the first office of 9Yards IT Technology in Noida, India. This was only a year after the firm's foundation, and the second achievement for 9Yards IT Technology came in the face of establishing their second office in Canada.

Until now, they have served and empowered over 100+ clients. This count includes several Fortune 1000 companies, SMEs, Government Organizations, and a multitude of startups.

Out of the major players they have worked with, some notable ones are; SHL, Celebal Tech, QBrainX, PearVisa, YoungBrainz, Triveni Realtors, and Bank of Queensland (BOQ).

9Yards IT Technology started as an ambitious dream for three IT wizards. However, in this short time, it has grown enough to share its objectives with more like-minded technophiles.

Currently, there are over 100 technophiles who share a similar vision and passion and are working with the team to bring the change they have all pined for. By 2022 the company aims to cross its employee count to over 300.

9Yards IT Technology is a bootstrap firm partnered by the three friends-turned-primary executives of the firm. Their self-reliant nature helped them stay clear of investors.

However, during this time, they have acquired every crucial resource for the venture to run forward. Starting with India, 9Yards IT Technology is now on the brink of targeting the NORAM market.

Working Process And Revenue Model For 9Yards IT Technology

As said before, 9Yards IT Technology cannot be limited to being a start-up firm. Instead, they are resolute in reorganising the IT industry with their innovative ideas and products, optimising every corner of the industry.

With their work, they want to put their name on the map and history as the single-most capable organisation to focus on the upliftment of the industry rather than investing in personal gain. This most significant factor sets 9Yards IT Technology apart from other IT solutions.

If there is any competition to be considered, 9Yards IT Technology would be its competitor that they want to beat. After every business endeavour, they are hungry to do better in their next project with a higher reward and more outstanding results. Hence, they have been more concerned about the novelty of their services instead of making money.

They have established four revenue models at 9Yards IT Technology to cover the whole spectrum of IT services. These models have been designed to offer all-inclusive IT services specifically curated to tackle the complex business requirements of their clients.

Not just complex ones, but long-term projects that are unsure about their requirements can also find help from the time and material model of 9Yards IT Technology.

Their second-most important model is based on fixed price. This fixed pricing model is included explicitly for small projects that are quite clear about their requirements and has also attached a deadline for finishing the deal.

Thirdly, they have a Dedicated Teams model. This one is perfect for projects where the scope is unspecified. Such projects may also come from uncertain conditions.

The last revenue model for 9Yards IT Technology is the Staff Augmentation model. This specific model is considered the best option for a development project with multiple complexity levels or scales.

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Key Executives Of 9Yards IT Technology: Roles, Responsibilities & Background

Mr. Saurabh Katyal is the co-founder and the Executive Director at 9Yards IT Technology. He has been solely responsible for bringing talented people to the team of 9Yards IT Technology, building a robust internal circuit.

For Mr. Katyal, his 15+ years of experience in IT sales, specialising in SAAS-based products and vendor management, gave him a lot of insider knowledge about the IT industry. His extensive career is filled with collaborations with top MNCs that enabled him to establish a name for himself by delivering impactful strategies and approaches.

Apart from Mr. Saurabh Katyal, 9Yards IT Technology was founded and, till now, run by two more executives; Zubair Choudhary as CEO & Founder and Praachi Abrol as Co-founder & COO. Zubair Choudhary brings his over 15 years of excellence to the table and, with his focused approach, wants to improve the services being distributed in the industry in recent times.

Mr. Zubair Choudhury was the one who had conceived the idea of 9Yards IT Technology after being determined to bring business and IT products closer, complimenting one another at the altar. From startups to Fortune 1000 companies, Mr. Choudhary wanted to provide futuristic and flexible solutions.

Mr. Zubair Choudhary has always visualised 9Yards IT Technology as an ambitious endeavour that is all set to transform the prevalent modus operandi of the entire IT industry. Mr. Choudhary wanted to build a creative culture instead of making it play out like any routine day job.

'Plan Diligently, Execute Smartly!' is the formula that Mr. Choudhary religiously follows. He ensures that 9Yards IT Technology should focus more on delivering intelligent and practical solutions rather than going through a laborious procedure.

Lastly, the current Co-founder & COO of 9Yards IT Technology, Ms. Praachi Abrol, is considered the linchpin of the firm, having a modern reckoning to go with. Ms. Abrol, too, has over 15 years of expertise in the industry. She is known for successfully streamlining the QA processes for different IT companies and MNCs in her past career.

Being part of the IT family for so long, Ms. Abrol started to notice a subtle demand for a personal touch while delivering services within the IT industry. "Apathy cannot lead any organisation to success" is what she dearly believes in. Hence, by bringing empathy to ROI strategies and modern grievance redressal mechanism, she gave 9Yards IT Technology a new direction.

Her dedication and passion for the firm have earned her recognition and the title of the Software QA & Development COO of the Year. In short, Ms. Praachi Abrol has been the guiding light for 9Yards IT Technology, providing unique and progressive methodologies and leading the team ahead.

“Success Is Not Just One Single Achievement,

Mr. Saurabh Katyal”

To Mr. Saurabh Katyal, success is not restricted to one instance. It cannot rightly be defined with single accomplishments, especially when the purpose of it all is to build the future for the IT industry.

That said, Mr. Katyal will only consider 9Yards IT Technology to be successful when it manages to make a significant impact on the IT industry by delivering phenomenal products. As 9Yards IT Technology makes history with its methodology, other IT firms will second guess how they have pulled it off.

Since the inception of 9Yards IT Technology, they have achieved one milestone after another. So much so that it almost came off as a surprise to the founders, who had anticipated success but not at this exponential rate.

The fundamental pillars of 9Yards IT Technology are Gender Diversity and Inclusion. Mr. Saurabh Katyal has come to these two specific values by sensing the modern approach.

Impacting The IT Industry With Robust Services

The industry's shortage of skilled and talented technophiles had always bothered Mr. Katyal. And the reason for this could be the industry bias of considering academic qualifications more valuable than expertise. Mr. Saurabh Katyal wanted to change this perception and thus gave a platform to the bright young minds of the industry via 9Yards IT Technology.

Similarly, 9Yards IT Technology brings its team selection methodology for its staffing services. These candidates are not only skilled at managing the whole process but also help in optimising every arena of the industry. They are committed to providing the right talent through their staff augmentation services.

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Revolutionising The Upcoming Technology Space

As technology is evolving at an overwhelming rate, there is always something new waiting for the world to dive into. For the time being, this phenomenon is valid with the BOT (Built, Operate, and Transfer) Model, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and ML (Machine Learning).

9Yards IT Technology is also using these technologies to build exclusive solutions and products to revolutionise the IT industry. These technologies and services are the current attraction for the IT industry, especially the IT giants.

Mr. Saurabh Katyal is keen on building the firm's name in the North American IT market. He aims to partner with decent product companies and lead the way. Lately, he has been in Canada, looking over the business.

9Yards IT Technology was established with the singular vision of bringing change to the industry. In this journey, they have always tried keeping a liberal outlook and getting accountability.

Based on this reasoning, 9Yards IT Technology has created a distinct working model that allows its team members to work creatively at their own pace.

While most IT firms treat their employees as a work unit and a certain deadline is allotted on a daily basis, 9Yards IT Technology gives ample time to their members to come up with a unique solution.

Mr. Saurabh Katyal only wishes for more success and reach for 9Yards IT Technology considering the intense work culture and remuneration IT services. He also feels that within the next five years, 9Yards IT Technology would be big enough to take on industry giants.

“Surviving All Odds”- 9Yards IT Technology And Its Internal Team

In the initial stage of 9Yards IT Technology, there were some hiccups. As a startup, they struggled to build a team from scratch. It was tough to acquire new talent from the market, but it changed soon after. Mr Saurabh Katyal took it upon himself to look after the Talent Acquisition department, acting as a single point of contact between clients and employees.

Within the first nine months of the foundation of 9Yards IT Technology, they had already managed 60 people to come on board, and from there on, the journey has only been uphill.

At that time, the firm was in dire need of multiple business requirements with a long-term commitment. And their clients have been there to provide them with abundant resources. However, some were biased about working alongside a startup. But 9Yards IT Technology proved them otherwise simply with their potential.

Concluding The Conversation

In words of Mr Saurabh Katyal, “Everyone has the ability to pay bills, however entrepreneurs must go for the kill.” 9Yards IT Technology has fostered ingenious minds with creative ideas.

These highly creative technophiles are picked for special purposes. Gradually, this process became the cornerstone for 9Yards IT Technology, allowing them to revolutionise the whole scene.

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