Best Business Newspapers in India in 2024

Must Read Business and Financial Newspapers in India
Best Business Newspapers in India, You must Read
Best Business Newspapers in India, You must Read

Best Business Newspapers in India, You must Read

10 Best Business and Finance Newspapers in India

Which is the best business newspaper in India? Which newspaper should we read for business news?

Many people appear confused and worried. No doubt, newspapers have played a significant role in our lives since their inception. For business persons, a reliable business newspaper can be indispensable, keeping them updated with the latest market trends and news essential for making informed decisions. But in the contemporary modern world, there are a lot of newspapers in India that has made it difficult to find the best one.

Best Business Newspapers in India, You must Read
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So, we have come up with the list of top business newspapers of India and the best financial newspaper in India, which have been heralded for providing value to their readers, the latest information, access to top-tier business experts and connecting these experts to raising startups:

10 Best Newspapers in India to Keep You Updated with Business and Finance News

1. Economic Times

Topping the charts is none other than Economic Times, an Indian Newspaper that focuses on Business News in English. Owned by The Times Group and established in 1961, it's highly regarded and extensively read across India.

The newspaper provides comprehensive coverage of corporate updates, financial developments, economic trends, and market insights. Additionally, it offers specialized sections like the ET Brand Equity Survey, the ET Power List, and the ET Wealth magazine.

Although the newspaper is a popular choice in the entire country, The Economic Times Mumbai has the highest readership.

2. Business Standard

Business Standard All India is a national daily newspaper that offers extensive coverage of business and financial news across India. Established in 1975 and headquartered in New Delhi, it is published by the Business Standard Group, a division of the ABP Group.

Focusing on the Indian economy, International business, corporate governance, stock, infrastructure, and currency markets, the newspaper also features various other business domains such as technology, startups, and environmental issues.

Renowned for its in-depth analysis and insightful reporting on emerging trends, Business Standard All India is highly regarded as a reliable source of business news. It serves as a valuable resource for investors, corporate executives, and individuals seeking comprehensive information on the business landscape in India.

3. Livemint

Mint is a business and financial daily newspaper in India, published by HT Media, a media group based in Delhi controlled by the K. K. Birla family, also known for Hindustan Times. Started in 2007, Mint focuses on business and politics, offering a unique perspective.

It circulates a single national edition across major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Chandigarh. Notably, Mint doesn't publish on Sundays, but instead, every Saturday, it releases its sister magazine, Mint Lounge.

Setting a trend, Mint is India's first newspaper in the Berliner format.

4. Financial Express

The Financial Express is a daily English-language business newspaper published by the Indian Express Group. Established in 1961, it stands as one of the oldest business newspapers in India. With a strong emphasis on Indian economy, The Financial Express offers extensive coverage of business and financial news.

This includes updates on the stock market, corporate earnings, mergers and acquisitions, and economic policies. Additionally, the newspaper provides in-depth analysis of industry trends, making it a valuable resource for business professionals and investors in the region.

5. Financial Chronicle

Financial Chronicle (FC) is an Indian English-language daily newspaper that has been in publication since 2008. It primarily focuses on Indian economic and international business topics, covering financial news and issues.

Edited by Shubhrangshu Roy, Financial Chronicle was simultaneously launched in Hyderabad and Chennai on April 16, 2008. The Bangalore edition followed on May 25, and the Mumbai edition on June 20. Within its first year, Financial Chronicle achieved its goal of launching in five cities simultaneously with the introduction of the New Delhi edition on April 14, 2009. This rapid expansion marked a milestone in Indian print journalism history.

Financial Chronicle made waves by launching its e-paper online before its print version, making it the first newspaper to do so in India. Initially published Monday through Friday, it later introduced a Weekend tabloid edition starting September 10, 2011.

In addition to its daily and weekend editions, Financial Chronicle publishes four weekly all-color feature sections, adding depth and variety to its coverage.

6. The Hindu Business Line

The Hindu Business Line is a respected business and financial newspaper based in Chennai, India. As the business edition of The Hindu, one of India's oldest and most esteemed newspapers, it carries forward a legacy of quality journalism.

Covering a broad spectrum of business and financial news, including updates from the Indian stock markets, the economy, and global markets, The Hindu Business Line also places a strong emphasis on technology and innovation.

Launched in 1994, The Hindu Business Line has established itself as one of India's most widely read business newspapers. It serves as an invaluable resource for business leaders, investors, and individuals seeking to stay informed about the latest developments in the business and financial world.

7. MoneyControl

MoneyControl is an Indian online business newspaper that falls under the ownership of Reliance Industries. It offers extensive coverage on various subjects including Markets, Economy, Stocks, Companies, Personal Tech, Trends, and Personal Finance.

8. Business Today

Not exactly a newspaper, however Business Today made the list because of the importance it holds in the Indian Business landscape.

One of the oldest business magazines in India, Business Today is published every two weeks by Living Media India Limited since 1992. Business Today brings an excellent range of content from the journal. It also provides innovative and high-quality web-exclusive content.

It boasts the highest circulation and readership among business magazines in India and ranks among the top 10 English-language magazines across various genres. With a readership base of 1.7 million readers, Business Today offers insightful coverage of business news, analysis, and trends.

Best Business Newspapers in India, You must Read
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9. Outlook Business

Outlook is a weekly news magazine available in both English and Hindi editions, published in India. It was launched in October 1995, with Vinod Mehta serving as the editor in chief.

Outlook business newspaper just not only brings updates on the business world but also covers the government's financial policies. It is widely covering the web and is also available in print form.

The magazine is owned by the Rajan Raheja Group and published by Outlook Publishing (India) Pvt. Ltd. Outlook covers a wide range of topics, including politics, sports, cinema, and other stories of general interest.

10. The CEO Magazine

The CEO Magazine provides comprehensive coverage of both national and international business updates, making it an ideal source for staying informed about the latest business news.

While it may not be a daily newspaper, it has established a strong presence online. For those interested in a printed version, subscribe to the magazine to ensure that you receive a copy delivered to your doorstep every month.

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Best Business Newspapers in India, You must Read
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Best Business Newspapers in India, You must Read
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Best Business Newspapers in India, You must Read
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