How do Magazines Make Money in India

How do Magazines Make Money in India
How do Magazines Make Money in India

How do Magazines Make Money in India

Earlier, making money as a magazine was simple, sell magazines and sell ads to make money. But today, readers are more demanding, the content has become more complex than ever. Also, many new methods have come into effect to regenerate revenue. So if today you ask how do magazines make money?

 The answers would be there are multiplatform and multi-revenue approaches today magazines are following to make money.

Here is a list of some major method for magazines publishers to generate a review that requires minimal financial investment and virtually no ongoing cost that means significant rewards.

How do Magazines Make Money

Print Subscriptions

This is the most tried and true method- Print Magazine subscribers. For renowned and popular publications, print magazines are still an excellent steady source of income. It is a fact that the cost of production can be high but also print has a few distance benefits.

First of all, print subscribers are loyal and reliable. They are often long-time fans and will be less fickle than new readers. Second, print sometimes serves as a flagship for brands to assert their presence. This prestige around the print magazine leads magazines directly into the ext monetization strategy.

How do Magazines Make Money in India
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Also, publication houses can distribute their magazine to retailers for individual sales, but it can get far more complex and be far less reliable.

Classified Advertising

When you open any magazine and flip to the back pages, you will find a classified section with want ads. Magazines sell want ads by the world or the line, and the ads are very expensive in those magazines that are popular and have a large circulation. Even moderate magazines with smaller circulations command large amounts for their want ads if they target a specific area.

Other Advertising

The single best answer how magazines make money is by allowing advertisers to use its unused space throughout the magazines, including the cover and inside front and back cover. It is quite normal for a full-page back cover to add to run several thousand dollars or more in renowned publications with national coverage. Besides, the magazine makes money by filling up the pages and place ads in space on pages around the lines. This way, the magazine looks better and also its revenue goes high.

How do Magazines Make Money in India
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Sponsorships & Sponsored Content

Sponsorship is another form of advertising when it comes to how magazines make money. Here, a single partner buys out an entire piece, section or block of time. This works as wholesale advertising, it brings the advertiser more attention at a higher cost. In terms of revenue, sponsorship brings amazing revenue margins and fewer sales work.

Many magazines allow advertisers to publish guest posts or collaborate on a particular piece of series, known as Sponsored Content. Advertisers pay very well to share content that grips the attention of the audience and make them more likely to remember their brand. This is a great way for magazines to create new content and also make money when done well.


Some magazines do not accept advertising or are not involved in any kind of promotions but they depend on the goodwill of their readers to increase revenue. An online tip jar provides the chance to contribute to what they consider a worthy cause.

Today, there is a lot of magazines that present quality content for free while asking for donations. If you have just started here and looked at how to ask for a donation. Get a well-designed site, use trusted payments apps that are easy to use and familiar to most web users. Make sure the donation button is visible on every page. Don't seem pushy, but write copy that strongly shows why readers should donate.

How do Magazines Make Money in India
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Other Ways

Some magazines offer a complete advertising package across one or multiple publishing channels with digital; they now have multiple publishing streams with a different audience.

Many publication houses are taking advantage of the Interest; they involved in social and enhance their website. With these strategies, the magazine brands start to become an influence over social media and now they can munificence that channel also just like other independent loggers, Instagrammers and social media influencers.

With more following on social, magazine grow their business. When they get a good presence, they expand to branded products and service like physical merchandise or even paid courses and events.


So, now how do magazines make money have a lot of points? However, magazines need to consistently provide their level of commitment. Apart from bringing quality content, putting their own money into the publication, building prototypes, searching for advertising, and making sure to utilize the digital world are all major aspects of getting it to offer the ground.

I hope, now you get a proper idea of how do magazines make money? For any doubt or questions, feel free to comment below. Our team is always there to answer your confusions. Don't forget to subscribe to The CEO Magazine and get all the latest updates in your inbox.

How do Magazines Make Money in India
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How do Magazines Make Money in India
How do Magazines Make Money in India

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