OnCloudERP spearheads new wave of transformation in ERP product development space



spearheads new wave of transformation in ERP product development space

OnCloudERP spearheads new wave of transformation in ERP product development space

A myriad of limitations associated with traditional ERP systems that lead to their increasing inabilities in meeting the needs of today's disruptive business environment sparked Ravi Shankar, a serial entrepreneur, to contemplate about what could be done to make ERP systems easily manageable.

Ravi Shankar, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of NLogix Solutions, an expert ERP solutions provider came across the complications faced by his clients in handling ERP systems.

Fueled with the motive of service to humanity, the keen entrepreneurial spirit in Ravi Shankar drove him to develop an ERP product leveraging IOT (Internet of Things) that would not require any technical expert for implementation; can be executed with minimum online support and people would be able to use it on their mobile devices.


The metamorphic revolutionary ERP product, OnCloudERP is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based modern ERP product that aims at bringing simplified ERP solutions at minimal costs to every business.

The product is owned by Cloud Pencils Pvt Ltd, a brain child of NLogix Solutions. The product is specifically developed for small and medium sized businesses in Manufacturing, Retailing and trading and to support the growth of startup ecosystem in India.

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Targeted business problem

ERP system implementation is inevitable for every business today as it produces enormous benefits such as increased productivity, reduced operating costs, flow of information, improved performance management and many more.

However, implementation of ERP systems brings a number of challenges for businesses. The major one is low levels of IT literacy in small and medium scale businesses that makes it difficult for workforce in these organizations to implement and manage these systems well. 

Also, high cost of putting these systems into effect coupled with their incompatibility with mobile devices and non-user-friendly design add to users' difficulties.  

These complexities hinder the extensive reach of ERP systems in enabling growth for businesses and have limited their usage in the hands of highly trained people.

To address the problem, organizations have to bear a huge expenditure on both customization and integration of the applications and on training of its employees.

OnCloudERP – A new face of innovation

Distributed as SaaS (Software as a Service), OnCloudERP is an easy to buy, set up and use application that can be operated on any device that is connected through internet. The Service oriented System Framework gives more flexibility to upgrade and customize the applications easily.

The product has been created to fulfill the needs of widely spread users, who lack in technical expertise and have access to limited or minimum online support. Let's have a look at the main features of the product:

  • A product for Global SMEs

  • Very easy set up with five simple steps

  • One simple platform to synchronize all your business processes

  • Integrated with secured cloud environment

  • Providing awesome user experience with easy navigations

  • No upfront cost and pay for use

  • Multi culture information regarding accounting, time, currency and language

  • Works on Web and enables control on business from anywhere

  • Covers all modules namely Accounts, Inventory, Purchase, Sales, Manufacturing and more in Multiple languages competitively at a very reduced price

  • Comes with Add – on applications

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Key Milestones

Mr. Ravi Shankar was very focused on ERP user experience during ideation of the product. With the key idea of providing better user experience with simplified business functions, the development of the product began in 2013.

The beta version (demo.onclouderp.com) of the same was launched in 2014; and after rigorous testing of the product the seal was finally broken in 2016. The product's exclusive capabilities those were unheard of in the market made it an instant hit and started acquiring paid customers soon after its launch.

Within few months, it was able to achieve a strong foothold in the market having listed nearly hundred paid clients from 5 different countries as its rich clientele.

The firm, Cloud Pencils, has been following a clear roadmap towards developing a Product Platform ecosystem, would be instrumental in widening the product's user space extending its reach to a large number of users.

The Inspiration behind the Success

A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Ravi Shankar realized his passion for entrepreneurship at a tender age and started exploring his capabilities to follow his passion. Founding Naraiuran Controls, an Automation company in 1997, he stepped into his entrepreneurial journey which traversed diversified paths.

He is the Founder & Managing Director of NC Group of companies and Chief Executive Officer of NLogix Solutions. He is strongly focused on leveraging his potential for the benefit of the society and economic growth of the country. To quote him, "It's my passion to keep unfolding my potentials and keep growing as much as possible".

Ravi Shankar's endeavors towards metamorphosing global ERP scenario are supported by an accomplished and a passionate core team, which driven by an enterprising spirit, leverages its entire potential for achieving organizational goals.

Jaishanker Kunjithapadam – The mastermind behind the project, Jaishanker is a Business Analyst professional with an experience of more than a decade as a functional consultant. His profound expertise is rooted in a consistent track record of leading & delivering wide variety of business applications.

Vaithilingam Viswanathan – The pillar of the team who is an expert in evolving technology and gives uncompromised output on performance. With his extensive experience in designing and developing solutions for a SaaS model applications, he plays a key role in evaluating, establishing and conducting proof of concepts.

Sundaresan Uthandan – As a part of the core team, he has strong capabilities in understanding business requirements for a prospect with different clients. He has strong leadership in yielding output with every one's satisfaction.

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