The ‘Bulbul App’ success story of how an Indian Entrepreneur brings quality in education for kids through Apps

The ‘Bulbul App’ success story of how an Indian Entrepreneur brings quality in education for kids through Apps

The 'Bulbul App' success story of how an Indian Entrepreneur brings quality in education for kids through Apps

An entrepreneur's journey begins as soon as he enters into a business world and continues until he descends into the grave. Every second that passes, every breath that we take brings in new adventures, once that must be experienced.

The CEO Magazine opens the doors of the life of one of most successful entrepreneurs in India and welcoming you into his successful story. It is completely a young business leader's journey who went on to become a happy self-taught multi-talented entrepreneur.

Prakash Dantuluri, Founder & CEO of Bulbul Apps, is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with successful track record in creating innovative products, frameworks and technology platforms.

Prakash has been working since very beginning of the inception of Bulbul Apps with vision to enable artists and educators to create mobile first content for kids. He is a filmmaker and storyteller himself.

The company started with creating tools for storytellers to create mobile first interactive content. In the inception phase, they focused more on making content creation and collaboration easier for the storytellers all over the world.

Bulbul Apps has positioned itself strongly among the market as digital content partner for preschools leveraging its ability to produce world class interactive content for kids and its deep understanding of kids behavior and content needs on smartphones and tablet computers.

Bulbul Apps aims to create India's largest library of stories, videos, interactive activities completely mapped to preschool curriculum.

Prakash Dantuluri, in a chat with our editorial Associate

What was your mission at the outset?

We aim to remove all the barriers between educators, storytellers and children.

Please throw light on your services or products.

Our flagship app, Bulbul Kids is a communication and learning app for Pre Schools.

The communication module provides all the tools for teachers and schools to communicate to the parents through messages, pictures, reminders and calendar events.

Our learning module is quite unique. Instead of providing a generic solution, we take the curriculum of the preschool and convert into interactive stories and worksheets using the help of our artist community and our technology platform.

We also provide a huge library of carefully curated videos for children, all mapped to the school curriculum.

Thanks to our deep understanding and expertise in this domain, we do this better and cost effectively than anyone else.

Our pricing model is a super simple Rs 100/Kid/Month.

 How do you advertise your business?

Our focus is B2B. We sell the solution to Schools. So we rely on traditional channels. We have ideas to take up leveraging digital channels post funding.

To what do you attribute your success?

It's my ability to connect the dots across the domains and applying technology to create a solution.

What's your company's goal?

To enable pre schools communicate better with parents. To enable preschools, teachers and parents provide the child the best digital interactive content.

What is unique about your business?

Our production model that allows educators and artists collaborate. Our world class content makes us unique in the field.

What are your responsibilities as the business head?

I look after pretty much everything. I micro manage production and sales. I have great colleagues and they are quite loyal to the company and to the mission. I am bit hands free with technology and administration.

Right now, we are super focused on deploying to the 100s of schools that we signed up earlier this year.

What made you choose this type of business?

When we started the company, mobile first content was a virgin territory and app store revenue models were still evolving. We focused more on the product in the year one.

As we understood the kids content market, we understood that in India, preschool content offered tremendous opportunity.

It was begging for a solution like this and the market size is enormous. So, we embraced the current model. It kind of evolved quite naturally.

Have you ever turned down a client?

Yes. I often do. In this segment, a customer is your partner. It's an everyday relationship. It's important in this phase for us to start with customers who understand our vision and who value our offering. I don't believe in rapid expansion at the expense of the core value and proposition of the product.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Failure is just a different kind of outcome. It's not an endpoint. It's part of your journey. Keep doing.

Kindly share the milestones for the company.

Since its launch at the beginning of this year, our award winning app, Bulbul Kids signed more than 300 schools and is actively deploying its solution across the pre schools in India.

On the App Store we got more than a Million downloads to the date and our YouTube Channel have more than 20 Million views. We are going strong year to year.

Thank you for your time with The CEO Magazine!!

Welcome! And thank you so much to The CEO Magazine for providing us this opportunity.

You can download Bulbul App from Google Play Store here is a link

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