What is YouTube Kids? Why Is This A Sensation?

What is YouTube Kids?

What is YouTube Kids?

Why Is This A Sensation?


YouTube Kids is a dedicated service launched by the globally leading video platform YouTube, to offer children centric, family-friendly, educational channels and videos.  

This points towards the idea that the platform endeavours to offer a safe place for children who are already consumed on the internet and can explore the dark side of the internet soon.


Opting YouTube Kids as an option of entertainment while your child(ren) is already on the mobile phone, tablets, or smart television, exploring what to watch allows you to not only restrict the diverse world of content out there.

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The YouTube Kids application is designed to be kids friendly with its interface inclusive of large images, colourful icons, carefully selected launch videos on the homepage and five categories to explore within the application.


So, well, yes, it is a sensation. But as parents, it is an instinct to keep an eye on what the children on this global platform with a power to manipulate thoughts and mindsets of these growing individuals.

Hence the question, how do I keep my children safe on YouTube Kids?

The application is indeed safer than YouTube when it comes to watching through the lens of a platform for Kids. Technically, the application uses an algorithm to filter out videos for grown-ups and funnel the kids' stuff, but at the end, it is the machines and there is a chance that the video scan makes past the algorithm. Here's where YouTube Kid's Parental Control features come into the picture. Have a look at how you can operate YouTube Kid's Parental control features"


On YouTube Kids home screen, click the lock icon in the corner to access parent settings. This is where you will be needed to enter the passcode provide by YouTube Kids or a customised passcode to help you sign in to your Google account once more for identity verification.

You can use the parental control option on YouTube Kids application to:

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Another feature unique to YouTube is the disabled comments section. This is a great part of YouTube Kids that allows parents to stay stress-free in terms of their children being exposed to inappropriate comments out there. In an age where comments have become the hotspot for cyber-hate and cyber-bullying, you can make sure that YouTube Kids is safe.


While it is the algorithm that works behind the scenes to offer kids-friendly content as much as possible, it still uses the human monitors to review videos flagged as inappropriate on the main application.

But if you want your kids to not be exposed to anything suitable for them, they shouldn't feed the algorithm manually by searching something, you can always go fro disabling search limits. This allows only age-appropriate YouTube team verified videos to appear.


When you are at it, you can also restrict recommendations, one of the five categories on the application to only ones that have been viewed and verified by a human. This is a great way for parents to customize exactly what their children.

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YouTube Kids is indeed an application designed for children, hence you are likely to find the content that is informational and entertaining. And the platform offers to some extend, For example, you may find the results to the famous cartoons in India easily after searching them, moreover you may also find Obama interviews and clips, but you will be shown the message suggesting to search something else if you enter in the search bar something lewder like Fifty Shades of Grey.

Having said that, The application is not completing safe and you can use Block option to block a certain video by selecting the three dots button on the video and choosing the bloc option.


Controlling screen time is a major issue today, resulting in many problems, hence the timer setting is a great option. To enable this option, you can use the parents setting, you can use the parental control set up guide mentioned above.


  1. Download YouTube Kids application

  2. If it's your first time using the application, here's what you will be asked to enter:

Year Your Child Was Born

Read through the warning splash screen where it is mentioned how the application is designed to be kids friendly

But if still, you may find inappropriate content, you will see information about how to block and report a video.

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  1. Next, you have to sign in with the Google Account and give parental consent on the following terms and conditions

  2. Create the profile of your child to customise the experience

The application is designed to cater to kids of different age groups.

You will also be asked if you want to disable the search. If it is on, kids can search millions of kids appropriate videos on YouTube Kids.

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