10 Best Video Production Companies in India for 2020

10 Best Video Production Companies in India for 2020

10 Best Video Production Companies in India for 2020

There was a time when companies used to utilize brochures and other advertising mediums to promote their brand. But in this modern world, entrepreneurs strive to market their businesses in the most effective way possible, usually by seeking assistance from the best editing companies. The emergence of social media and its popularity has evoked effective marketing strategies to be used by every business to stay rock-solid in the competitive market.

Out of different marketing strategies adopted by companies, video production stands on the leading position. Video Production is basically a process of creating video content that is equivalent to filmmaking. It is made with the help of a digital recording of images. The major benefit of video marketing is to sell any product effectively.

Through videos, it is easy to communicate all the features and highlights of a product or even a service. Video creates a kind of balance between the amounts of information provided while keeping the audience engaged. There are three stages of video production:

  • Pre-production: Pre-production includes the process of planning the video production before the starting of filming. This step covers scheduling, logistics, scriptwriting, and other activities related to administration.
  • Production: Also considered as principal photography, under the Production phase, the video content captured that involves filming the subjects.
  • Post-production: Post-production is the last stage, under it, the video clips combined through video editing into a finished product that tells a message.

Video production is an effective marketing method. It involves various video production services like music videos, short films, corporate video production, animation videos and many more.

In today's digital era, a fine video or short film can be a very good source for the online marketing of a company or a brand.

But with so many video production agencies in India, it is tough to select and hire the right partner.

So we have tried to make it a bit easier to find 10 best video production houses in the Indian market to select from in 2020;

List of 10 best video production companies in India.

Communication Craft

If you are looking for the best corporate production company in India, then no other company is as good as Communication Craft. This firm provides a variety of services and does all works from scripting to shooting to graphics and deliver the final production. Besides, when you work with Communication Craft you do not have to take stress about the marketing for your created video as the company does that also.

Communication Crafts was founded in 2005 having two offices in Ahmedabad, India, and Hampshire, UK. This production agency supports mainly with .NET developed and helped with entity framework, DevExpress, IIS, and other Microsoft technologies.


A famous and professional video editing company, Webdew was established in the year 2016. Since its inception, the company has been able to experience explosive growth. Within a few years of its foundation, it acquired numerous clients and satisfy them with its superb work and services at an affordable range.

Webdew is the team of 50+ Graphic Designer, Motion Artists, and Managers who have done over 1000 Explainer Videos and more than 3000 minutes of production in the last couple of years. The company believes in empowering brands through videos as it is an ongoing strategy for any business.


Founded in 2015, Studiotale provides graphic design and video production for midmarket and small business in marketing, media industries, and advertising. The video created by this production house describes a clients' reminder app in a 40 seconds project. The company is a team of 10 employees and it developed the animation after selecting the right music, design, and video required for the production of a video.

The professionals at Studiotale immerse themselves in video production. Not out of necessity. It is because they love it. From the initial conceptualization to the animations to adding him finishing notes to the final audio, they love doing this.

Miss Audio Video

One of the best-animated video productions companies in India, Miss Audio Videos provides a wide assortment of services like 2D animation, motion graphics, explainer video and whiteboard animation. The company believes that video marketing has moved to the forefront of most marketing strategies and that is why they are striving to create videos according to modern technologies.

Miss Audio Video team includes enthusiastic designers, animators, developers, and innovators who have conquered the animation industry and tries to bring something innovative and new every time.

Just Videos

Just videos is another famous video production company in India. It has an office in Kolkata and holds over 10 years of work experience in a perfect audio-visual combination through their creation of videos. The ultimate goal of the firm is to promote a company's products, thus piquing a viewer's interest even more.

Just videos create videos in eight different categories like Corporate Films, Ad Films and documentaries, Explainer videos, Training Videos, Animation Videos, Viral Videos, Training Videos, and Testimonial Videos. The firm brings forth the best results for its esteemed clients with these services.

Flat World Solutions

Flat World Solutions is an outsourcing company; it has partnered with assumed customer service and product business and live calling duties organization-wide. The firm was established in the year 2006 and holds over 750 employees. The international offices of the company are based across India, the Philippines and the UK.

Clients at Flat World Solutions have reported a 98% satisfaction rate in terms of dealing with this company. Clients estimate that this firm showed an impressive level of professionalism and customer service skills and has saved their companies over 40 hours of work.

Reverse Thought

One of the most promising corporate video makers of India, Reverse Thought is a preferable choice for companies looking for corporate video marketing. The firm works with experienced screenwriters, directors, photographers and camera experts to do your job appropriately. Reverse thought is widely-known to create a live motion effect in your videos to enhance the experience and grow your online presence.

Reverse Thought is one of the most reliable choices to supercharge a brand's magnetism through explainer videos, case study videos, video ads and more with 2D and 3D animated videos. This production house is great in leveraging the magic of live-motion videos with drone and group level photography weaved into an interesting brand story, social media story, and corporate documentary.

Media Designs

Media Design is a renowned video marketing firm and is a good choice when you are looking for video marketing. It generates high-quality videos to display brand globally. Media Designs was founded in 2008 in New Delhi with the purchase of the first-ever camera.

Single-camera and the passion to conquer the world gained them many clients, the very first year of production. Presently, the company has 10 expert professionals. It offers branding, print design service, production and creates two series of videos displaying the value of clients' brands containing team spirit and innovation.  Media Designs produced videos for corporate giants like UFLEX, Aimil Pharma, Profine Indian and Honda to name a few.

Krishna Media

Among the most creative corporate video production companies in India, Krishna Media is one of the most emerging names in the market. It is a team of highly skilled professionals and takes care of the project from inception till execution.

Major services offered by the company include Corporate films, Fashion photography, Product photography, Ad films, Music videos, YouTube videos, Promos, Wedding Photography, Lifestyle shows, short films and many more.

The Jigsaw

The famous corporate video production company in Mumbai, The Jigsaw has been providing quality video creating services for a long time. It has been involved in corporate video production for big brands like Tata AIG, Nokia, Vodafone, Future Group, Gujarat Gas SBI, and many other famous brands.

The Jigsaw holds excellent client testimonials that show how to find them. It provides numerous corporate video services from ad films to company policy films. Here, the team is always updated with the latest technology and uses them into videos. It aims to understand companies' concepts and transform them into a video that showcases their company's work.

So these are the top 10 video making companies in India. With all these companies, you will be able to find the right service provider for your brand.

Which one will select? Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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