The Ultimate Guide On How To Use LinkedIn Video Marketing |2022|

The Ultimate Guide On How To Use LinkedIn Video Marketing |2022|

The Ultimate Guide On How To Use LinkedIn Video Marketing |2022|

The Ultimate Guide On How To Use LinkedIn Video Marketing |2022|

How Every Business Should Use Linkedin Video Marketing

Do you offer B2B services? Are you trying to expand your brand presence and recognition among the tech, marketing, or other industry leaders? If so, LinkedIn is your ultimate go-to destination for advertisement.

With more than 690 million active users worldwide, this social platform has emerged from an online resume creator to the world’s leading professional social network.

Although video marketing is relatively new to this business social platform, many companies are deriving great success and significant ROI with the use of video ads on LinkedIn. The fact is that LinkedIn users spend 3x more time watching video ad content than static images.

The reason is that videos always stand out on LinkedIn, catching the reader's interest. They enable brands to display the value of their company culture, service, and product.

So, if you want to connect with a vast B2B community and business professionals related to your industry, LinkedIn is the way to go! Continue reading to explore more on LinkedIn video marketing.

LinkedIn Video Marketing: The Best Practices In 2022

So, are you determined to get the most out of your LinkedIn video marketing campaign? You must be excited to grab the camera and start shooting.

However, before that, you must learn some tips and tricks to make an engaging video, so your target audience won’t scroll past it on LinkedIn.

1. Define Your Primary Objective

Like any other marketing campaign, the best way to start your video marketing campaign is with your objective. With video ads on LinkedIn, you’ve three goals to choose from:

  • Considering video ads must display why the audience should select your business over competitors.

  • Awareness ads must captivate attention, create curiosity, and display your brand.

  • Decision ads must deliver more insights and details to the audience to drive them into taking action.

2. Create Video Content That Aligns With Your Objectives

Once you’ve set your goals, you can produce content that best matches it:

  • When making brand awareness ads, ensure that you create short and crisp videos that will make the viewer curious about your brand. LinkedIn revealed that videos that are 30-seconds long or less undergo a 200% boost in view completion rates.

  • When making brand consideration ads, make the videos a bit longer, delivering more insights and evidence of quality via testimonials or interviews.

  • The ad length can be over a minute if you’re making LinkedIn video ads to drive conversions. Show a product demo or feature-explanation video to compel the leads to take action.

3. Humanize The Brand Through Storytelling

Regardless of your objective, you must create engaging video content that will connect and resonate with the audience. Visual storytelling can give your brand a personal quality while retaining the professionalism that meets LinkedIn standards.

Here are a few ways to make your videos seem more human:

  • Display your brand culture or talent

  • Use personal stories or humor

  • Incorporate a personal greeting

  • Focus on relevant current events

Every B2B company and professional wants to buy from, work for, and work with ethical brands. So, humanizing your brand and showing its contributions on LinkedIn is an excellent way to drive these leads.

4. Front-Load The Video Ads

The first ten seconds of your video are crucial to grabbing the audience’s attention. After the first ten seconds, the audience’s interest and attention gradually decrease. So, be sure to incorporate the most crucial and engaging information in the beginning.

5. Add Call-To-Action

Incorporating a call-to-action (CTA) button in your video ad will make it simpler for the viewers to follow through.

I suggest using the “Learn More” CTA button, as your viewers will most likely want to explore more details about your product or service before making the purchase decision.

6. Add Captions

Although video ads on LinkedIn are designed to autoplay, the default setting keeps them on mute. Adding captions to the bottom of the videos will help the viewers to absorb all the crucial information without requiring them to turn the sound on.

I suggest making your videos so engaging that your audience won’t need to turn the sound on.

LinkedIn Video Performance: How To Analyze It

If you use Campaign Manager, you’ll find a lot of metrics available for your video marketing campaign. The most prominent things to look at are:


Views get counted when one of your prospects watches at least two consecutive seconds of playback while the screen at least displays 50% of the video or when someone clicks on a CTA. LinkedIn enables you to see who viewed 75%, 50%, and 25% of your video ad.

This makes it easy to determine how effective and engaging your video is. If you find that most of the audience leaves the video at the start, it is probably not interesting enough.

If many viewers leave the video towards the end, you may not have a clear call to action, or maybe the video is too long.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

CTR helps you determine how engaging your video ad is. If you divide the number of viewers who took action on your video ad by the number of impressions, you’ll find your video’s click-through rate. Almost every LinkedIn sponsored content ad has an average CTR of 0.39%.

If you’re a small, not-so-popular brand, your CTR will be around 1.5%. However, if your brand has a large customer base, your average CTR is expected to be about 4%.

Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

Although CPC is not very important, I always consider it an excellent measurement to determine how much I need to pay to get seamless access to a particular audience. When it comes to LinkedIn, we may have to pay somewhere between $7 and $11 for every click.

It may be argued that this CPC is relatively higher than the average CPCs on other social platforms (the average CPC on Facebook is $0.97, and $0.67 on Instagram). Remember, however, that you’re explicitly targeting relevant decision-makers in the industries you want to connect with and sell to.

In simple terms, you get more qualified leads for the extra money you pay to LinkedIn compared to Facebook and Instagram.

Conversion Rate

A desired action by the viewer is a conversion. When it comes to lead generation campaigns, this could mean filling out a form. For brand awareness campaigns, this could be clicking on your website for more details.

Conclusion: Start With LinkedIn Video Marketing Today!

By now, you must have realized that if you’re a B2B company, you shouldn’t miss out on advertising on LinkedIn. A video is a powerful tool that will let you connect and engage the target audiences in a meaningful, effective, and genuine way.

Plus, once you get your company page, getting started with your video ad campaign becomes more manageable and simpler than ever. Do you think of it all as a big headache? You can always hire video marketing experts for your LinkedIn video ads campaigns. So, until next time, happy video marketing!

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