Hackning Technologies Private Limited, Solution Modern Problems with Visionary Approach

Mr. Bishal Dey, Founder & CEO, Director, Hackning Technologies
Mr. Bishal Dey, Founder & CEO, Director, Hackning Technologies

Hackning Technologies Private Limited, Solution Modern Problems with Visionary Approach

“Startup is a journey, not an overnight success. We started as a social media platform and today boast more than five apps. It’s a journey that you walk on and discover new ideas. In this fast-pacing world, being relevant should be the start-up’s priority, never stop with one idea to become successful, test it, iterate with the concept, again and again, that is what I am doing severy single day to make it ensure we are visible in the market.” – Bishal Dey

Mr. Bishal Dey, Founder & CEO, Director, Hackning Technologies is today at the helm of the 2021 founded brand’s Technology and Marketing is self-taught programmer as learnt Java himself at the teenage of 14. His passion drove him to the CS50 course in 2015 and he learned the other skills of online platforms edx.org and Udemy. He acquired the knowledge from businesses from online edx courses and became a freelancer turned entrepreneur at 17 with Hackning while pursuing his CSE from Techno India University, Kolkata. He eventually dropped out and fully invest his time in building and launching Hackning.

Today, Hackning, as a brand is disrupting distinct industries. As the name suggest, it is a single source of energy which will act as a platform that interconnects other apps and programs for building smart, efficient, and fast communication between users and the platform. Its vision is also targeted at offering a safe platform amidst the cybercrimes in future by easier detection of miscellaneous activities with smarter networks.

This garage-based tech start-up focussed on social media, media storage, music & entertainment, blog & articles, business management, and more started merely as a social media company expanded to the next level. Amidst the pandemic, some big media storage companies increased storage prices and even ended their forever free storage commitment.

Bishal ideated a solution offering free storage of media files hassle-free solution, Grafecs. It will be available in beta for both android and iOS by mid-October, users with pre-registration can access it earlier. Also, Treeto, another project by Hackning under-development, which will target music and entertainment, articles(under-development) for business management and blogs, and more.

In a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Bishal shared about his journey, team, success, and much more:

TCM: What were challenges you faced?

Bishal: Doing a start-up is a really hard task itself, you’ll need to be ready for so many challenges and again you need to fully invest yourself in this otherwise it won't happen so easily. At first, when you're starting up, so many people will come up and join you but they are later stay or quit if they don’t have the same enthusiasm like you, and you, as a founder, needs to be fully dedicated and passionate about this.

I had started this solo in my father’s garage, there was no one at that time literary things were moving as expected, at that point of time some of my closest friends with having a computer science background had joined this by being influenced by me, even though having a tech background it's hard to engage yourself into a startup, you will need to do so many things at a time only having one skill not enough, that's why one of the first founders has quit this before it even started, at that point didn’t for them to join again because it was more than like I’m running the rest not they.

That’s why it is so important to select the best founders that fit in your company, that’s also true for your employees, finding the right fit also finding someone who can work a team is so important in a start-up. I’m still seeking that because I strongly believe it will never be perfect in anything you do, so your job is always finding a perfect fit.

TCM: Tell us about your core values?

Bishal: “Always be in positivity, because a mind full of negativity will lead you to failure” this is a quote I and my team members strongly believe in. Sometimes when the failure occurs, we didn’t get frustrated though we think about our main goal that is “To put technology in the hands of Common” and get ready for it again.

Our mission of “Building an inter-connected universe” is not just a statement itself but energize us on working for it day and night. The dream is something that can’t be measured so we never stop dreaming because dreaming is something that is we believe God gifted so we never let our dreams just go away because it's our dreams that drives us from zero to now.

It’s a journey, not an overnight success, people get excited from the outside but it's the inside that is a hard and lonely path, and with a negative mind you can’t complete it to the end so keep on walking with a positive mind is needed in a startup because you will never know what is waiting next, the path is dangerous but exciting as well.

TCM: What’s Next for Hackning?

Bishal: We think Hackning is “By the People, For the people”, we are always trying our best to solve users’ problems, if there is no problem in the market why should a company exist problem is caused by people and solved by companies like us doing and solving takes a lot of effort, you should constantly think about new ideas and changing with the market trends.

Currently, you have seen how video & entertainment platforms had grown, and now they broke, even if they come up now, they can’t build the market just like they did it before. Because there are so many players that have already come up, running a startup needs so many things keeping in mind, there will be one mistake and you are out.

The vision that we are seeing for our company can’t be done in just five years, It's a long journey. But still, we are passionate about what we are doing and hoping to serve our users the best they can ever expect from another startup, that’s what we are aiming for five years.

What would you advise a young entrepreneur?

Bishal: Never think about receiving. Always think about what people will deserve from you. Why should a normal person become your customer? Be your customer first. Use your products first. See if it can resolve your problems, then give it to the people. But first, try yourself because if you can’t solve your problems how can you solve problems for a million or a billion.

TCM: What is Success?

Bishal: Do you think wealth and fame is a status? No, it isn’t true. I truly believe that wealth is earned through rewards like people’s trust and love. If others think that you’re worthy for them then they will invest in, you. Trust allows us to receive money or earn money to invest in society through innovative ideas, open-source projects, agriculture, etc is important for a human being that’s my thought.

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Mr. Bishal Dey, Founder & CEO, Director, Hackning Technologies
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Mr. Bishal Dey, Founder & CEO, Director, Hackning Technologies
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