FUTUREA4 Is On The Route To Crafting Creative Hiring Strategies For Renowned MNCs And Startups

FUTUREA4 Is On The Route To Crafting Creative Hiring Strategies For Renowned MNCs And Startups

FUTUREA4 Is On The Route To Crafting Creative Hiring Strategies For Renowned MNCs And Startups

FUTUREA4 Is On The Route To Crafting Creative Hiring Strategies For Renowned MNCs And Startups

The human resource industry is booming with possibilities. Talent Acquisition is one field that has been doing a remarkable job in finding the finest talent for some renowned companies in the past. FutureA4 is a boutique search firm known for its efficient method of acquiring talent from the market by proposing the right job options to the right job seekers. Employer branding, building a talent attraction strategy, and execution of an end-to-end talent acquisition processare some of the prominent sections of the talent acquisition process that the company is focused on.

The Deep Values That Signifies FutureA4

With passing time, the talent acquisition market has become somewhat competitive, and FutureA4 has meticulously delivered on all fronts. “Unlocking Possibilities”, these two simple words have been the base of their philosophy.

The dedication with which FutureA4 performs different tasks is unchallenged. To understand the gravity of the situation, here is an example told by the Vice President and Delivery Head of the company, Mr Balasubramanian. One night, precisely around 11 pm, Mr Balasubramanian received an urgent call from one of the clients requesting them to find a candidate who could join the company by the next day.

In this case, the clients had a joiner inducted who absconded at the last second. Fortunately, FutureA4 never abandons its client and thus, helps the company onboard another candidate within such a tight deadline. It has become complicated today for companies to hire candidates that match the business role, which has opened up a vast spectrum of opportunities for firms like FutureA4.

The digital world of networks that engulfs us today has allowed space for seamless collaborations. The foundation lies in the transparency produced by using the latest technology. Leadership and niche lateral roles involved in the talent acquisition process are the speciality for this virtual boutique search firm.

Domains like Banking, Manufacturing, Semicon, Logistics, etc., all fall under the expertise that FutureA4 possesses. In terms of technology angle, they specialize in Digital Stack, Data Engineering, Cloud, and Analytics.

Meet The Founder, Mr Jay Menon

When Mr Menon, founder of FutureA4, was set to establish the organization, he already had three decades’worth of experience to count upon, serving different companies in global leadership roles. Mr Jay has worked with some of the best IT companies in India, as their Global Head and Sr. Vice President and aiding in talent acquisition.

Before Mr Jay ventured into the IT sector, he worked in the Cement Manufacturing Industry. Several roles have been in the sales and marketing department, rising up in the ranks for over a decade.

Challenging Situations That FutureA4 Struggled With

Mr Jay Menon founded FutureA4 as a bootstrap start-up firm, having no major investors.Though the experience of over 30 years of his working career came in handy eventually, the initial entrepreneurial journey was indeed rough. However, things were still going strong when the pandemic hit in 2020.

The pandemic situation severely impacted the growth of the company. As a relatively small firm, it had a tough time convincing companies to partner with them as the consensus was mainly in favour of large search firms with vaststaffing options. Another personal obstacle for the company was setting up a good team. Soon after, Mr Jay Menon learned the hard way that peers and colleagues may make promises, but not many follow up on them, especially when it comes to business.

Etymology Of The Name FutureA4 & Its Significance

The name FutureA4 is a thoughtful one, to begin with. The company believes that a person’s career and employment are intricately dependent on some pieces of the A4 sheet. That is to say, from dropping their CV and other relevant documentation to getting the offer and

appointment letter, everything that follows is documented and immortalized in an A4 sheet.

FutureA4 wishes to be the catalyst in such a twisted situation and derive fruitful solutions for job seekers to seek out the best suitable position. Companies pass on their requirements for a specific role, and FutureA4 will scout for the best-fitted candidate for the said position.

Another thing about FutureA4 is that they have been consistently committed to working in favour of women empowerment. Many of their team members are qualified women in the rural areas who had had a stint in the recruitment industry before but had to take a break for personal yet legitimate reasons. This procedure has also been proven to be cost-effective.

The success or reputation that FutureA4 has earned to this date can be credited to the high quality of work delivered by its internal team. As mentioned before, building the team was not an easy job at the initial stage. Hence, every time a candidate showed the potential for joining their team, they would guide and train them before they are put on the team for good.

Work Culture Diversity Unified At FutureA4

FutureA4 has built a team of diverse Indian people, especially those belonging to the rural sectors. Though the team is scattered on the surface level, they have formed a cohesive bond to deliver mind-blowing solutions for complex business assignments. Apart from the diverse location and background, the team is also diverse in terms of the ages of the employees. And often, different age groups are placed in similar job roles to get a mixed outlook on the solution.

Customer, Candidate, and resume delivery enablement are the three pillars that have been the firm structure that FutureA4 relied upon.

As customers are one of the crucial parts of the company, FutureA4 has developed a three-layer supply architecture. FutureA4 strictly follows transparency, integrity and quality, with which they have so far approached every single project or client who has partneredwith them in the past and the ones that will be joining hands in the future.

FutureA4 conducts several assessments before suggesting candidates that reflect their professional skill set and technical prowess to help the hiring managers put them in the correct role. The Customer can be at peace knowing FutureA4 will take care of all the duties and responsibilities related to talent acquisition.

What Is Way Forward For FutureA4?

FutureA4 has been and plans to help their Customers in strategizing their talent acquisition process, be it diversity hiring, second career, domain hiring, leadership hiring etc. The COVID-19 situation has changed the dynamics of the talent acquisition process and employee retention strategies. Therefore, FutureA4 is working towards helping their Customers to build their satellite/small town technology centers to create a long term hybrid working model. This pandemic situation has also seized almost every chance of an in-person interview and working. Hence, the stake has been in audio and video calling options. FutureA4 ensures that its candidates have the best internet connection, functioning devices, equipment, and lighting setup etc for conducting video and audio calls for recruitment.

It is important to note that FutureA4 has acquired 2 out of 5 major Indian IT companies. And that is not just it; they have some of the biggest MNCs in their bag, along with various Startups in India. The company still considered itself to be a relatively small firm. However, their small stature can easily hide the big strides they have managed to take. FutureA4 wants to hit big while staying a small firm in the Staffing and Search Industry. They are keen on helping companies to adopt industry best practices and craft creative hiring strategies in the future.

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