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To the “Tourism Capital of Maharashtra” - Aurangabad
 “Tourism Capital of Maharashtra” - Aurangabad
“Tourism Capital of Maharashtra” - Aurangabad

Plan Your Next Tour to the “Tourism Capital of Maharashtra” - Aurangabad

Do you know which are the best places to visit in Aurangabad?

The “Tourism Capital of Maharashtra” Aurangabad is a beautiful blend of history, culture, and nature. It is a city dipped in triumphant history and bent with natural charm.

With the fascinating waves, ancient monuments, religious sites, beautifully designed gardens, shimmering lakes, and rich biodiversity, this city has everything to make a perfect tour with your friends, family, or solo.

While there is an extensive list of places to visit in Aurangabad, listing them all in one post is not possible. We have listed here the ten best places in Aurangabad that are worth visiting for an enthralling vacation.

Check out these top ten places to visit in Aurangabad and get yourself a retreat in the paradisiacal settings while exploring the architecture, spirituality, and natural beauty of this place.

Best Places to visit in Aurangabad.

  1. Ajanta Caves

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ajanta Caves is among the most famous places to visit in Aurangabad. This place is the perfect t example of ancient architecture. It is located about 20 km from the North-west of Aurangabad, these caves are twelve rock-cut Buddhist shrines dating back to the 6th and 7th centuries.

From the beautiful architecture, and unique shape, it is quite clear that the ancient Buddhist monks used these caves for living, studying, and worship purposes.

  1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum

Dedicated to the fearless legendary Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji, this museum is among the best places to visit in Aurangabad. These galleries have numerous types of old pictures of forts that Shivaji conquered and built during his lifetime.

The place also has a copy of the Holy Quran written by Aurangzeb, a war suit dating back to five hundred years. A tour of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum Wilhelm you to learn a lot about the glorious past of the Marathas.

  1. Daulatabad Fort

With the reputation of being one of the most powerful fortresses of the medieval period, Daulatabad Fort has its name among the undefeatable forts in Indigenous history. Built in 12th century, Daulatabad Fort is on a 200-meter-high conical hill, a strategically strong position to protect the structure from enemies.

Daulatabad is one of the seven wonders of Maharashtra which makes it a must-visit tourist spot. Representing the cultural heritage of the state, this fort also has some super amazing monuments like Chand Minar, Chinni Mahal, and Elephant Tank to name a few.

  1. Ajmera Sharif

One of the most important religious centers of Islam, the Ajmera Sharif has situated ten makes from Panchmukhi. It was built as a grave for a popular Muslim saint known as Hazrat Saiyadana Mohammad Jilani.

Thousands of people every year visit these places on the anniversary of the patron saint. If you are planning your tour to Aurangabad, do not miss to explore once these one of the best places to visit in Aurangabad.

 “Tourism Capital of Maharashtra” - Aurangabad
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  1. 312qa Temple

Renowned as the 12th Jyotirlinga on the Earth, Grishneshwar Template is situated just around 1 km away from the popular Ellora Caves. It is a significant shrine in the Hindu religion and one of the top places to visit Aurangabad.

The ancient carvings and sculptures of Hindu deities inside the temple is going to fascinate you.

It was built in pre-historical architectural style with red bricks. Although this temple was demolished during the 14th century by the Delhi Sultanate, it was reconstructed by Maloji Bhosale in the 16th century and later by Rani Ahilyabahi Holkar in the 18 centuries.

  1. Aurangabad Caves

When you are planning a tour in Aurangabad, visit Aurangabad Caves. Here, you can have panoramic views of the city from the top and experience the serenity of the place. These caves are located around 20 km from North-west the Aurangabad. They are twelve rock-cut Buddhist shrines dating to the 6-seventh century and are carved out of soft basalt rock.

Present, Aurangabad Caves are under the protection of the Archeological Survey of India. They are divided into separate groups, and you can find artificially cut beautiful sculptures that have become one of the best places to visit in Aurangabad.

  1. Bibi Ka Maqbara

Built-in the year 1679, the fascinating mausoleum Bibi ka Maqbara is a replica of the famous Taj Mahal. It was constructed by Prince Azam in the memory of his beloved mother Begum Rabia Durani.

Popularly known as the Mini Taj is surely among the top places to visit in Aurangabad. The architecture, design and even the whiteness of the marble used to construct it, bears a striking resemblance to the seven wonders of the world. There is a mosque and an archaeological museum just behind the architecture to explore.

  1. Jayakwadi Dam

Jayakwadi Dam also popular as Paithan Dam is a magnificently built structure standing on the sacred Godavari River. It is one of the biggest irrigation projects in Maharashtra built for irrigation purposes in the drought prone Marathwada region and to fulfill the water needs of industries.

Jayakwadi Bird Sanctuary is the main attraction site in the surrounding areas, making this dame one of the main attraction sites and one of the best places to visit in Aurangabad. If you are looking for a place where you can spend some time in nature and enjoy the tranquility and peace.

 “Tourism Capital of Maharashtra” - Aurangabad
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  1. Himayat Bagh

A beautiful garden spread over four hundred acres of land; Himayat Bag was built during the reign of Aurangzeb. It was also known as the Mughal Garden and is currently home to the Fruit Research Station.

Besides, it is also a part of Marathwada University. It is believed about this garden that it has been originated from the Northern wall that surrounded Aurangzeb’s palace. Later, because of its dampness and exhalation, the wall was destroyed.

  1. Shirdi

One of the most sacred places in the region and one of the top places to visit in Aurangabad, Shirdi is frequently visited by devotees from across the world. On the arrival, you need to wait in long queues, once you enter the main shrine, you will be allured by the spiritual ambiance.

Besides, there are other popular tourist attractions near Shirdi including the House of Laxmibai Shinde, Dwarkamai Masjid, and Shani Shingnapur. If you are planning to have a religious tour or want to include some religious places in your Aurangabad, Shirdi should be a must-go place for you.

 “Tourism Capital of Maharashtra” - Aurangabad
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How to Reach Aurangabad

Wondering how to reach Aurangabad? Well, when it comes to connectivity, this beautiful city is well-connected to other major Indian cities by air, road, and train.

· How to Reach Aurangabad by Air: There is an airport named Aurangabad Airport that connects the with across India. It has flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Udaipur, and Nagpur.

· How to Reach Aurangabad by Road: The city has two bus stations namely CIDCO bus stations and Central Bus Station, located around 6 km away from each other. Both the bus stations operate daily services including government and private buses, hence connecting the city to other major Indigenous cities by road

· How to Reach Aurangabad by Rail: There is one railway station, Aurangabad railway station that has good rail connectivity with major Indian cities including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Nasik, Chennai, Bhopal, Rajkot, etc.

 “Tourism Capital of Maharashtra” - Aurangabad
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What is the best time to visit Aurangabad?

Winters are pleasant in Aurangabad with clear skies and cold temperatures, making it a fascinating tourist destination. That is why November to February is the best time to visit Aurangabad. Because most of the places to visit in Aurangabad are located outdoors, it is best to avoid the monsoons as it severely restricts sightseeing activities.

Best Hotels in Aurangabad

Just like the tourist attractions, there are many hotels in Aurangabad from the basic level to the royal ones. Here is a quick list of five top hotels in Aurangabad –

1. VITS Aurangabad: Situated just 0.6 meters away from the Aurangabad Railway Station, VITS Aurangabad offers a range of hospitality services including a massage parlor, spa, Sauna, and wellness Center.

2. Lemon Tree Hotel, Aurangabad: The popular hotel brand chain, Lemon Tree has built its hotel in Aurangabad just 2.5 meters distance from the Chikkalthana Airport. It is a fabulous hotel with a lot of services.

3. The Fern Residency Aurangabad: When it comes to the best hotels in Aurangabad, how we can forget to mention the popular The Fern Residency. It is quite popular for its excellent services range and friendly staff.

4. Click Hotel, Aurangabad: Located near the Bibi Ka Maqbara, Click Hotel brings a range of accommodations with a restaurant, free Wi-Fi, private parking, and a fitness center.

5. Vivanta Aurangabad, Maharashtra: One of the top hotels in Aurangabad, Vivanta Aurangabad is located within gardens and a running track, just a 20-minute drive from the Aurangabad Chikkalthana Airport and Railway Station.

Last Verdicts

If you wish to explore the fine artistry and royal magnificence of ancient architecture, add these places to visit in Aurangabad to your bucket list. Apart from these site attractions, there are lots of places for shopping and entertainment as well where you can enjoy your holiday in Maharashtra.

 “Tourism Capital of Maharashtra” - Aurangabad
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 “Tourism Capital of Maharashtra” - Aurangabad
 “Tourism Capital of Maharashtra” - Aurangabad
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