Streaming Headlines: Top YouTube News Channels

Streaming Headlines: Top YouTube News Channels

Streaming Headlines: Top YouTube News Channels

What's better than one time-saving product, one time-saving service. And it is essentially what top Youtube News Channels in India about. Today, the trendiest ways of making news reach the people of all age gaps are mobiles.

And the platform, through which it reaches, has to be Youtube. Yes, for those interested in the latest updates on the news to those who are rarely interested, top Youtube News Channels have got you covered.


In this arena, we do have some players from traditional news channels and some are purely Youtube based news channels which have earned their reach and reputation through their uniqueness and journalism styles.

The Lallantop:

Well, we are starting with a name that every Indian is aware of, the youtube news channel is a popular one despite not being one of the established news channels in a traditional setting.

What is Lallantop?

Top decode the name first, a popular slang in the Northeast Uttar Pradesh and Bihar states of India which means amazing or superb. Owned by India Today, this channel is rooting on its unique style of digital journalism.

Yes, with Saurabh Dwivedi, a name synonymous with the unique 'desi' style of reporting, in the centre, Lallantop has is stepping up the ladder to become a social media trend.

Why is Lallantop so famous?

A renowned name in the Indian Youtube News Channel in India is a platform voicing the needs of people from the roots of India to the government.

Leading the list of Top YouTube News Channels in India that puts Indian on the Global YouTube charts, Lallantop has gained its connect with the users through different and popular shows including the award-winning series, Political Kisse, Padtal, Kitab Wala, etc. It is one of the fastest-growing Youtube News Channel in India.

ScoopWhoop Unscripted:

ScoopWhoop Media is a digital media company which has been ruling the online world of social media and YouTube as a major part of it. The New Delhi based company which focuses on videos catering to young adults and adolescents does not restrict to one medium to do so.

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Why ScoopWhoop is Famous Amidst Youngsters?

The Scoopwhoop Unscripted's Youtube News Channel in India and its pages on the social media display its various online content verticles and serve as a new organisation as well as it features web series, documentaries, interviews, and current affairs related videos.

Sarcasm and Facts, Youtube News Channel Success Mantra?

However, its arm Scoopwhoop Unscripted which usually features journalist Samdish can be the one closely relate to the current affairs. The Youtube news channel has covered the on-ground report of various political current affairs alongside interviews of political figures.

Currently, at the centre of one of the Top YouTube News Channels in India, Samdish has interviewed Delhi's Education Minister, Manish Sisodia, Former President Of Delhi State, Manoj Tiwari, Member of Delhi Legislative Assembly, Atishi Singh, and many other political figures.

The core of their success as a channel has to go to the simplification of politics and even humanisation of politicians while maintaining a balance of subtle humour and genuine topics.

Well, these names have been the one revolutionising the industry. When they work with digital media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, well, they become a relatable and more accessible form of news which many would consider over the mediums like the newspaper.

Also, they use the biggest weapon at the disposal of brands today, videos. Yes, the top YouTueb news channels stream news which is a strong reason behind their success.

But, opening news channels doesn't require to be these huge platforms. You can your Youtube journey to earn name and fame with News channels from your home.

All you need is to decide whether the niche, the frequency which can be daily, weekly, etc, who will be your target audience, and your passion to succeed.

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After you have decided where you are going to put your energy to communicate the headlines, well, you can start the process of creating an account with Youtube.

All you need to do to open a Youtube news channel is to:

  • Sign in to Youtube website or Youtube application on your desktop or phone respectively.

  • Next, you can go to your channel list and select to create a new channel.

  • Fill out the name details and verify your account.


Well, here are some news youtube channel name ideas that you can use and of course personify according to your preference:

  1. The Daily Scoop

  2. What's Streaming

  3. News TV

  4. The Business Words

  5. The Buzz Empire

  6. Buzzing Daily

  7. World Now

  8. Headline at Sunrise

  9. Globe Now

  10. Prime Weekly

  11. Citizen Today

Here's a Pro Tip: Don't rush when it comes to deciding the name of your Youtube news channel and try to make sure that the name is catchy and relates with your content, and is easy to spell at the same time.

And you can always have your brainstorm session begin if the name is not available or can be confused with another business on Youtube or elsewhere. Research your way to top News YouTube Channel in India!

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Streaming Headlines: Top YouTube News Channels</p></div>
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