How to Earn from Blogging?

Blogging allows you to earn not through one but several sources at once. So, let’s address the elephant in the room, “How to earn from blogging?”
How to Earn from Blogging?
How to Earn from Blogging?

How to Earn from Blogging?

The question “Is blogging a profitable career?” is fading away today.

Be it a relative’s question or your own mind’s, the fact is that people are recognising that one blog and earn hundreds of thousands of money a month and it is not like a nasty pandora box that has opened out of nowhere.

So, let’s address the elephant in the room, “How to earn from blogging?”

Blogging allows you to earn not through one but several sources at once. Say, a blog on best perfumes for men to buy in 2021, by a men’s lifestyle blogger, has listed one product from a specific advertiser, others with Amazon links, and has ads running at the same time.

How to create and earn from a blog?

We have already crafted a detailed blog on “How to create a blog?” and in this final part of this series, we are discussing “How to earn from blog?”

Now, these are the most common ways of earning through a blog, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, and Google AdSense.

But there are more, and it's not shocking at all!

So, let’s say, you are in India and thinking of starting a blog as a side gig or full-time, we have not only listed how you can earn from that blog but also how you choose:

How to earn money from blogging in India?

The answer to “How to earn from blogging in India” is listed through the following points mentioned below:

Display Ads:

One of the ways to easily earn through blogs is using display ads that are low-maintenance like Google Adsense if you are wondering the answer to “How to earn money from blog writing in India?”.

You would need your approved Adsense account, copy a simple code on your site’s backend, and the ads would start displaying.

How do Display Ads work?

Every time a user will see or click the ads present on your blog, you will be making money.

What do you need to earn from Display Ads?

Traffic. If your website has good and sustainable traffic, you will earn decent money from display ads.

How to earn more from display ads?

If you get traffic from countries like the US, the UK, Europe, Middle-east, you will earn a lot more than if your traffic is from India. The blogs which are mostly informative and written with the perspective of not selling a product are more likely to be earning you more bucks.

Offer Your Services

Establish yourself as a brand, as a blogger, through your blogs and attract an organic audience. With this, you can go ahead offer your services through pages like ‘Hire Me’ or ‘Work with me’ allowing the visitors of your blog to contact you for professional blog writing projects.

How to earn from a blog website by offering your services?

You can work on specific niches and create a good blog website to showcase your work. Also, you can incorporate payment gateways for processing the payments. If you have been freelancing, you can add your Upwork, Freelancer, and other profiles like these on your blogs.

Affiliate Products Selling:

Well, if you have built sustainable traffic, affiliate links are a great way to move ahead and earn from your blog. With a good social media subscribers and email subscriber base, you can make money by referring your visitors to a product through affiliate links.

How to do affiliate selling?

You can either reach out to people who work in your niche with an affiliate program and sign up for it or you can join affiliate programs like Amazon.

How to earn money from my blog through affiliate selling?

Once you place an affiliate link, you can drive traffic to those affiliate products and with each purchase through that link, you earn a commission

Sell Info Products

If you are an expert in any area, even content writing, you can earn through blogs by selling info products which are essentially ebooks or a course of your own.

It is one of the most profitable ways if you place the right system in action with a good sales pitch landing page for enrolment and keep on earning a passive income answer How to earn money from blogging website.

How to earn from WordPress?

One of the platforms that support you to create a free blog is WordPress CMS. This blogging platform can be used to make money by creating valuable content, free marketing and paid advertising, and monetization through ads.

Let us know if we have answered your queries related to the earning from blogging in the comment section and if you want to start a blog, we have several blogs covering the same. Read to know more!

How to Earn from Blogging?
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How to Earn from Blogging?
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How to Earn from Blogging?
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