How To Download YouTube Videos? YouTube Basics

How To Download YouTube Videos? YouTube Basics

There is no need to point out why YouTube is famous today. And the fact, it is also the on being with most shared videos, makes it a video streaming platform which needs to a download option and if you are also tired of turning phone screen recording on and various other hacks to download youtube video in your mobile phone, well, this blog is for!


When it comes to downloading YouTube videos offline and saving YouTube videos on your mobile phones. Both are different things. When you download the YouTube video, it is available to view only within the application. What you can instead is:


The best and easiest way to download from YouTube has to be through the application's download option which allows you see the downloaded video when you are offline or not connected with internet in the YOUtube app only. We will also discuss How To download YouTube videos, you can use various youtube downloaders. What are YouTube downloaders and how do they work?

 Here is how you can download video from YouTube on application:

Open the YouTube Application

Search For The Youtube Video

Click on The Youtube Video

As the YouTube video will start playing, you can see five options beneath the video called Like, Dislike, Share, Download and Save.

Click the Download Option.

Now, you can see the download options and different resolutions you can download your video in and different amounts of space they will take in your phone.

Select the video quality from High to Low and Click Ok

You can now see the download notification and check its status.

Now, the youtube video is downloaded and you can view it on Youtube application.

In the bottom row of YouTube interface, you can click on the last option called the library and go to Downloads to view your downloaded youtube Video.


The science behind youtube downloaders is simple. The common answers to the question of how to download YouTube video have to be a platform that determines the location of the FLV file that is served through the YouTube player.

If you want to how to download YouTube videos in the mobile gallery for free to see it anytime through website. To download videos from YouTube, search your youtube video on youtube.

In the results, right-click on the video and copy the link of the video.

You can search the official website SaveTheVideo to download YouTube videos on pc.

On its homepage, you will see a box to put the video link and options to download videos from different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

You can also Download, Convert, Edit, Cut, and Merge. You can use these features to perform different tasks through this platform.

Since we are focused on 'how to download Youtube videos in a laptop', you can click on the Download button.

Wait for Download to complete. Once the details of the youtube video, you wanted to download appear in front of you.

You can select the "Download Video' option to download YouTube videos to mp3.

As soon as the video starts playing on your screen, you can select the options menu on the right button of the video.

Click Download. The screen will be redirected to your documents section wherein you can select a folder of your choice to download the video.

Click Save and the downloading process will start.


If you are looking to download YouTube videos in mobile, you can use the same platform with a twist. To download YouTube videos on iPhone or to download YouTube videos on android phone, you can copy the link of the youtube video you want to download.

Then you can open your browser and paste the link.

Now, as the search bar would have the link looking something like

So, now what you have to do is to add "ss" before youtube as shown in the example.

Now, that you have added ss, all you need to do is to follow the same process as mentioned earlier to work with the SaveTheVideo downloader.

This is one of most trued and tested method to download videos from Youtube to mobile gallery and if this answered your query of How to Download Youtube video to the mobile phone, do comment down below and let us know if there is any other query you are looking answers for.

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