Why do we need the best business news channels?

Staying updated on the go. I am sure you will agree if you are a professional, a student or anyone who has a schedule and wants to be familiar with recent news, he/she will not grab a newspaper first thing in 2020. But look for video content online for relevant news to save time at the same time. Being best business news channel means that all those who are seeking updates and information will be equipped with not only news highlights but also detailed reports on regulations, technology, related industries and more aspects of the business.

What are the things I can grasp from these best business news channels?

Well, first things first, news highlights, we all have looked for those "in a nutshell" news headlines that offer us all the basic news of the day be it in the morning or the evening while with digitalization, time and physical boundaries do not exist as one can get real-time news from across the world on their mobile screens with us just a click.

Being a renowned business magazine, we have always aimed at offering you with all the information we can but in such a diverse world, it is not possible to every news as it appears, hence the news channels which with both online and offline mediums that have been remarked as one of the best in the industry by many organizations but also are chosen by millions of people looking for 'how things are going the market?' are a great option.

Having said that, here is a list of news channels:

  • CNBCTV18: A world leader when it comes to business news, CNBC is a platform providing financial and business news, BSE and NSE stock market news, mutual funds, IPO analysis and various other news updates. While CNBC or Consumer News and Business Channel, owned by NBCUniversal Worldwide News Group, a division of NBCUniversal, a prominent name across all properties in the media business, CNBCTV18 is a business channel covering commerce and business stories owned b Network 8 headquartered in Mumbai, India.

THE CNBCTV18 application has many features for its users as well including breaking news alerts, real-time stock quotes, etc.

  • BBC World News: Launched on 16 January 1995, and owned by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC, BBC World is an international news and current affairs television channel. With an estimated viewership of millions, the channel is available in 200 countries worldwide including India.

BBC World News was named Best International News Channel at the Association for International Broadcasting Awards in November 2006.

  • ET Now: ET or Economic Times is a brand synonymous with the top business news in the country. This channel was launched in 2009 and owned by The Times Group with a strategic partnership with Reuters, a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters. 
  • NDTV Profit: Headquartered in New Delhi, India, NDTV profit is a business news channel launched in 2006, it is a sub-brand of NDTV, a 1988 launched news channel by Radhika Roy and Prannoy Roy that launched various channels to enhance its portfolio and reach. The platform continues to raise the standards of journalism with innovative programming and uncompromising integrity.

These news channels will update you with an overview of the international issues and will help you in essay writing ad Group Discussions (GDs) as well as information helpful in real life.

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